High-flying women executives are paid 10% less than men doing exactly the same job

By Rebecca Camber for the Day by day Mail
Updated: 22:07 BST, 24 February 2012
In Britain, they guaranteed to be destitute, living on benefits what’s more, rummaging from visitors to whom they sold the Enormous Issue.

But in truth the Rostas family had five enormous castles in their Romanian homeland, financed by the continues of a monstrous pickpocketing racket here.

These are the pretentious houses the family of Roma tramps manufactured after taking hundreds of thousands of pounds from commuters, grabbing portable telephones what’s more, money as they snoozed on late-night trains from London to Kent.
Bad taste: The Rostas family fabricated five vainglorious houses in their country financed by their racket here
Over two a long time the pack asserted at minimum 185 victims, despite the fact that police accept that the true number is well over 500.

The stolen telephones were sold in Romania to produce enormous benefits which the family utilized to manufacture this 16-bedroom villa. A maybe a couple boulevards away four comparative blue-roofed palaces, all beautified with the Mercedes auto image to symbolize wealth, are shared by  other individuals of the broadened family.

All are incomplete to evade paying Romanian property taxes.

When the Day by day Mail followed down relatives of the family who live in the little town of Huedin in Transylvania, one was energetic to gloat about the family’s riches. He said: ‘Yes, we are very, exceptionally rich family. We work in England, Spain what’s more, France. We make a part of money.’

The youthful tramp gladly motioned to the five-storey house fabricated with stolen cash, adding: ‘We have spent a fortune on this. Well over a million euros.’

Twelve months ago, the family purchased another plot of arrive for 30,000 euros in close-by Calatele, where they are accepted to have more houses. 
Lavish display: The Mercedes images on the rooftop of one of their houses in Huedin, Transylvania, symbolize wealth
Dodgy: The family purposely cleared out windows incomplete on this five-storey building to maintain a strategic distance from property taxes
Ostentatious: The unmistakable extravagance homes fabricated by the the family – who concede to burglarizing dozing workers – tower over the town in north-west Romania
Yesterday other individuals of the Rostas family were swaggering around Huedin in sparkling planner tracksuits what’s more, weighed down with gold observes what’s more, jewellery.

Parked outside their royal residences were Mercedes, Audis what’s more, BMWs with English what’s more, Irish number plates.

Police accept the family may be part of a more extensive criminal arrange spread over Europe, working in Britain, Ireland, Spain what’s more, France. One neighbour, Artur Potra, 42, a resigned building technician, said: ‘They have never worked in Romania. They just steal, steal, steal. They begun out exchanging stolen whisky what’s more, cigarettes in the 1990s some time recently they moved into Britain.

‘They spend 11 months of the year there what’s more, at that point they come back here for one month what’s more, put another 10,000 euros on the house.

‘They come here to party, wagering thousands at the gambling club what’s more, eating as much as they can, what’s more, at the point when the cash runs out they go back to take more.

‘The versatile telephones are sold on the lanes what’s more, the markets what’s more, they too work as credit sharks here, be that as it may they get no inconvenience since they influence the police.’  
The wrongdoings were conveyed out by the (clockwise from above left) Romulous, 18, Marin, 25, what’s more, Robert, 23, what’s more, their cousin Cornell, 22

He added: ‘They cherish appearing off. Two of the youngsters in the family have been named after the Mercedes auto what’s more, you can see the sign on their rooftops. The youngsters are instructed to ask what’s more, they all live off benefits in England. The English have been great to gipsies.’

Since the Rostas family arrived in England ten a long time back as refugees, they have been asserting thousands of pounds in handicap what’s more, youngster advantage which they utilized to pay the lease on two cramped patio houses in Gravesend, Kent.

But presently their resources could be seized after four individuals of the family argued liable to trick to take this week.

It can presently be uncovered that amid their decade in Britain, family individuals have been captured what’s more, indicted handfuls of times for pickpocketing, taking from clients in bars what’s more, cafes, what’s more, shoplifting.

Detective Constable Tim Weekes of English Transport Police said: ‘These men are profession lawbreakers who worked in a co-ordinated what’s more, sorted out manner.

‘Their point was to produce as much cash as conceivable to  pass back to other family individuals in Romania to purchase land  what’s more, property.’
The trains that made simple pickings
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