Is this ‘ghost ship’ spotted by satellite the yacht that vanished in storm with crew of six Americans and one Briton?

By Ryan Gorman what’s more, Michael Zennie what’s more, Day by day Mail Journalists what’s more, Becky Evans
Published: 22:02 BST, 6 October 2013 | Updated: 05:24 BST, 8 October 2013

Captured: Delta Compel commandoes pulled al-Qaeda psychological oppressor Abu Anas al-Libi off the boulevards of Tripoli after a 15-year manhunt
America’s ‘Most Wanted’ man has been seized by a group of Delta Compel commandos after they trapped his car, crushed its windows what’s more, dragged him into a dark Mercedes in a emotional day break strike on his home in Libya.
Abu Anas al-Libi was getting out of his auto in Tripoli after early-morning supplications on Saturday at the point when three vehicles shrieked to a end around him what’s more, a few veiled men equipped with handguns jumped out, his family said.
Libyan Islamic fanatics have today pledged to retaliate for al-Libi’s capture.

In scenes befitting a Hollywood activity thriller, the 49-year-old al-Qaeda pioneer was pulled from the driver’s situate as a pack was push over his head some time recently he was packaged into one of the blacked-out what’s more, unplated vehicles what’s more, vivacious away.
‘I saw the autos stop him. They took his gun what’s more, at that point they put a pack on his head what’s more, pushed him into a car,’ his spouse told the Every day Telegraph.

Within a matter of seconds the commandos were gone what’s more, their target on his way to confront equity for a string of worldwide violations that have cleared out a $5million abundance on his head.
Following the seizure of Al-Libi, The Progressives of Benghazi, al-Bayda what’s more, Darna impugned the hijacking what’s more, promised repercussions.
The explanation read ‘this disgraceful act will cost the Libyan government a lot.’
The urban areas of Benghazi, Bayda what’s more, Darna are fortresses of Islamic fanatics who are conveying out political deaths focusing on political activists, judges what’s more, individuals of security agencies.
‘We owe it to God to battle whoever double-crossed his nation what’s more, included in this conspiracy,’ the gathering said.

His brother, Nahir, said al-Libi’s spouse saw the grabbing from her window what’s more, portrayed the abductors as foreign-looking outfitted ‘commandos.’

However, his child afterward told a nearby TV channel: ‘The gathering that snatched my father were Libyan, not American. They came in two autos what’s more, a transport with blacked out windows what’s more, no number plates. They talked with Tripoli accents.’
He depicted how the shooters conveyed handguns fitted with silencers what’s more, yelled ‘get out, get out’ in Arabic, at that point dragged Al-Libi onto the hood of his auto as he shouted ‘what’s going on?’

Al-Libi was rapidly flown out of Libya what’s more, is likely to be removed to New York to stand trial for making a difference to engineer the 1998 U.S. International safe haven bombarding in Nairobi, Kenya.

Twin raids: American unique operations troops propelled attacks just hours separated in Somalia what’s more, Libya. The Libya strike was successful, the Naval force SEALs in Somalia were pushed back by solid resistance
Al-Libi’s children Abdullah al-Raghie what’s more, Abdul Moheman al-Raghie, point out where a guard of Delta Compel commandos halted their father what’s more, took him into custody
U.S. Naval force SEALS attempted to catch a Kenyan aggressor who had plotted to assault his country’s parliament what’s more, the Joined together Countries base camp in Nairobi in a fizzled pre-dawn raid.
The target, Abdulkadir Mohamed Abdulkadir, who is too known as Ikrima, is accepted to have gotten away what’s more, was not slaughtered or, then again caught in the attack in Somalia, concurring to a Kenyan government knowledge report.

In an inward report by Kenya’s National Insight Service, the gotten away target Abdulkadir is recorded as the lead organizer of a plot endorsed by al-Qaida’s center initiative in Pakistan to convey out different assaults in Kenya in late 2011 what’s more, early 2012.
The Related Press has beforehand detailed that those attacks, connected to the Somali Islamic fanatic gathering al-Shabab, were disrupted.

On Saturday Naval force SEAL Group Six – the same unit that slaughtered Osama container Ladin – were quietly swimming aground outside the estate of an al-Shabab pioneer in Baraawe, Somalia, a beach front fortress for the al-Qaeda-backed psychological oppressor group.

But as they came onto the beach, the compel came under substantial fire from Somali aggressors what’s more, were driven back in a wild gunfight that endured up to an hour.
It is accepted that strike was conveyed out in reaction to al-Shabab’s Westgate shopping center slaughter in Nairobi, Kenya, which cleared out more than 60 regular people dead two weeks ago.

In shades of Dark Sell Down, a sad U.S. military operation in Somalia’s capital 20 a long time ago, the SEALs experienced essentially heavier resistance than they expected what’s more, were driven back after the firefight. At slightest one al-Shabab aggressor was killed.

Abdul Moheman al-Raghie, bottom, what’s more, Nabih al-Raghie (top) talked about the minute the needed psychological oppressor was grabbed off the street
Al-Libi, whose genuine name is Nazih Abdulhamed al-Ruqaie, has been on the FBI’s ‘Most Wanted’ list for more than a decade. He was prosecuted by government prosecutors in 2000 what’s more, has sidestepped catch for 15 years.
Abdullah al-Raghie, al-Libi’s 19-year-old son, said veiled men encompassed al-Libi what’s more, broke out his window. They seized his weapon what’s more, constrained him into a dark Mercedes.
Al-Libi’s brother, Nabih, called the attack ‘an act of piracy.’
American authorities said they told the Libyan government about the attack in Tripoli, yet Prime Serve Ali Zeidan has said he was never educated about the operation. He issued a explanation requesting an clarification of the raid.
He called the catch of al-Libi a ‘kidnapping’ what’s more, said he ought to have been attempted in Libya.
U.S. Protection Secretary Hurl Hagel said recently that al-Libi was in U.S. custody.
Speaking on condition of anonymity, a U.S. official commonplace with the case said afterward that al-Libi was taken on board a U.S. warship for questioning.
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry today guarded the catch of al-Libi, saying objections about the operation from Libya what’s more, others are unfounded.
Kerry said the suspect was a ‘legal what’s more, suitable target’ for the U.S. military what’s more, will confront equity in a court of law. Kerry included it was vital not to ‘sympathize’ with needed terrorists.
‘I trust the recognition is in the world that individuals who submit acts of fear what’s more, who have been suitably prosecuted by courts of law, by the legitimate process, will know that Joined together States of America is going to do anything in its control that is legitimate what’s more, fitting in arrange to implement the law what’s more, to ensure our security,’ Kerry told columnists after meeting with Russian Remote Serve Sergey Lavrov.
‘Members of al-Qaida what’s more, other fear monger associations truly can run yet they can’t hide,’ he added.

Al-Libi had a $5million cost on his head after he was prosecuted by government prosecutors in 2000. He is accepted to have recommended bombarding the Nairobi international safe haven what’s more, performed reconnaissance in progress of the attack.
The twin bombings of the U.S. consulates in Kenya what’s more, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, slaughtered 224 people, counting 12 Americans, what’s more, harmed more than 4,0000 in Regal 1998. Al-Qaeda, under the initiative of Osama container Laden, conveyed out the assaults in reaction to the American peacekeeping mission in Mogadishu, Somalia.

No U.S. troops were inured in either raid.

An harmed man is evacuated from the destruction after an blast close the U.S. International safe haven in Nairobi in 1998. Abu Anas al-Libi is accepted to have recommended bombarding the government office what’s more, performed reconnaissance in progress of the attack.

FBI operators look for confirm through the U.S. International safe haven in Nairobi debris. The bomb impact asserted the lives of at minimum 247 individuals what’s more, harmed almost 5,000 – an assault Abu Anas al-Libi is accepted to have been included in coordinating

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The combine of brave operations in Africa, conveyed out by the best-equipped what’s more, most intensely prepared commandos in the Joined together States, come a week what’s more, a half after al-Shabab fear mongers butchered 67 individuals amid a slaughter at the upscale Westgate shopping shopping center in Nairobi.

They were too arranged as President Barack Obama’s believability in the world has taken a emotional hit. A stop in Congress has close down the government government. He was too constrained to invert course his position of propelling rocket assaults on Syria after the English pulled back their bolster what’s more, Russia proposed obliterating the country’s concoction weapons stockpiles.

Secretary of State John Kerry, going to a meeting in Bali, Indonesia, trumpeted the raids, saying ‘members of al-Qaeda what’s more, other fear monger associations actually can run be that as it may they can’t hide.’

It has been revealed that the Somali compound that was assaulted once was home to Sheik Ahmed Abdi Godane, a top pioneer of al-Shabab

He added: ‘We trust that this makes clear that the Joined together States of America will never stop in it’s exertion to hold those responsible who direct acts of terror.’
The town of Baraawe, about 110 miles south of Mogadishu, was the last known home of Ahmed Abdi Godane. He is the pioneer of al-Shabaab, the fear gathering that asserted obligation for the assault on a shopping center in Nairobi that slaughtered more than 60 regular citizens between September 21 what’s more, 24.
An anonymous Somali government official said a Chechen part of the fear gathering was the target what’s more, he was harmed what’s more, his watch slaughtered in the attack.
According to The Guardian, a Somalian radio station named the revolt as Abu Diyad, too known as Abu Ciyad.

Baraawe police have assessed the number of dead to be seven.
SEAL Group Six assaulted a beachfront house, where high-level individuals of al Shabaab were known to stay, precisely two weeks after the Westgate Shopping center Attack. They drawn nearer some time recently dawn, utilizing silencers to suffocate out their weapons, yet the operation before long turned into an open firefight as the Somali soldiers locked in them, concurring to reports.

As numerous as 12 al-Shabaab warriors were remaining there at the time of the attack some time recently heading to a mission abroad. The fight kept going no longer than 20 minutes, agreeing to a US official. There were no American casualties.
After the fight, an al-Shabaab representative said it was English what’s more, Turkish powers who attacked the home, yet both nations rapidly denied their involvement. US authorities have since affirmed Naval force SEALS took part in the brave assault.

Kenyan attack: Observation film from the Westgate Shopping center appears one of the psychological oppressors included in the assault that murdered 60 customers last month

A representative for the fear monger association at first revealed one part of their gathering was killed

‘Westerners in water crafts assaulted our base at Baraawe shoreline what’s more, one was martyred from our side,” an al-Shabaab representative told Reuters.

‘No planes or, on the other hand helicopters took part in the fight. The assailants cleared out weapons, medication what’s more, stains of blood, we pursued them.’
Al-Shabaab activists fixed

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