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Published: 19:06 BST, 13 Walk 2014 | Updated: 19:39 BST, 14 Walk 2014
A Washington father is fighting his city committee to be permitted to keep a tree house that he manufactured for his children in the front yard of his home.
Zeb Postelwait had continuously needed to construct a tree house for his sons. He got the possibility last summer after moving into a Wenatchee home with a huge tree in the front yard.
Two months later, he gotten his to begin with take note from the city to tear it down since it is a danger to open security what’s more, overhangs a open sidewalk. Alternatively, city authorities said, the tree house can remain, yet as it were in the event that Postelwait takes out a $1 million protection policy.

Tree change: Zeb Postelwait with one of his children in their tree house at their home in Wenatchee, Washington
Family’s tree: Zeb Postelwait says he’s not disregarding any city codes with the tree house he fabricated for his sons

The Wenatchee World reports authorities say the treehouse overhangs the sidewalk, undermining open safety. Postelwait disagrees.
‘If something happens, the city is at risk for the damages,’ Chairman Plain Kuntz told the Bellingham Herald.
‘The chamber was consistent in coordinating me to do what we’re doing. It has to come down.’
Postelwait says he’s being ‘harassed’ by the city, what’s more, that he is not in infringement of any codes.
From on high: The city board has inquired Postelwait to take down the structure, yet he refuses

Branching out: Postelwait fabricated the tree house himself, what’s more, says he talked to an build some time recently he started construction

Secure: The tree house is secured to the tree with expansive jolts what’s more, links that can bolster 800lb

City codes prohibit hindering sidewalks, yet Postelwait says there’s nothing in the rulebook about discouraging the air 30 feet above the sidewalk.
City authorities say Postelwait could keep the tree house in the event that he takes out a $1 million protection policy, an thought Postelwait says is preposterous.
‘A million dollars? For a tree house?’ he told the Bellingham Herald. ‘Come on!’
In reaction to Postelwait’s refusal to take down the tree house, the city is arranging to have an build assess the respectability of the structure what’s more, at that point get a court arrange to have the tree house taken down.
If the city has to coercively expel the tree house, city lawyer Steve Smith says Postelwait will be hit with a charge for the city’s legitimate costs, the engineer’s assessment what’s more, the evacuation of the structure.
Million-dollar tree house: The city says that in the event that Postelwait doesn’t take the tree house down, they will have somebody coercively evacuate it what’s more, send the charge to him

‘I abhor to do that,’ Smith said. ‘We’ve sent him parts of caution letters. In the event that he’d just take it down, we could evade all that.’
Postelwait says the treehouse is consummately safe what’s more, that he given with an design some time recently building it. There are about 10 jolts securing the house to the tree what’s more, a link framework appraised to 800lb supporting it.
‘How can they take me to court over an hindrance that doesn’t exist?’ he asked. ‘I don’t need to battle over this. I just think it’s strange that they are going after a tree house.’
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