Fire rips through popular Melbourne restaurant Donovans causing more than $400,000 worth of damage

By Sarah Dignitary for Every day Mail Australia what’s more, Aap
Published: 23:10 BST, 24 Regal 2014 | Updated: 10:55 BST, 25 Regal 2014
A fire has tore through a famous internal Melbourne restaurant, driving the clearing of coffee shops what’s more, causing more than $400,000 worth of damage.

About 50 individuals were getting a charge out of supper at Donovans Restaurant, St Kilda, at the point when the fire broke out in its rooftop above the kitchen on Sunday evening.
Owners Gail what’s more, Kevin Donovan purchased the eatery in 1995.
‘I have completely no thought how the fire started, it’s totally bizarre,’ Ms Donovan told the Proclaim Sun.

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Metropolitan Fire Unit (MFB) firefighters said no one was harmed what’s more, they were capable bring it under control in 50 minutes.

They halted it from spreading.

The harm charge is more than $400,000 what’s more, its cause is being investigated, A MFB articulation said.
The site of Donovans was one of three unique showering houses manufactured in 1920 on the St Kilda foreshore.

A passer-by purportedly spotted smoke coming from the restaurant’s rooftop what’s more, alarmed staff.

Chef Andrew Craig said: ‘We didn’t indeed know it had happened until one of the hold up staff saw the blazes what’s more, smoke coming from outside the restaurant.’
Ms Donovan guaranteed to revamp her business what’s more, added: ‘We cherish it what’s more, worship it, what’s more, ideally the harm will all just be internal.’
MFB Administrator Bruce Pickthall told 3AW radio: ‘They’re arranged to make Donovan’s greater what’s more, better than it was what’s more, gratefully St Kilda has still got one of its famous buildings.
‘It will come back. It will be exchanging in no time.’
The fire at Donovans comes after the notorious Stokehouse restaurant, on St Kilda beach, was too wrecked by a fire in January this year.
Around 200 clients were constrained to escape what’s more, more than 70 firefighters combat for three hours to control the blaze.

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