Eco-couple told to pull down their ‘hobbit home’ made entirely out of natural materials . . . but without planning permission

By Rachel Quigley
Published: 21:45 BST, 29 July 2013 | Updated: 21:45 BST, 29 July 2013
A Joined together Carriers worker what’s more, his spouse have been charged with terrific burglary what’s more, robbery after they professedly stole a couple’s gear amid the Asiana crash disaster that slaughtered three people.
Sean Sharif Crudup, 44, what’s more, Raychas Elizabeth Thomas, 32, stole bags having a place to two travelers who were gathered to fly into San Francisco Global Air terminal after a vacation, police said today.
They were held up since of the Asiana Aircrafts Flight 214 which slammed two days before.
Their luggage, however, arrived at the airport. At the point when they went to pick it up later, it was found missing. 

Sean Sharif Crudup, 44, left, what’s more, Raychas Elizabeth Thomas, 32, right, purportedly stole bags having a place to two travelers who were gathered to fly into San Francisco Worldwide Airport
Smoking: Asiana Carriers Boeing 777 is immersed in smoke on the landing area after a crash landing at San Francisco Worldwide Air terminal in California July 6, 2013

Devastation: Firefighters, lower center, stand by a canvas sheet covering the body of a Chinese youngster struck by a fire truck amid the reaction to the crash of Asiana Flight 214 in San Francisco
Surveillance film caught the Joined together client delegate taking the sacks what’s more, giving them off to his spouse what’s more, another woman, specialists said.
Karen Guidotti, San Mateo County’s boss appointee locale attorney, told the San Francisco Annal that Thomas returned a expansive amount of the significant garments that was in the gear – posturing as the individual who purchased it – to a Nordstrom store for around $5,000 before long after.
The couple were captured at the point when Thomas attempted to get a flight to Hawaii. More things from the stolen baggage was found at their home at the point when police directed a seek later.

Crudup argued not liable on Friday to charges of fabulous robbery what’s more, theft what’s more, is being held at San Mateo Province Imprison in lieu of $75,000 bail.

Thomas posted $50,000 bail.
Tragic: Asiana casualties Ye Mengyuan, left, what’s more, Wang Linjia, right, posture together for photographs with other colleagues while Liu Yipeng, right image, was afterward named as the third casualty

Asiana Flight 214 impacted with a rough seawall just short of its proposed air terminal runway.
The pilots were gathered to be nearly checking the plane’s airspeed, be that as it may didn’t figure it out until as well late that the airplane was hazardously low what’s more, slow.

Pilot Lee Gang-kuk  – a freshman – had as of late finished preparing that qualified him to fly travelers in the 777, what’s more, was about midway through his post-qualification training.

He was situated in the cleared out cockpit pilot seat. In the co-pilot position was Lee Jeong-Min, an experienced chief who was regulating his training.

Three Chinese schoolgirls passed on in the crash – Liu Yipeng, 15, Ye Mingyuan what’s more, Yuan Linjia, who were both 16.

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