‘He could kill her:’ Nicole Brown Simpson’s sister compares Ray Rice beating to the beginnings of the OJ Simpson affair

By Pedro Oliveira Jr. for MailOnline
Published: 22:24 BST, 11 September 2014 | Updated: 00:03 BST, 12 September 2014
Nicole Dark colored Simpson’s sister says the fierce beating of Beam Rice’s then-fiancee reminds her of the local mishandle her sister endured at the hands of OJ Simpson.
Tanya Dark colored told HuffPost Live that there are examinations to be made between the tape appearing the Baltimore Ravens running back beat Janay Rice oblivious what’s more, ‘what it looked like at the point when my sister was beaten.’
‘So accept me, I have a few outrage manufactured up, be that as it may we’re not going to make change in this world in the event that individuals aren’t instructed on this, take obligation on this what’s more, get it that in the event that he does this again, he could slaughter her,’ Dark colored told the news website. ‘So we require to take this exceptionally seriously.’

Tanya Dark colored moved toward becoming a speaker against local brutality in the wake of her sister Nicole’s merciless what’s more, notorious murder, which started a national discussion about household mishandle what’s more, finished in OJ Simpson’s trial.
The eight-month broadcast court scene enthralled groups of onlookers the world over.
‘You’re going to raise a hand to a lady of that stature, that stature what’s more, that weight, you can thump her out like what we saw, what’s more, end up like Nicole,’ Nicole Dark colored told HuffPost Live.

‘My ex brother-in-law, he couldn’t control his anger, what’s more, he lashed it out on my sister — what’s more, she finished up getting killed. So this is not anything to be taken lightly.’
Tanya Dark colored is not alone in making the comparison. TIME magazine on Thursday too drew parallels between OJ Simpson what’s more, Rice.
‘So what’s the distinction between two football stars, two battered wives, 20 a long time apart?’  composed Charlotte Alter.
Rice was let go Monday following the discharge of the hazardous video appearing him beat Janay Rice unconscious.

He has been suspended from the NFL indefinitely.

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