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Published: 19:52 BST, 8 February 2013 | Updated: 20:14 BST, 8 February 2013

Two youthful men who progressed toward becoming ‘stranded what’s more, disoriented’ while taking part in a python chase in Florida’s Everglades were protected Thursday by police guiding a chopper, specialists said.
The Broward Province Sheriff’s Office said units reacted to a call about the missing men at about 4 p.m.
Air safeguard units started a seek of the area, what’s more, the seekers were found a half-hour afterward at the northernmost fringe of the county.
Two men in their 20s who were taking an interest in a chase for Burmese pythons in Florida got lost in the Everglades

A helicopter landed in the Everglades what’s more, transported the two men to safeguard units a maybe a couple miles away.
The victims, ages 22 what’s more, 25, ‘complained of dizziness what’s more, shortcoming what’s more, were enduring from warm depletion what’s more, dehydration,’ agreeing to the news discharge from the sheriff’s office. Firefighters were told they were from Tennessee.
The men, who have not been identified, were treated at the scene what’s more, declined to be transported to a hospital.
The Florida Angle what’s more, Natural life Protection Commission welcomed seekers to prepare their sights on obtrusive Burmese pythons in mid-January as part of the ‘Python Challenge’
More than 1,500 members of a month-long python challenge have made a difference to catch 50 Burmese pythons in the Florida Everglades.
The Florida Angle what’s more, Natural life Protection Commission refreshed the checks Tuesday for the ‘Python Challenge.’ The rivalry started Jan. 12 what’s more, closes this Sunday.

No one knows for beyond any doubt how numerous pythons live in South Florida. Natural life authorities say killing pythons from the Everglades was never the objective of the challenge.
Instead, they trusted to raise mindfulness about the snake’s danger to local natural life what’s more, the delicate Everglades ecosystem.
The wind faces both state what’s more, government bans.

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