Money? It’s just the icing on the cake

By Ron Ullah
Updated: 22:20 BST, 16 October 2010

Moving around the lavish relax in our first-class suite was getting to be a problem, not minimum since of the sacks on the floor with tens of thousands of dollars spilling out of them.

We had to move the packs aside in the event that we needed to get to our bar supplied with champagne – or, then again indeed to walk on to our overhang to observe the sun setting over the Caribbean.
The voyage transport The Charm Of The Oceans was our home for two weeks what’s more, I had just overseen to win $43,000 – around £27,000 – on the roulette wheel. Be that as it may this was just spending cash to us now. 
Rich life: Ron meets on-screen character Joanna Lumley after his lottery win. He expected a life of luxury, yet says that true bliss is having a reason in life
Just weeks beforehand, my spouse Ann what’s more, I had won £5 million on the lottery what’s more, chosen that after a lifetime spent seeking after extraordinary business dreams, we merited a taste of heaven what’s more, a new start.

When we returned from our occasion in early 2003, we gave our most later business away to a companion as we expected driving a life of relaxation what’s more, luxury.

So why, seven a long time later, do I find myself getting up at 5am each day to drive for two hours to my new shop where I spend 12 hours making cakes what’s more, managing with customers? Since I have figured it out that true joy rests in having a reason in life. I have never been happier, indeed in the event that companions question my sanity.

The peculiar thing is that I was never much of a gambler. My father squandered away most of his cash in the bookmakers while my mother what’s more, I went short – an encounter which cleared out me with a deep rooted fear of getting to be destitute.
At the point when I begun to raise my claim family with Ann, I was decided my youngsters would never endure in the same way. By the late Seventies, I had fabricated up a development firm in London with 120 workers and, at slightest on paper, I was a mogul with a sports auto what’s more, a taste for extraordinary holidays.

‘We have put the £5 million in a reserve funds account,’ he told me. ‘The free change has gone into your current account.’
‘What free change?’ I asked.
‘The £187,000 cleared out over.’

But indeed at that point I figured it out that riches brought problems. It made obstructions what’s more, individuals we had known for a long time no longer knew how to relate to us – or, on the other hand us to them. It feels boastful, for instance, to entertain them with stories from your five-star occasion in Barbados at the point when they are fortunate to have been to Benidorm.

Ironically, we would recoup these companions before long enough. At the point when Margaret Thatcher came to control what’s more, the retreat started to bite, my firm went into liquidation. Before long I was diminished to offering everything, counting our house in North London. I overseen to raise a unimportant £17,000, which together with a bank loan, was enough to purchase a little general store from a Mr Patel. It didn’t happen to me that on the off chance that a watchful Indian businessperson was offering a shop, there had to be a reason.

Within weeks I figured it out I had made a genuine mistake. Fortunately, I overseen to offer the business, yet at a misfortune and, saddled with debt, we had to move to Southend. I was running out of thoughts speedier than my credit.

Wondering what to do next, I figured it out the one thing that had sold well at the general store was sandwiches, so Ann what’s more, I chosen to target the lunch market. Working from home, we fabricated up a great business be that as it may by the mid-Nineties we knew there had to be more to life than cooking 40 chickens what’s more, bubbling 200 eggs each day to make sandwich fillings. At the point when a companion reported he was shutting his cake shop in Basildon, I chosen to attempt my hand at this. 

It was a success, be that as it may destiny was to mediate in 1997 at the point when I was analyzed with heart issues – I required fourfold sidestep surgery. Yet I couldn’t step away from work for as well long since we had to keep the business going.
However, in October 2002, our fortunes changed once more in the most unbelievable way. I had played the National Lottery from the begin what’s more, continuously utilized the same six numbers – 11, 26, 36, 43, 44 what’s more, 46.
I once in a while observed the draw on Television yet on this specific Wednesday I was alone at home at the point when I taken note it was on. Ann came home from shopping, what’s more, at the point when we checked the numbers against those on our tickets – we had 16 lines in add up to – I went cold. After twofold what’s more, triple-checking, there was no question about it – we had won the jackpot. At the point when the news was affirmed by lottery administrator Camelot, we just sat there stunned.

Needless to say, companions what’s more, family think I am crazy. ‘You’ve all the cash in the world what’s more, you’re going back to work?’

Eventually we met up with our individual director at Coutts, the bank designated by Camelot to offer assistance big stake winners. ‘We have put the £5 million in a reserve funds account,’ he told me. ‘The free change has gone into your current account.’
‘What free change?’ I asked.

‘The £187,000 cleared out over.’

At that point the intrigue alone came to £15,000 per month.

Lottery champs are eminent for their extravagances. I was blameworthy as well at to begin with – at the point when you all of a sudden have £5 million in the bank, I oppose anybody to stand up to sprinkling out. I purchased a 45ft cruiser for £217,000, what’s more, another one for £110,000. We bought property in Britain, Cyprus, Florida what’s more, Mexico, what’s more, went to fabulous occasions where we met stars such as Joanna Lumley.

Ann what’s more, I had our house totally renovated what’s more, we fabricated a diversions room, rec center what’s more, stables. We too purchased two horses, a new Puma what’s more, a Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph. Ann presently drives a Arrive Wanderer Freelander – she as a matter of fact needed a humble Peugeot 206 yet I refused.

More importantly, we purchased houses what’s more, autos for our two little girls what’s more, their families. I have not showered them with cash yet I have the comfort of knowing they are set up for life.

Hard worker: Ron still works 12-hour days in his Ipswich cake shop, something that gives him colossal pleasure
The summer after our win, two companions what’s more, I took my 45ft watercraft to Cyprus by means of Marmaris in Turkey. Each year a while later I would spend a few months at our extravagance estate in Cyprus.

Yet a maybe a couple a long time back I started to feel dissatisfied. The truth is that at the point when you win cash on this scale you fall into denial. You think that since you have money, you must be happy. Be that as it may as you sit there in your villa, the thought flashes through your mind: ‘If I had not won the lottery I would be working now.’ In the event that you delighted in working, you have a issue – what’s more, I had truly delighted in my job.
It unfolded on me that I had lost my sense of reason in life. I had worked from the minute I cleared out school. Presently I started to lament not keeping an intrigue in the cake-making business we had given away.
Ann was snappy to take note I was in the doldrums. At the point when I clarified why, she empowered me to look after our properties abroad. Be that as it may it wasn’t enough. ‘You utilized to cherish making cakes,’ she said eventually. ‘Why not open a shop?’

Carousel, our shop in Ipswich, opened last year what’s more, I have not looked back. Making cakes gives me colossal pleasure. What’s more, I am back to working 12-hour days.

Needless to say, companions what’s more, family think I am crazy. ‘You’ve all the cash in the world what’s more, you’re going back to work?’ my niece wheezed at the point when she was told the news. Be that as it may she doesn’t understand: I have to. Cash isn’t a rousing factor. Much obliged to sensible investments, my net worth has expanded to £6.5 million.
I am 65 – how numerous more a long time have I got? I need to utilize them well, not waste them. What’s more, one thing my age has educated me is that you require a sense of reason to get the most from life.

Money changes the individuals around you yet it too changes you and, in both cases, not fundamentally for the better. We still have our close companions yet we have moreover lost a few who can’t come to terms with our wealth.
Ann what’s more, I have gotten endless asking letters what’s more, individuals we had lost contact with a long time prior have phenomenally reappeared. We utilized to be close to a flawless chap who worked at a nearby Indian eatery some time recently we lost touch. As of late he called me what’s more, said he had fallen on hard times. At the point when he inquired in the event that he could visit, I inquired why. Sadly, the reply was all as well predictable. ‘If I lent cash to everybody who inquired I’d have nothing left,’ I said. Like numerous lottery winners, I’ve made the botch of loaning cash to individuals what’s more, have never seen them – or, on the other hand the cash – again.

A maybe a couple months ago, another companion inquired me to give £140,000 to a neighbor of his. ‘But I don’t indeed know the man,’ I said.
‘It is nothing to you,’ my companion said. ‘Is this your last word?’
At the point when I said ‘yes’, he hammered the telephone down.
It’s a stun to see your companions acting like that. Frankly, I can do without these people. The key to bliss is your family what’s more, a sense of reason – both of which I am fortunate enough to have. I won’t imagine cash doesn’t help, yet it’s not the be-all what’s more, end-all: it’s just the icing on the cake.
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