Man, 21, sentenced to DEATH for his role in torturing, shooting, dismembering and burning teenage boy lured to a house by his ex-girlfriend

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Published: 21:25 BST, 3 December 2013 | Updated: 22:23 BST, 3 December 2013
An Ohio lady what’s more, her ex-boyfriend argued blameworthy today in the murdering of her 18-month-old daughter, whose remains were found in a box in a carport three months after she was revealed missing.
Steven Lord II, the 24-year-old ex-boyfriend of mother Angela Steinfurth, told a Toledo judge that he had found the girl, Elaina Steinfurth, harmed in her room what’s more, that he attempted to revive her.

He said he at that point covered her to demise what’s more, put her in a box. The girl’s remains were found in September in the rafters of a carport that has a place to King’s family.
The girl’s mother, Angela Steinfurt (pictured in court today in Ohio), entered a sort of liable request to kill what’s more, discouraging justice

Steven Ruler II (pictured left, in the Ohio court today) argued blameworthy in the slaughtering of Elaina Steinfurth

‘I knew what I did was wrong,’ Lord said today.
King argued blameworthy to irritated murder, altering with evidence, mishandle of a cadaver what’s more, discouraging justice. He was condemned to life in jail with parole qualification after 25 years.
Angela Steinfurth entered a sort of blameworthy supplication to kill what’s more, deterring equity under which she keeps up her purity yet recognizes prosecutors had enough confirm to convict her, North West Ohio reported.

She was condemned to 18 a long time to life in jail in agreement with her request deal.
She did not make a articulation in court today.
Prosecutors said Steinfurth was disturb at the point when the baby wouldn’t stop crying, what’s more, she hurled the youngster over her bedroom.

Miss Steinfurth knew Elaina (pictured) had been harmed what’s more, didn’t look for restorative attention

Steven King, II, center, was escorted to the hearing at Lucas Province Normal If you don’t mind Court in Toledo, Ohio, today

The youngster endured serious injuries, what’s more, the next day Steinfurth taken note the infant wasn’t relaxing well.
Prosecutors said that’s at the point when Ruler slaughtered the baby.
Angela Steinfurth what’s more, her two little girls remained with Ruler at his family’s home on June 1, agents have said.

Elaina’s father, Terry Steinfurth, went to the habitation to pick up his two little girls the next day, be that as it may as it were Elaina’s four-year-old sister could be found.
Authorities sought homes, empty structures what’s more, the Maumee Stream close downtown for any sign of Elaina while volunteers looked through neighborhoods what’s more, parks.
DNA tests affirmed the skeletal remains found in the carport were of Elaina.

Gruesome discovery: Officers seeking the carport of Steven Lord II’s family (pictured) found Elaina’s remains stuffed in a PC box in the rafters

Terry Steinfurth told the court Tuesday that he can’t get it how anybody could hurt an pure child.
‘The misfortune of Eliana has cleared out my whole family with a expanding gap in our heart,’ he said.
The province coroner’s office said in November that Eliana endured wounds showing ‘non-accidental trauma,’ what’s more, that there were severe, intense breaks to her arm what’s more, leg.
Investigators spent the past six months looking into what happened to the little child some time recently a great jury prosecuted the match on Monday.

Both have been in imprison since the summer on obstacle charges.
Authorities have said Angela Steinfurth knew Elaina had been truly harmed what’s more, didn’t look for restorative help.
King was charged in July with lying to agents about the child’s disappearance.
Elaina was revealed missing, at the point when she was in reality dead, what’s more, these publications (left) were coursed for months; Elaina imagined with her repelled father TJ Steinfurth (right)

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