Russia claims its fleet chased away US submarine that entered northern boundary waters

By Reuters Journalist
Published: 21:54 BST, 9 Regal 2014 | Updated: 13:27 BST, 10 Regal 2014
Russian naval force claims to have driven away what was accepted to be a U.S. submarine that entered the country’s northern waters.
Russian state news offices on Saturday refered to an unidentified agent of the navy’s general staff as saying the episode happened Thursday in the Barents Sea, which lies off northwest Russia what’s more, is home to the navy’s Northern Fleet.
The reports said the armada sent a few vessels what’s more, an anti-submarine Il-38 air ship to remove the remote submarine, assumed to be a U.S. Naval force Virginia-class vessel.
A U.S. Barrier official, talking on condition of anonymity, could not affirm the episode what’s more, had no remark on the Russian claim.
‘An anti-submarine assault gathering what’s more, an Ilyushin Il-38 anti-submarine airplane were sent to the said region to seek what’s more, track the sub,’ the Russian naval force representative was cited by Interfax news office as saying.

‘The Northern Armada anti-submarine forces’ dynamic moves removed the submarine from the Russian Federation’s limit waters.’
The source included that this is as it were the most recent episode including remote submarines entering the Barents Ocean – infringements that in the past had come about in ‘dangerous navigational incidents,’ concurring to

The Russian official mostly faulted the sinking of the Kursk submarine in 2000, which cleared out all 118 group individuals dead, on a crash with American atomic sub Toledo,

Today’s report from Russia could be the most recent sign of expanding pressures between Moscow what’s more, Washington over the emergency in Ukraine.

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