The ultimate sacrifice: Teen dies days after delivering baby she saved by forgoing chemotherapy

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Updated: 01:36 BST, 29 December 2011
Jenni Lake gave birth to a infant kid the month some time recently her 18th birthday, in spite of the fact that she was not predetermined to move toward becoming just another adolescent mother. That much, she knew.

While being conceded to the hospital, she pulled her nurture down to her at bed level what’s more, whispered into her ear.

The nurture would afterward rehash the girl’s words to comfort her family, as their most noticeably awful fears were figured it out a day after Jenni’s infant was born.

‘She told the nurse, “I’m done, I did what I was gathered to. My infant is going to get here safe”,’ said Diana Phillips, Jenni’s mother.
Boyfriend: Nathan Wittman, 19, holds a photograph of his late sweetheart who passed on of growth in no time after giving birth to their child who he presently has full guardianship over
Distraught: Diana Phillips, Jenni Lake’s mother, cries while holding her child as she recollects how solid she was all through her long fight with cancer
In photographs, the baby’s bronzed cheeks what’s more, sound weight offer a stark differentiate to the fragile young lady who gave birth to him.

She holds the infant tightly, kissing the top of his head. Jenni, at five feet what’s more, four inches tall, weighed as it were 108 pounds at the full term of her pregnancy.

A day after the November 9 birth, Mrs Phillips learned that her daughter’s choice to swear off treatment for tumors on her mind what’s more, spine so she could convey the infant would have lethal repercussions. The disease had checked as well much territory. Nothing could be done, Mrs Phillips said.

It was as it were 12 days past the birth – half spent in the healing center what’s more, the other half at home – some time recently Jenni was gone.

Even so, her family what’s more, companions demand her heritage is not one focused in tragedy, be that as it may Or maybe in sacrifice.

This month, her family accumulated at their farm style home in Pocatello, where a Christmas tree in the living room was enhanced with adornments picked out just for Jenni, counting one in brilliant lime green, her top pick color.
Jenni Lake’s family: From left, father Mike Lake, sister Kaisee Lake, sweetheart Nathan Wittman, mother Diana Phillip with Jenni’s infant child Chad Michael Lake, what’s more, sister Ashley Lake
Ultimate sacrifice: Jenni Lake chosen against treatment for tumors on her mind what’s more, spine so she could convey her infant Chad to full health
She had passed away in a room down the hall.

Recalling Jenni’s irresistible giggle what’s more, a insubordinate streak, her mother held the child close, cuddling his head, what’s more, said: ‘I need him to know everything about her, what’s more, what she did.’

The headaches begun last year, at the point when Jenni was a 16-year-old sophomore at Pocatello High School.

She was taken to the family doctor, what’s more, an X-ray check found a little mass measuring about two centimeters wide on the right side of her brain.

She was sent to a healing center in Salt Lake City, a few 150 miles south of Pocatello, what’s more, another examine there appeared the mass was greater than beforehand thought.

Jenni had a biopsy on October 15, 2010, what’s more, five days afterward was analyzed with organize three astrocytoma, a sort of mind tumor.

With three tumors on her mind what’s more, three on her spine, Jenni was told her case was uncommon since the growth had spread from her mind to another part of her body with no symptoms.

Her parents, who are divorced, keep in mind they were brought into a room at the clinic what’s more, sat down at a long table as specialists talked about her possibilities of survival.

‘Jenni just level out inquired them in the event that she was going to die,’ said her father, Mike Lake, 43, a truck driver who lives in Rexburg, north of Pocatello.

The reply wasn’t good. With treatment, the youngster was told she had a 30 per penny shot to make it two more years, Mr Lake said.

While he was heartbroken, Mr Lake wondered at how solid she appeared in that moment.

‘She didn’t break down what’s more, cry or, then again anything,’ he said.

But her mother reviewed Jenni did have a powerless minute that day.

‘When they told her that she might not be capable to have kids, she got upset,’ said Mrs Phillips, 39.

Jenni begun forceful chemotherapy what’s more, radiation treatments, while moreover posting recordings on a YouTube site titled Jenni’s Journey, where she trusted to share her story with refreshes each other day.

True Love: Nathan what’s more, Jenni had just begun dating some time recently she gotten her analysis yet he stuck with her all through everything
She overseen to transfer as it were three videos, though, as her medications cleared out her tired what’s more, weak.

On her second video, posted on November 20, 2010, Jenni shows up upset while a family companion records her having lunch with her mom.

‘Last night, like, I was just lying in bed what’s more, I was considering about everything that was going on what’s more, it just like, it just hit me, like everything, what’s more, I don’t know, it made me cry,’ Jenni says on the video.

Her mother is appeared covering her confront in her hands.

‘Do you know how hard it is to be a mother what’s more, know that she’s wiped out what’s more, there’s nothing you can do,’ she says, some time recently crumbling into tears.

Jenni persists: ‘It’s hard. It’s like, I don’t know how long this is going to last what’s more, I just need it to go away … I feel like this is holding me back from so much.’

Happy memories: Jenni with her sweetheart Nathan at their high school prom
By Walk of this year, the tumors had begun to shrink, the family said.

In a picture taken at her prom in early May, Jenni is wearing a dull blue strapless dress what’s more, gives the camera a little smile.
There’s a silver headband in her hair, which is less than an inch long. Chemotherapy took her shoulder-length light tresses.

Her boyfriend, Nathan Wittman, wearing a dark dress shirt what’s more, pants, is supporting her from behind.

Jenni begun dating Nathan a couple of weeks some time recently she gotten her diagnosis.

Their youthful relationship withstood the exceptionally grown-up test postured by cancer, the medicines that cleared out her scarcely capable to walk from her living room to her bedroom, what’s more, the prattle at school.

‘The gossipy tidbits begun flying around, like Nathan was as it were with her since she had cancer,’ said Jenni’s more established sister, Ashlee Lake, 20, who attempted to squelch the mean-spirited prattle indeed as the youthful couple disregarded it.

They were hopeful, what’s more, imagined of sometime in the future opening a eatery or, then again a gallery.

Jenni had been working as an student in a nearby tattoo shop. ‘She was like our little sister,’ said the owner, Kass Chacon.

But in May, Jenni’s visits to the shop developed less frequent.

She had been tossing up a part what’s more, had sharp stomach pains. She went to the crisis room early one morning with her sweetheart what’s more, at the point when she returned home, her family individuals woke up to the sound of crying.

‘We could hear Jenni just wailing in her room,’ said her sister, Kaisee, 19.

She had learned that she was pregnant, what’s more, an ultrasound would appear the embryo was ten weeks old.

Jenni’s travel was no longer her own.

From the begin of treatment, she was told that she might never have children, her mother said, that the radiation what’s more, chemotherapy could basically make her sterile.

‘We were told that she couldn’t get pregnant, so we didn’t stress about it,’ said Nathan, 19.

Jenni, the third of her parents’ eight children, had continuously needed to be a mom. She had as of now decided to keep the child at the point when she went to see her oncologist, Dr David Ririe, in Pocatello two days after she found out she was pregnant.

‘He told us that in the event that she’s pregnant, she can’t proceed the treatments,’ Mrs Phillips said. ‘So she would either have to end the pregnancy what’s more, proceed the treatments, or, on the other hand stop the treatments, knowing that it could proceed to develop again.’

Dr Ririe would not talk about Jenni’s care, refering to security laws, be that as it may said, generally, in cases in which a tumor quiet is pregnant, oncologists will consider both the dangers what’s more, benefits of proceeding with treatment, such as chemotherapy.

‘There are times amid pregnancy in a few situations, bosom tumor being the exemplary example, where the benefits of chemotherapy may exceed the chance to mother what’s more, baby,’ Dr Ririe said. ‘There are other times where the chance exceeds the benefits.’

There was no exchange about which way Jenni would choose. Her guardians didn’t think of it as a clear life or, on the other hand demise decision, what’s more, Jenni may not have, either.

They accepted that since the tumors had as of now begun to recoil earlier, she had a solid shot of conveying the infant what’s more, at that point returning to treatment after he was born.

‘I figure we were just trusting that after she had the baby, she could go back on the chemotherapy what’s more, get better,’ her mother said.

Jenni what’s more, Nathan named the infant Chad Michael, after their dads. Nathan has lawful guardianship of the child, who is essentially minded for by Nathan’s mother, Alexia Wittman, 51.

‘Nathan will raise him,’ she said. She brings the infant to Jenni’s house to visit her family at whatever point they ask.

Jenni didn’t appear lament for her decision, not in the last weeks of her pregnancy as she developed weaker, what’s more, not at the point when she begun to lose her vision as the tumor took its course, her family said.

Jenni’s last words were about her child as he was put next to her a last time, her father said. As she felt for the baby, she said: ‘I can kind of see him.’

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