How 2,500 hairy (and lairy) bikers ruined family’s 4,000 Caribbean cruise by staging belly-flopping contests and having sex in hot tubs

By Richard Kay for the Day by day Mail
Published: 23:31 BST, 27 December 2012 | Updated: 08:26 BST, 28 December 2012

New role: Woman Victoria has found herself a new profession as an domain agent
She moved to America to attempt to make it in the cut-throat world of Hollywood, be that as it may Woman Victoria Hervey’s plans to be the next Scarlett Johansson have not gone altogether to plan.
Aside from an  uncredited part as a server in a spine chiller called Basic Lies, which featured Tom Hanks’s son, Colin, motion picture parts are thin on the ground.
However, Victoria, 36, little girl of the 6th Marquess of Bristol — what’s more, who once showed up in ITV’s reality appear Don’t Call Me Doltish (in which George Galloway took her to Tolpuddle to clarify the history of socialism) — has found herself a new career: as an bequest agent.
Lofty Victoria has been scouted by Sotheby’s Los Angeles-based genuine domain virtuoso Barry Peele, whose customers incorporate Madonna, Robbie Williams what’s more, Demi Moore.
Barry, who sold Elton John his new £5 million Beverly Slopes mansion, tells me: ‘I’ve needed Woman Victoria to work for us for ages.

‘I think she’s a common since managing with high-end properties in Hollywood is all about contacts.
‘She didn’t need to do it at first, yet what fixed it was at the point when she came with me to see a spectacular property.
‘She figured it out she knows so numerous individuals who might be in the showcase for such places.
‘It’s made for Victoria since it’s an augmentation of her being a socialite.’
For Vince Cable, it was an All Animals Awesome What’s more, Little minute — pulling on a rope to help   convey a calf on his spouse Rachel’s cultivate in Hampshire. 
However, that ‘terrifying’ experience, as the Government’s Business Secretary depicted it, will presently be a thing of the past — as Rachel is reluctantly giving up farming, I can reveal.
With her husband’s work in Westminster taking up more of his time, she can no longer dedicate herself to her nation pursuits. 
‘I’m winding down the farm, something else I’d never see Vince. What’s more, we’ve as it were got three cows left,’ says Rachel, who hitched the previous Lib Dem appointee pioneer in 2004, following the demise of his to start with wife, Olympia, from cancer. 
Vince Cable’s (pictured) spouse Rachel is to give up cultivating since her husband’s work in Westminster is taking up more of his time
Her hamburger farm, called Cow-pastures, is in a beautiful part of the New Backwoods what’s more, Rachel has move toward becoming well known in the range for reproducing Dexter cattle. 
‘They are a authority breed, dark what’s more, very small, what’s more, are celebrated for the magnificent quality of their meat,’ she tells me proudly, adding: ‘Of course, we are organic.’
Rachel, who was conceived in Tanganyka (now Tanzania), to begin with experienced Link at Cambridge in 1963 without further ado some time recently he moved toward becoming president of the Cambridge Union what’s more, some time recently he met Olympia. 
Vince was evidently much enchanted by appealing Rachel, who was considering anthropology, yet their sentiment fizzled to get off the ground.
‘He was extremely handsome, with parts of dim hair — but, at the time, I was as of now talked for,’ says Rachel. 
The couple didn’t meet once more for almost four decades until 2001, at the point when Link came to give a political talk close her farm.
By then, she had been separated for a few years. 
However, Rachel, who revels Vince’s private enthusiasm for dance hall dancing, does not expect to offer her adored provincial acres.

She explains: ‘My child as of now possesses three-quarters of the farm, so I am as it were a smallholder anyway. I trust to lease my arrive to a neighbor — yet tragically for horses, not cattle.’
On song: Natalie Coyle’s guide is Elaine Paige
As an yearning singer, it doesn’t hurt in the event that your guide is award-winning diva Elaine Paige.
Classically prepared Natalie Coyle, who steps out with Salman Rushdie’s child Zafar, has performed with Italian operatic star Andrea Bocelli what’s more, is quickly gathering a number of high-profile fans.
Earlier this month, she sang for the Duke of Kent’s son, the Earl of St Andrews, what’s more, previous Boss of the General Staff, Field Marshal Master Guthrie, at a hymn benefit at Worth Convent in West Sussex.

Now, Elaine, the fabulous lady of English melodic theatre, has taken Natalie under her wing what’s more, welcomed her to be a extraordinary visitor at a execution she is giving in New York early next year. 
‘I was anxious at the point when I met her. I truly adore her voice, yet Elaine has been so helpful,’ says soprano Natalie, who is celebrating New Year with PR Zafar in Jamaica. 
‘Elaine’s given me parcels of advice, counting never to eat dairy some time recently a show — it produces phlegm, which is terrible for the vocal cords.’
Animal darling the Earl of Walk has move toward becoming a night seeker — as it were his quarry is of the two-footed variety.
In a offer to stop a spate of unlawful badger bedeviling on the family’s 1,300-acre Goodwood domain in West Sussex, March, 57, has been joining his gamekeepers on watch to offer assistance get the culprits, who utilize horrible pooches to assault the badgers.
‘It’s not as it were badger baiting,’ says March’s security officer. ‘We’ve had to bargain with deer poaching as well.
‘Lord Walk has joined us since he needs to be included in each perspective of the running of the estate.’

Charismatic Enormous Issue organizer John Bird’s most recent book – The Need Of Neediness – is all about the legislative issues of beign poor.
Yet the champion of the destitute has picked to secretly instruct his two most youthful children.
Bird’s third wife, previous Television moderator what’s more, producer, Parveen, who is 24 a long time his junior, tells me their posterity are at the Steiner School in Cambridge, which costs up to £2,000 a term.
‘It appears weird,’ she says. ‘I know John’s gathered to be a socialist, yet we accept that, ideally, this kind of brilliant school ought to be accessible to everyone. Yet until that day comes, we have to pay what’s more, it’s a struggle.’ 
Parveen, 42, was facilitating a dispatch party for previous Trotskyist Bird’s tome at Gerry’s Club in Soho.
In his book, Fledgling grumbles that his worker father contributed to the riches of Master Iveagh, at that point head of the Guinness family. Winged animal explains: ‘Lord Iveagh gotten the lion’s share of my father’s wages, which was spent on his Guinness in different pubs.’
It’ll take more than a favor line of critique for ITV to clarify the incongruity of transmitting a narrative celebrating the 50th commemoration of the to begin with World In Activity while clarifying why the award-winning arrangement was cut out what’s more, supplanted by the anodyne Tonight.

World In Activity At 50 pretense on January 7, what’s more, previous makers what’s more, executives are being welcomed to a party in London that night.

Alumni incorporate previous editors Master ‘Gus’ Macdonald what’s more, ex-BBC supervisor John Birt. Too welcomed are one-time modest analysts — ex-Home Secretary Jack Straw what’s more, ex-Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett.
‘They made a difference to bring breathtaking investigative programs from around the globe to a mass audience,’ says a individual toiler. ‘Its misfortune is still mourned.’
PS  Under attack from all quarters over gay marriage, foxhunting what’s more, the rise of UKIP, David Cameron can at minimum escape to the happy joys of the panto.

The Prime Serve is treating spouse Samantha what’s more, their youngsters to a occasional Cinderella at the Chipping Norton Theater in Oxfordshire.

However, the Camerons may however be in for a amaze — the Monstrous Sisters, Tutti what’s more, Frutti, have in tow a couple of toy dogs, whose party trap is to shower water over the audience. 

I am told: ‘The theater is exceptionally little what’s more, you don’t have to be in the front push to get showered.’

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