The passenger on Hong Kong flight to the U.S. ‘who screamed that he had secrets from the CIA and NSA leaker Edward Snowden’ as video records his terrifying rants

By Reuters Journalist what’s more, Day by day Mail Journalist
Published: 21:18 BST, 12 June 2013 | Updated: 06:16 BST, 13 June 2013
Edward Snowden has been proclaimed as a legend what’s more, reviled as a traitor. His name is known over the world for his choice to spill ordered data about mystery NSA observation programs. In news interviews he has depicted himself as a genuine man who yielded his agreeable way of life for his principles.

But some time recently all that, he was nerdy high school dropout who cherished playing the video diversion Tekken, was fixated with Japanese culture what’s more, anime what’s more, kidded about pulling in ‘nubile youthful girls’ with his ‘girlish figure.’

A 2002 profile he posted on the ancient anime site Ryuhana Press uncovers a window into Snoden’s identity as a PC insightful 18-year-old. 
The Maryland teenager’s guardians had just separated what’s more, he was working for friends, who set up Ryuhana Press as a way to offer Japanese anime what’s more, magna artwork. 
Pictures from 2002 appear Edward Snowden pulling down his pants (left) what’s more, appended clothespins to his chest (right)  at the point when he worked as a webmaster what’s more, proofreader for a Japanese anime organization run by companions in Maryland

Whistleblower: Edward Snowden shows up in a more later photo. He does not show up to be dynamic on social media destinations like Facebook or, on the other hand Twitter – at minimum not under his possess name
Snowden is seen cutting a mat at a move in 2002. He boasted about drawing in youthful ladies in on the web postings he made as a teenager
This is the symbol posted next to Edward Snowden’s life story in 2002
The disclosures come as Congressman Dwindle King, the New York Republican who is the executive of the Country Security Committee, called for the capture of Gatekeeper writer Glen Greenwald, the journalist who broke numerous of Snowden’s spills what’s more, has worked nearly with the whistleblower.
Several top politicians, both Republicans what’s more, Democrats, have called for the capture what’s more, arraignment of Snowden for uncovering the National Security Organization Secrets.

King is the to start with to call for the capture of a writer in the case.
Snowden went by the epithets ‘The True HOOHA’ what’s more, ‘Phish’ what’s more, talked in programmer slang, alluding to his ‘lamer friends’ – non-hackers – what’s more, talked about going to Otakon, a tradition for anime darlings in Baltimore, Maryland.
‘I like my juvenile figure that pulls in girls,’ he wrote, ‘and I like my lamer friends. That’s the best history you’ll get out of me, coppers!’
He kidded that he ‘got bullied’ into being an proofreader on the website by a gaggle of craftsmen what’s more, ‘beautiful nubile youthful girls.’
Ohio newspaper reporter Matt Skrajner burrowed up a few photograph compositions that Snowden posted promoting counterfeit hip-hop collections create by the non-existent record name ‘Pimp Daddy Records.’

As an adult, the previous CIA worker has not cleared out much of a advanced trail on the Internet. Snowden, who turns 30 afterward this month, does not show up to be dynamic on social media destinations like Facebook or, then again Twitter – at slightest not under his claim name.
But the website of Ryuhana Press, a presently outdated start-up that had sold anime art, offers a witness of Snowden as a youth.

As its web editor, Snowden’s profile page is a blend of truth, mockery what’s more, senseless jokes.

For example, he recorded his adjust birthday – June 21, 1983 – what’s more, noted that it falls on the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. Be that as it may he moreover asserted to be 37 a long time old what’s more, to have fathered two preteen children.
‘I truly am a pleasant guy,’ Snowden composed on his profile page. ‘You see, I act presumptuous what’s more, coldblooded since I was not embraced enough as a child, what’s more, since the open training framework turned it’s (sic) wretched, spiked back on me.’
Republican Congressman Dwindle Ruler said Glenn Greenwald, the Gatekeeper columnist who printed the NSA leaks, ought to be prosecuted

Fighting back: Greenwald has let go back, saying that King’s charges were based on lies
He composed that he favored purple shades and  he applauded the Baltimore Orioles baseball team.
Reuters seen the website on Tuesday what’s more, reached previous organization representatives for comment. On Wednesday, the website had been taken down.
Details of Snowden’s past developed Wednesday as news broke that he gave an meet to the South China Morning Post in which he asserted that the NSA has hacked the country’s universities, organizations what’s more, politicians.
He said the office had hundreds of targets – counting the Chinese College of Hong Kong – from as far back as 2009, yet that these were just a portion of the 61,000 NSA hacking operations conveyed out globally.
He included that none of the records uncovered any data about Chinese military systems.

‘We hack arrange spines – like enormous web routers, essentially – that give us get to to the interchanges of hundreds of thousands of PCs without having to hack each single one,’ he explained.

Edward Snowden posted a few ‘posters’ for made-up hip-hop collections on his Ryuhana Press profile

This notice of Snowden, which he apparently designed, advances a counterfeit collection called ‘Gold Plated Xtacy’

The rail-thin 18-year-old Snowden kidded about his ‘girlish figure’ what’s more, how it pulled in youthful women
Edward Snowden (left) is imagined in seventh review in a photograph taken from a Crofton Center School yearbook. He is imagined (right) amid his sophomore year at Arundel High School.

2002 – Snowden is 18 a long time old. He is working for a Japanese anime organization run by companions in Maryland
May 2004 – Enrolls in the U.S. Armed force reserve
September 2004 – Says he cleared out the Armed force after breaking both his legs in a preparing accident 
2007 – Gets a work with the Focal Knowledge Office what’s more, is positioned in Geneva
2009 – Joins the NSA as a contractor
2013 – Utilized by Booz Allen Hamilton in Hawaii
Early May, 2013 – Snowden makes contact with the Washington Post as to his trove of data on the NSA’s reconnaissance of call what’s more, Web data. A maybe a couple weeks later, he contacts The Guardian
May 20, 2013 – Snowden demands a clear out of nonappearance from his work what’s more, escapes to Hong Kong
June 5 what’s more, 6, 2013 – The Gatekeeper what’s more, the Washington Post report on Snowden’s spilled documents 
June 9, 2013 – Snowden uncovers himself in an meet with The Guardian
June 12, 2013 – Snowden gives an meet to the South China Morning Post in which he asserted that the NSA has hacked the country’s universities, organizations what’s more, politicians
The hour-long interview, which took part in a mystery area on Wednesday, came after Snowden fled to Hong Kong from his home in Hawaii on May 20 after spilling touchy reports about the NSA about its data-collection programs.
Peter King, the dubious House Republican in charge of national security issues, said that Greenwald – the to start with writer to distribute Snowden’s claims, ought to be prosecuted.

He told Fox News on Wednesday: ‘Not as it were did he unveil this information, he has said he has names of CIA operators what’s more, resources around the world what’s more, they’re undermining to unveil that. … No right is absolute. What’s more, indeed the press has certain restrictions…

‘But in this case, at the point when you have somebody who has unveiled privileged insights like this what’s more, undermines to discharge more, at that point to me, yes, there has to be, there ought to be lawful activity taken against him. This is a exceptionally abnormal case with life what’s more, passing suggestions for Americans.’
Greenwald has reacted with lively denials.

‘Just observed the Ruler video; everything he said is based on the barefaced *lie that I debilitated to unveil names of CIA clandestine agents,’ he tweeted.
Later, he said: ‘Only In America can a famous what’s more, dedicated psychological oppression supporter like Dwindle Ruler be the referee of national security what’s more, treason.’
King is noted for his bolster of the Irish Republican Armed force at the point when the gathering was focusing on English warriors what’s more, regular citizens with bomb attacks.

Greenwald is a characteristic conceived American citizen. There are maybe a couple recorded cases in American history – what’s more, none in the post-September 11-era – of writers being arraigned by the U.S. government for distributing ordered leaks.

Photographs transferred by companions for Snowden’s 19th birthday appear a youthful man pulling down his pants for his colleagues, putting a clothespin on his chest, what’s more, dancing.
Yearbook photographs of Snowden in center school what’s more, high school appear a clean-cut, grinning youthful man.

A blog section from a organization representative teased, ‘Who is he? What does he do? Does he truly cherish himself as much as his bold showcasing would have you believe?’
Snowden composed on his profile that he enjoyed on the web role-playing amusements (RPG). ‘I continuously needed to compose RPG battles with my save time, be that as it may I’ll get about three missions in what’s more, scrap the world for my next, better, powergamin’ build.’
Snowden said he enjoyed playing the famous battling video diversion Tekken. He was so gifted that he pulled in a gathering of fans at the 2002 Anime USA convention, composed a co-worker on another part of the site.
‘He tends to unexpectedly be a beam of daylight what’s more, inspiration. He’s a incredible listener, what’s more, he’s enthusiastic to offer assistance individuals move forward themselves.’

The co-worker did not answer to request from Reuters on Wednesday. Ryuhana shut in 2004 as the essential proprietors went off to school what’s more, opened a new business in California, concurring to the website. Other givers to the site could not be come to for comment.

The ancient organization recorded an address in Stronghold Meade, Md., next entryway to the National Security Agency.
Joker: ‘I like my juvenile figure that draws in girls,’ Snowden composed on his on the web bio, ‘and I like my lamer friends. That’s the best life story you’ll get out of me, coppers!’
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