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Nurse Card: She treated a few of the most extremely harmed men at the Fight of the Somme
The journal of a ‘Florence Nightingale’ nurture who made a difference troopers amid World War One is being sold at sell off by her family.
The moving diaries, finish with touching letters composed by troopers she treated in the trenches, will go on deal along with her perfect Red Cross uniform.
Lucy Kate ‘Kitty’ Card was a nurture who minded for extremely harmed troopers from the wicked Fight of the Somme, working in military healing facilities in Le Havre, Calais, Rouen what’s more, Etaples.
While there she kept a journal in which she composed movingly about the revulsions of the Awesome War.
Now, nearly 100 later, her diaries are set to go under the pound after being put up for sale.

Her Red Cross commandant’s uniform has survived amazingly well and, finish with its pressed collars, will be part of the sell off along with decorations what’s more, sepia photographs.
The accumulation diagramming Sister Card’s profession from 1914 to 1919 is anticipated to bring between £1,500 what’s more, £2,000 at the point when it goes under the pound at Dreweatt’s Militaria closeout in Bristol on Walk 29.
Militaria master Malcolm Claridge, of salespeople Dreweatts who will offer the accumulation in Bristol on Walk 29, said: ‘It’s to a great degree uncommon to find such a finish gathering of a nurture who worked in English military healing centers amid the Awesome War.
‘It is astounding that her Red Cross commandant’s uniform has survived in such great condition after about 80 years.

On the front line: Nurture ‘Kitty’ Card in a trench amid WWI with a couple of soldiers
March 31 1916 Harris, a kid in the ward who has a self-inflicted wound, so is in this way a prisoner, gives a half quart of blood to spare the life of another patient, he’s extremely pitiful after his operation be that as it may before long recovers his spirits’

July 3rd 1916 ‘A day of days, full caravans in about 5 or, then again 6, about 1000 passed through, men extremely cheerful, flood rested on straw, did dressing by light of oil lamp, till about 10, as well late for supper’

August 1 1916 ‘On night obligation today around evening time in the lines, numerous extremely ill, the entirety night spent attempting to ease their pains, two passed on inside 10 minutes of one another, oh! it is sad’

August 11 1916 ‘Poor Walker has had his leg amputated’

August 12 1916 ‘Lcpl Walker passed on tonight, extremely too bad for sure he was a breathtaking individual what’s more, so good’.

August 13 1916 ‘Smith has had his leg excised appears extremely ill’

August 14 1916 ‘Several exceptionally sick tonight, poor Smith kicked the bucket just some time recently we came on duty, Encourage too passed on today, gracious it is so pitiful he was so patient, had his leg amputated’
‘Her five decorations incorporate the Illustrious Red Cross 2nd Class silver identification in its unique Garrard & Co case what’s more, they are wrapped in a piece of lace-edged cloth, which is said to have been part of Ruler Victoria’s chemise. She was moreover said in despatches in December 1918.’
Mr Claridge added: ‘Perhaps the most moving things are the journal sections Sister Card made portraying her nerve racking encounters treating the injured what’s more, an collection of letters from thankful British, French what’s more, Belgian troopers she breast fed back to health.’
Nurse Card was conceived in Tunbridge Wells in 1881 what’s more, qualified as a educator some time recently joining the Intentional Help Separation conspire as an aide Red Cross nurture at the point when war broke out in 1914.
She was posted to Le Havre in Northern France where the gambling club had been quickly changed over into a military hospital. As the Awesome War came to an end old maid Sister Card was based at the English military clinic in Calais.
She was displayed to Lord George V while there what’s more, at that point spent two weeks on take off in the South of France some time recently returning to Tunrbidge Wells where she returned to educating what’s more, was selected headmistress at St Luke’s School in the town in 1925.
The Red Cross commandant’s uniform having a place to Nurture Card has survived surprisingly well for about 100 years

Her short journal passages shown her compassion. This one reads: ‘On night obligation today around evening time in the lines, numerous extremely ill, the entirety night spent attempting to ease their pains, two passed on inside 10 minutes of one another, oh! it is sad’
As the Awesome War drew to a close Sister Card, who never married, was based at the English military healing facility in Calais where she was displayed to Lord George V.
She served six a long time between wars as a Red Cross Commandant in Kent what’s more, then, as WWII lingered she once more volunteered to serve her country.
This time she was put in charge of anti-gas fighting preparing at the Kent what’s more, Sussex Clinic what’s more, for this work she gotten the Safeguard Medal.
Her gathering was passed down through her family to her incredible niece, Joyce Salmon, who kicked the bucket as of late and, with no one to take off it to, she cleared out it to a neighbor who is presently offering it.
Private W Newman, 1st Brigade The Buffs : ‘We are in our little burrows in the trenches what’s more, they are okay but at the point when it rains, at that point we are up to our eyes in mud burrowing them out again. We have got a maybe a couple (Germans) in front of us, yet they don’t stress us much as I think they must be about nourished up with it too. They have a kill what’s more, at that point pop back into their openings once more like rabbits!’

Sapper William Clarke of the Signals Corps : ‘We were in the trenches all Monday night what’s more, up to 9am on Tuesday morning what’s more, I can tell you we had a lovely exuberant time ….. I am happy to say that, in spite of all the liveliness, we came out of it all, each one of us in one piece.’

Sapper Clarke’s guardians : ‘Dear Miss Card, If it’s not too much trouble find encased your repaired observe which our child William sent to us. He composed exceptionally feelingly of your outrageous thoughtfulness to him while a understanding of yours. You will if it’s not too much trouble permit us to bear the cost as a little token of our appreciation of your graciousness which we accept was the reason of his fast recuperation what’s more, return to obligation what’s more, health. The cause of the delay what’s more, length of time taken was owing to the genuine nature of the damage to the watch.’

A lamenting mother : ‘Dear Nurse, I was extremely satisfied to get your letter what’s more, the depiction of our boy. I should treasure it as the most I have having a place to him.
‘It was a awesome stun to hear he had passed away. I had so trusted he was on the way to recuperation or, on the other hand I would not have cleared out him all on his own, despite the fact that I know you all was most kind to him what’s more, he had everything he could have. I ought to have enjoyed to have offer him his last farewell, yet I trust we should meet once more in our Magnificent home.’
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