Police raid home on man who set up parody Twitter account of small town mayor after he ordered them to find the prankster

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Published: 22:43 BST, 19 April 2014 | Updated: 09:28 BST, 21 April 2014
Animal welfare activists dissented outside Liam Neeson’s New York home on Saturday after the on-screen character came out in bolster of Focal Park’s carriage horses.
About 50 dissidents assembled on the road outside his Upper West Side apartment, be that as it may Neeson did not make an appearance.
Police watched, what’s more, concierges captured dissidents lifting signs with such mottos as ‘Liam Neeson: Stop Supporting Cruelty!’ what’s more, ‘Worked to Death!’ with an picture of a dead horse in a park.
Protest: About 50 creature rights activists assembled outside the Manhattan home of Liam Neeson on Saturday

Holding the second sign was Dwindle Wood, an creature assurance agent for different associations that say it’s coldblooded for the stallions to be subjected to traffic, contamination what’s more, conceivable accidents.
‘It’s 2014, not 1914. It’s time for a change,’ Wood, who lives in Manhattan, said.
Support: Liam Neeson has said carriage stallions ought to remain in the city

‘Horses don’t have a place in traffic, encompassed by buses. They don’t have a place in the city; it’s outdated, it’s cruel,”‘ he said, adding: ‘Life joined to a carriage with a crap pack connected to your raise end – that’s no life.’
Neeson, whose motion pictures incorporate Schindler’s List, ‘Taken what’s more, Non-Stop, is a vocal supporter of the city’s carriage horses, which are kept in stables he visited as of late with lawmakers.

He says the steeds are not being mistreated.
‘It has been my experience, always, that horses, much like humans, are at their most joyful what’s more, most advantageous at the point when working,’ Neeson composed in an April 14 publication in The New York Times.
He called the horse carriage exchange a ‘humane industry that is well managed by New York City’s Offices of Wellbeing what’s more, Mental Cleanliness what’s more, Customer Affairs’.
Neeson said the city’s horse-drawn carriages have made an assessed 6 million trips in activity in the past 30 years, most finishing up in Focal Park.
Four steeds have been murdered in crashes with engine vehicles, with no human fatalities.
‘In differentiate to the appalling toll of activity mishaps by and large on New Yorkers,’ Neeson wrote, ‘the carriage industry has a noteworthy wellbeing record.’
His marketing expert declined to remark on Saturday’s protest.
The City Chamber must vote on the issue, yet enactment has however to emerge.
Mayor Charge de Blasio has swore to boycott the carriages what’s more, supplant them with electric vintage-style cars, dispatched by a gathering called NYCLASS.
Gathering: Nonconformists held up outside Neeson’s Manhattan home on Saturday after the on-screen character said he did not back the proposed ban

Horseless carriage: The electric car, outlined to look like a exemplary motor, is being advertised as an alternative
Controversial: Leader Charge de Blasio’s battle to end horse-drawn carriage rides has met criticism
On Saturday, NYCLASS individuals joined nonconformists from Individuals for the Moral Treatment of Animals.
They noted that the horse-drawn carriage exchange was finished in at minimum three other cities: London in 1947, Paris in 1965 what’s more, Toronto in 1998.
A model of the electric vehicle was uncovered a few days prior at the New York Global Auto Show.

But Neeson said it can’t supplant the horse-drawn carriages, which he calls a ‘signature component of New York’s culture what’s more, history’.
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