Heartache of the wife dumped by our man in Kabul: Envoy ‘has baby with lover’

By Robert Verkaik for The Mail on Sunday
Updated: 22:11 BST, 14 January 2012
Shaker Aamer with daughter, Johninh, (left) what’s more, child Michael. He claims an MI5 officer was display at the point when he was tortured
Detectives are to fly out to Guantanamo Narrows to meet a English man over new torment claims against MI5.
Scotland Yard has inquired the US specialists for authorization to visit the 43-year-old English prisoner who asserts that an MI5 officer was show at the point when he was seriously ambushed by a group of interrogators.
Shaker Aamer, the last remaining Briton at the US maritime base in Cuba, has been held without trial for more than ten a long time after his catch in Afghanistan in 2001.
His assertions are the most genuine to be leveled at the Security Benefit what’s more, incorporate claims that a English investigator was show at the point when Mr Aamer’s head was more than once slammed against a wall. 
Previous cases against MI5 what’s more, MI6, the Mystery Insight Service, have as it were included charges that English officers sent insight to their US partners to help in the cross examination of UK suspects held in unlawful detention.
Last week, Scotland Yard what’s more, the Crown Arraignment Benefit reported that they had cleared MI5 what’s more, MI6 officers over charges of complicity in torment in two discrete cases. Yet in new charges Mr Aamer has told his legal counselor that amid his asserted torment at an American detainment camp in Afghanistan, a man with a English emphasize presented himself as ‘John’ what’s more, said he was from MI5.
The point by point charges are set out in a letter sent to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Bernard Hogan-Howe. Mr Aamer says: ‘Once, after a maybe a couple days of sleep  deprivation, they took me to the cross examination room what’s more, the insight group begun coming, one after another, what’s more, the room was full, up to ten or, on the other hand more.

One of them, a English MI5 agent, was standing what’s more, they begun talking to me in unique dialects – English, French, Arabic – what’s more, shouting.’
He alleges: ‘I begun yelling with them what’s more, after that I do not know what happened. All I know is that I felt somebody get my head what’s more, begin beating my head into the back divider – so hard that my head was bouncing. What’s more, they were yelling that they would slaughter me or, then again I would die.’

Mr Aamer, who came to the UK  from Saudi Arabia in 1996, says that amid his detainment in Afghanistan he was mishandled in extraordinary ways.
This included having his wrists what’s more, lower legs shackled. He too asserts he was sexually attacked what’s more, his family debilitated by the interrogators.

Binyam Mohamed, the UK occupant discharged from Guantanamo in February 2009, has hitched what’s more, settled in southern England.
Mr Mohamed, an Ethiopian who moved to London as a teenager, was caught in Pakistan in 2002 what’s more, ‘rendered’ by the CIA to Morocco, where he endured 18 months of awful manhandle some time recently his exchange to Guantanamo.

MI5 provided his investigative specialists with questions while he was being tortured.

Yesterday another ex-prisoner, Moazzam Begg said that Mr Mohamed, 33, hitched a English Muslim lady in 2009 what’s more, had been working as a builder.

Mr Begg said all 17 UK-based previous detainees endured mental damage.
He claims there was a second meet with a ‘uniformed’ MI5 officer who talked with an English emphasize what’s more, wore a red beret what’s more, a uniform.

Mr Aamer asserts that  a third MI5 officer, who too called himself ‘John’, gone by him in  Guantanamo after he was exchanged there in February 2002.
The US specialists have charged Mr Aamer of being a part of  Al Qaeda, yet he says he was doing philanthropy work at the point when he was caught in Afghanistan.

He has never been charged with any offense what’s more, has been cleared by the US for release.
A senior Whitehall source said: ‘It is a extremely clear what’s more, long built up guideline that the Security Benefit does not torment or, on the other hand abuse people, nor does it request or, then again intrigue with others to torment or, then again abuse individuals on its behalf.’
Scotland Yard would not remark on the case.
A representative for the US International safe haven said: ‘Discussions with respect to this case are ongoing. We perceive the significance of this case, what’s more, take it extremely seriously.’

The legal counselor speaking to Shaker Aamer, the last English detainee at Guantanamo Bay, has been restricted by a US military board from sharing notes made on a visit to the camp with Remote Secretary William Hague.
Clive Stafford Smith is due to meet Mr Hague at the end of this month to talk about his client’s long-delayed release. Last Wednesday, nonetheless – the tenth commemoration of the day the to begin with group of prisoners arrived at the camp from Afghanistan – Mr Stafford Smith found their exchanges would be subject to the difficult restriction.
The lawyer, who is moreover the chief of human rights gathering Reprieve, made 37 pages of notes on a visit to Guantanamo seven weeks ago, at the point when he spent a few hours with 43-year-old Mr Aamer.
Detainees wear orange bounce suits at Guantanamo Inlet in 2002, the year after Aamer was confined there. They can’t hear, see or, on the other hand smell anything
Mr Hague has more than once told the Americans he underpins Mr Aamer’s offer for freedom.
But under the rules representing Guantanamo lawyers, Mr Stafford Smith had to submit the notes to a ‘privilege audit team’ (PRT) named by the US military, which has the control to decide regardless of whether they can be unveiled to any third party.
Now the group has ruled that they can’t, asserting that to share them with the Remote Secretary of  America’s nearest partner is ‘not a authentic lawful goal’.
The choice has cleared out Mr Stafford Smith bewildered what’s more, appalled. ‘There isn’t a single word here which could remotely be depicted as sensitive,’ he  said last night. ‘Unfortunately, it’s as it were as well typical of everything that’s happened over the decade since Guantanamo opened.’
But he has little decision other than to comply. If  Mr Stafford Smith chosen to disregard the PRT’s ban, he would hazard finishing up as a detainee himself.
In the long history of the gathered ‘special relationship’ between America what’s more, Britain, nothing has caused more long-standing erosion than Guantanamo – once significantly depicted as a ‘legal dark hole’ by the previous Law Lord, Master Steyn.
Over the years, The Mail on  Sunday has diagrammed numerous dubious episodes, as well as uncovering confirm of the complicity of  the UK’s security what’s more, insight services, in both the early choices to send prisoners to Guantanamo what’s more, their interrogation.
Despite an declaration by  President Obama three years  back that the camp would close by January 2010, there is no sign that this source of US-UK erosion is ever going to be removed.
At the end of last year, he marked the Barrier Approval Act, a new law that adequately makes Guantanamo permanent, what’s more, for the to start with time permits not only  outsiders be that as it may moreover American nationals to be confined without trial there indefinitely.
It moreover makes it much harder for any of the remaining 171 prisoners, Mr Aamer included, ever to be released. Under its terms, some time recently liberating a Guantanamo prisoner, the US protection secretary must actually guarantee that he will submit no future psychological oppressor crime.

None of the nine English nationals what’s more, eight UK occupants discharged from Guantanamo to date has been captured or, on the other hand charged with a psychological oppressor offence, yet as Mr Stafford Smith focuses out, requiring an official not as it were to anticipate the future, yet to be held responsible on the off chance that he gets it wrong, sets a standard that looks essentially inconceivable to meet.
It is asserted that Mr Aamer battled close by Osama receptacle Laden, be that as it may he has continuously denied this
It isn’t hard to get it his frustration. Mr Aamer is a Saudi who moved to London in 1996. He worked as an Arabic interpreter what’s more, hitched a English lady with whom he has four youngsters – the last of whom, a kid named Faris, was conceived the day he arrived at Guantanamo on February 14, 2002.

His wife, Zin, who lives in Battersea, South-West London, has pledged that she will hold up for him until he returns.
Although it was once guaranteed at a Guantanamo tribunal that he had battled with Osama Container Loaded at the holes of Tora Bora, Mr Aamer has continuously denied this, saying he went to Afghanistan in 2001 to work for a Saudi charity.

The US specialists – who have never charged him – showed up to perceive a few a long time back that the confirm against  Mr Aamer, determined from the cross examination of another Guantanamo prisoner, is unreliable. They have twice cleared him for release, in 2007 what’s more, once more in 2009.
SO WHY has he not come home? The reason is that in spite of Britain’s eagerness to acknowledge him, what’s more, his family ties in London, the US has expressed it will send him as it were to Saudi Arabia – where, crucially, he would be denied get to to journalists.
Friends say his account might well demonstrate to be damaging. Concurring to Moazzam Begg, who was liberated from Guantanamo in 2005 what’s more, shared  a house with him in Afghanistan,  ‘he is an to a great degree expressive what’s more, energetic man who would be capable to give a convincing account of his claim treatment’.
Mr Aamer would too be capable to shed light on one of the darkest  scenes in Guantanamo’s dinky history – the asserted suicide, on a single night in June 2006, of three Saudi prisoners. I had individual encounter of the freeze that cleared the Pentagon in its wake.
On the day after news of the passings broke, I was about to board a plane to Guantanamo from Kingston in Jamaica on benefit of The Mail on Sunday, as it were to be told minutes some time recently takeoff that I could not travel as my leeway to arrive at Guantanamo had suddenly been revoked.

Subsequent discharges of inward US reports have raised genuine questions as to what truly happened.
How the Mail on Sunday detailed on Guantanamo in 2002
Two a long time ago, Columbia Law School teacher Scott Horton uncovered in an award-winning article that three men were found hanging in their cells with their hands tied behind their backs.
All were moreover wearing fabric veils and, despite the fact that Guantanamo detainees are not permitted to wear socks, the three men had socks stuffed down their throats.
At the time their bodies were found, they had been experiencing cross examination at a mystery office off the fundamental base – as had Mr Aamer, who has told his legal counselors that while he was being questioned, tied to a chair, his aviation route was blocked.
‘He may have basic testimony,’ Prof Horton said. ‘I am certain this is the reason they will not let him develop anyplace where he would be permitted to talk in public.’
Thanks to Guantanamo’s lawful dark hole, truth remains obscure, as it has presently for a decade.
‘America is still sending an  subjective approach to equity that the rest of the humanized world halted utilizing in the 18th Century,’ said Mr Stafford Smith.
‘I am starting to ponder on the off chance that it’s ever going to end.’
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