Britain’s most-wanted foreign criminals revealed as police bid to flush out the killers in hiding

By Rachel Quigley
Updated: 21:14 BST, 24 Eminent 2011
Two ladies are charged of taking up to $300,000 of merchandise from a shopping shopping center in a wrongdoing binge traversing over six months, which they faulted on an dependence to ‘money what’s more, clothes’.
Velita P. Downey, 43, what’s more, Chris E. Pasley, 26, both from Oklahoma City, were captured after different dissensions following a string of shoplifting reports at Quail Springs Mall.
Downey faulted the store’s need of security for being capable to take so numerous merchandise what’s more, conceded doing it for the last 30 years.
Chris Pasley, left, what’s more, Velita Downey, 43, stole $300,000 worth of merchandise from a shopping shopping center over six months what’s more, said they were dependent to garments what’s more, money

She said: ‘That’s the store letting us get all that stuff. They didn’t do their job. I’ve been boosting stuff since I was 15.

‘You know how a few individuals are dependent to drugs what’s more, alcohol? I’m dependent to cash what’s more, clothes.’

The match were captured on Friday what’s more, Pasley is still being held at the Oklahoma Region jail.

They conceded to police that on Friday alone they stole $3,000 of clothes, shoes what’s more, bedding from J.C. Penney, concurring to NewsOk.
Police followed them down to an Oklahoma City loft complex after somebody composed down the tag number of the car.

When police found the ladies in their apartments, they found stock counting clothes, shoes what’s more, sofa-bed sets, a few of which still had plastic security labels attached.

Downey what’s more, Pasley told police they sold things to neighbors what’s more, indeed took orders on what they arranged to steal, concurring to

Downey said she illustrated to officers how she evacuated security labels from things with a cigarette lighter what’s more, a combine of scissors, saying: ‘The stores require better security. I could go work for them what’s more, get parcels more shoplifters.’

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