I was asleep… then the next thing I knew there was a tree in bed with me

By Rebecca Evans for the Day by day Mail
Updated: 00:40 BST, 14 December 2011
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It’s a disgrace you can’t guarantee discretionary resistance from the weather.

If you could, ex-ambassador Richard Wilkinson would still have his roof, his room what’s more, his cleared out ear intact.
Sadly for him, not indeed our man in Chile was secured from the serious storms that battered England yesterday.
Lucky escape: Previous envoy Richard Wilkinson was snoozing in bed at the point when he gotten a discourteous awakening
Incredibly, he did escape genuine damage at the point when a beech tree slammed through his house at 4am – what’s more, landed on his bed.

Elsewhere, homes were cleared what’s more, cleared out without power, streets were closed,  ships wiped out what’s more, surge notices put in put as 60mph winds cleared in.

Close shave: Richard Wilkinson, a previous ambassador, evaded genuine injury
Mr Wilkinson, 65, who held ambassadorial posts in Chile what’s more, Venezuela, was hurt at the point when the 60ft beech tree snapped in half what’s more, slammed into his £600,000 home in  Winchester, Hampshire.

The dominant part of it fell on to the side of the bed where his spouse Angela, 52, regularly sleeps. Thankfully, she was away from home at the time.

Mr Wilkinson, who is presently executive of the board of governors at Winchester University, said: ‘I was lying in bed half asleep, half-awake since of the storm at the point when all of a sudden there was this extraordinary crash. I knew precisely what had happened.

‘When I stirred fully, either a tile or, then again a block or, on the other hand a piece of branch struck my head very hard. Fortunately it just cut my ear.’

Reliving the minute the tree hit, he said: ‘I am just so fortunate that I wasn’t lying on the other side of the bed – it was extremely close. The flotsam and jetsam missed me by inches yet it would have been on my wife’s side of the bed.’

The Met Office said the storms battering England could exacerbate afterward this week. Boss forecaster Tim Hewson said: ‘There is potential for a noteworthy storm what’s more, we are keeping a close eye on the situation.’ 
Crash site: Luckily for Mr Wilkinson, the tree landed on the exhaust side of the bed
Yesterday, more than 300 homes were cleared out without control in Brixton, Devon, as blasts of up to 70mph lashed the South West. A few homes were cleared for fear of trees falling on them. 
Cornwall was too seriously hit by substantial rain what’s more, overwhelmed roads. Ships were influenced what’s more, the supply transport between Penzance what’s more, the Isles of Scilly was constrained to remain in port.

In Ashford, Kent, a mother gave birth to a child kid in the back of her auto after storms postponed her travel to hospital.

Mother-of-three Caelyn McDonnell made it as far as the emergency vehicle sound of the William Harvey Healing facility at the point when her 5lb 12oz child arrived. He was conveyed securely by a rain-soaked emergency vehicle crew.
Waves player the harbor divider what’s more, beacon at Porthcawl, in south Wales, as the solid winds proceeded to player England yesterday

Forecasters have said the stormy conditions are likely to last for at slightest the rest of the week

In Charvil, Berkshire, a van full of cash being taken to fill money machines was surrendered after getting to be stuck in a swollen ford, which rose 2ft in 24 hours. The van had to be winched by fire fighters out of the Waterway Loddon.

In Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, handfuls of individuals had to escape after blasts of wind stripped the rooftop off a piece of flats. High winds too cleared away an anti-capitalist camp in Brighton.

At Burgess Hill, West Sussex, the storms raised fears for a retired person who vanished after strolling his spouse to work on Monday.

Blizzards on higher ground over the north, counting here at the Yorkshire/Durham border, made for unsafe driving conditions
The frigid storms will mean more snow on higher ground, such as here close High Compel in Teesdale, Province Durham
Police accept Eric Price, 79, may have move toward becoming befuddled on open transport after choosing to take a trip to Eastbourne.
In West Chiltington, West Sussex, a family of four had an astounding escape after stormy climate sent a tree slamming through a studio utilized as a play space by their children.
Mike what’s more, Katie Gower, matured 46, were sitting in the living room of their lodge without further ado some time recently going to bed at the point when the branches smashed the glass what’s more, alluminium structure.

Storm mists start to assemble over the snow-covered Yorkshire/Durham border
Waves break over the ocean divider behind houses on the Cobb at Lyme Regis as the stormy conditions proceeded over the UK

‘It sounded like a noisy applaud of thunder at first be that as it may at that point I rapidly figured it out it wasn’t,’ said administration advisor Mike, 59.
‘We’ve got trees all around yet they are very far back. I’m very stunned by the circumstance truly – it’s not like we hadn’t been in that room.
‘It’s for the most part a den for the youngsters what’s more, their toys were in there. My spouse had put a few toys away about an some time recently it happened so she’s very fortunate she wasn’t in there at the point when it happened. It’s just a nightmare.’
Children Jamie, six, what’s more, Isobel, nine, were tucked up in bed on the other side of the house.

The stormy conditions whip up the ocean at Lyme Regis, Dorset

Today : Remaining for the most part overcast over north-west Scotland with further showery flare-ups of rain, once once more falling as slush or, on the other hand snow over the high ground. Bright spells what’s more, showers over the rest of the UK,
the showers most visit over Grains what’s more, southern what’s more, western ranges of England. The showers will be substantial with the chance of hail what’s more, the odd roll of thunder. Winds facilitating over northern areas, yet reinforcing in the South through the afternoon.
UK Standpoint : Turning progressively overcast from the South West through the evening with substantial rain arriving in southern what’s more, western areas. Extremely breezy for a time over eastern Britain on Friday with substantial rain what’s more, slope snow clearing, to clear out a brilliant day over the UK with bright spells what’s more, substantial showers, these for the most part in the South West
Meanwhile in Scotland, serious climate notices of snow were issued recently – with blasts of up to 80mph expected. Substantial snowfall above 200 meters could lead to snowstorm conditions.
The alarm takes after last Thursday’s storm, which battered the nation clearing out thousands of homes without power.

The awful climate too constrained a seal pup to find asylum with a run of sheep after being driven shorewards by winds in Holm, Orkney. The pup, nicknamed Snowy, was isolated from his province what’s more, crept into a field full of sheep where he fell asleep.
Tom Tobler, of Meteogroup, the Press Association’s climate arm, said that tomorrow what’s more, Friday would possibly see ‘the most grounded winds of the week’.

He said 70mph blasts had been recorded in Devon, what’s more, were likely to continue.

‘Anywhere along the south drift could see blasts of up to 70mph,’ he said. ‘It is breezy all over especially around the western what’s more, south coasts.’

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