Teenage girl killed while walking on motorway at 4am hours after posting message to friends and family on Twitter

By Richard Littlejohn for the Day by day Mail
Published: 23:27 BST, 31 Walk 2013 | Updated: 18:37 BST, 1 April 2013
Kelly Jones has taught Pattinson Brewer specialists to take activity against a petroleum station proprietor for ‘failing to ensure’ her wellbeing amid a schedule break-in investigation
When I read the story about a WPC suing a suspected theft casualty for damages, I had to check the date. Unquestionably this was an April Fool’s wind-up.
As usual, I ought to have known better. A long time of composing about the silliness of present day policing have instructed me there’s essentially no restrict to the idiocy what’s more, advantage of a few coppers.
Kelly Jones has taught Pattinson Brewer specialists to take activity against a oil station proprietor for ‘failing to ensure’ her security amid a schedule break-in investigation.
She claims to be entitled to considerable pay after professedly stumbling over a kerb what’s more, harming her cleared out leg what’s more, right wrist.
Her legal advisors keep up that the proprietor had a legitimate obligation to guarantee her, you guessed, ‘health what’s more, safety’.
The three-page letter sent to Steve Jones, proprietor of the Nuns’ Spans Filling Station, at Thetford, Norfolk, is a minor exemplary of its kind.
He is accused, at incredible length what’s more, in strange detail, of falling flat to give a ‘safe passageway’; falling flat to guarantee the kerb was appropriately lit; coming up short to show signs ‘informing the open of the peril constituted by raised kerbing’; and  disappointment to convey out a hazard assessment. All of this puts him ‘in break of the Occupier’s Obligation Act 1957’.
Mr Jones is informed: ‘You are vicariously at risk for the careless action(s) of your servant, operator or, on the other hand worker that caused our customer to endure individual injury.’
Pattinson Brewer is one of those ‘Blame Direct’ law firms which claims on its website; ‘We have been champions of equity since 1890’. They work on a ‘no-win, no-fee’ basis, be that as it may this specific guarantee is being endorsed by the Police Federation.
If this activity is successful, everybody who calls the police in future could confront being sued for harms unless they can demonstrate they have conveyed out a hazard evaluation what’s more, taken expound insurances to caution exploring officers of the potential risks on their premises.
Burglary casualties will have to mortar their homes with takes note such as: ‘Danger: Stairs’ what’s more, ‘Caution: Radiator may be hot’.
Nowhere is Britain’s incapacitating what’s more, terrifyingly costly com-pen-say-shun culture more profoundly implanted than in the police. Officers appear to spend half their time suing each other what’s more, their managers for everything from charged racial separation to institutional sexism.
But this is accepted to be the to begin with time a serving officer has sued a part of the open for wounds managed in replying a 999 call. 
WPC Jones is an particularly shocking illustration of a breed of so-called open ‘servant’ who, to alter John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s well known phrase, inquires not what she can do for her nation be that as it may what her nation can do for her.
Steve Jones, imagined at the scene of the incident, has been informed: ‘You are vicariously at risk for the careless action(s) of your servant, operator or, on the other hand representative that caused our customer to endure individual injury’
Off-duty, she’s not much of a publication young lady for the police. Noticeably overweight with unkempt hair, she looks less like a policewoman what’s more, more like one of those fierce female individuals of the ‘travelling community’ locked in in pitched fights with Trudge at illicit camps such as Dale Farm.
Norfolk Constabulary says it has no information of this case what’s more, WPC Jones is acting in a individual capacity. Yet what the for hell’s sake is the Police Organization doing backing the guarantee what’s more, uncovering itself  to ridicule?
WPC Jones, imagined on Saturday, is an particularly horrifying illustration of a breed of so-called open ‘servant’
Mind you, the Organization has an ‘ambulance chasing’ manage on its website which brags of having won more than £42?million in pay for police officers in just the past two years.
Please, please, don’t think this is just another pardon to bash the Old Bill. There are going to be bounty of serving what’s more, ex-officers who will be tossing their heads in their hands at the point when they read about the getting a handle on WPC Jones.
A couple of a long time ago, I had the respect of conveying the after-dinner discourse at the yearly jolly-up of the Metropolitan Police Resigned CID Officers’ Association.
I was simply the bolster act for Mrs Thatcher, who was there as visitor of respect to display dauntlessness decorations to three youthful officers.
Sergeant Stephen Hayter what’s more, Constables Michael Carroll what’s more, Richard Cousins gambled their lives to handle what’s more, incapacitate two shooters in North London, indeed despite the fact that they themselves were unarmed.
What must they make of this chancer bringing their calling into disrepute? WPC Jones isn’t fit to wear the same uniform as appropriate coppers who put their lives on the line to ensure the public.
Heroism at the point when requested is part of the work description. That, what’s more, an commendable sense of duty, is why a part of youthful men what’s more, ladies join up in the to start with place. They don’t move toward becoming police officers to fill their boots by suing theft casualties since they’ve stumbled on  a step.
This sort of quarrelsome conduct was enlivened by the Wellbeing what’s more, Security Official which indicted two previous Met Chiefs after a copper fell to his demise pursuing a suspect over a roof. 
The activity failed, mercifully, yet I can keep in mind the previous Met supervisor John Stevens — otherwise known as Skipper Beaujolais — telling me that in the event that it had succeeded the work of policing would be nigh-on impossible.
Elsewhere recently there was another police story which too appeared to be an April Trick spoof.
Barnet Police, in North London, have sent more than 300 bundles of blooms to theft what’s more, theft victims, at a cost of £25 a pop, to ‘soften the blow’.
Needless to say, most of the beneficiaries are unimpressed. They just need the robbers nicked.

Burglary discovery rates in Barnet are as low as 12 per cent.
On Friday, the front page of the nearby Barnet paper was overwhelmed by reports of challenges against the conclusion of two police stations in the borough. Possibly they’re being given over to Interflora.
I do trust the bundles were appropriately marked ‘Danger: May Cause Asthma’.
When the delicate WPC Jones has wrapped up suing the carport proprietor maybe she ought to apply for a less risky work in a florist’s. She’s obviously not cut out to be  a copper.
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