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By Sarah Johnson
Published: 20:28 BST, 12 November 2012 | Updated: 07:58 BST, 13 November 2012
Guilty: Christine Monsheimer was condemned to 18 months in prison
A mother of one has been condemned to 18 months in jail for assaulting another lady with a glass what’s more, cutting her confront after she knock into her while utilizing a dance club move pole.
Christine Monsheimer’s casualty will be ‘marked for life’ after she was cleared out with a cut that extended from her top lip to the base of her chin.
She had to have 17 lines to her confront after Monsheimer pushed a tumbler into her confront at the point when she knock into her on the move floor.

Unemployed Monsheimer, 25, of Kirk Hallam in Derbyshire, argued blameworthy to injuring the lady in the Advertise Motel in Ilkeston, on February 25.
At Nottingham Crown Court, Judge Philip Head told her: ‘There is as well much bar brutality what’s more, the courts take it extremely seriously.
‘You put a check on somebody’s confront what’s more, after surgery it is likely she’ll be checked by what you did for the rest of her life.’
James Hett, prosecuting, said the casualty was a bar client what’s more, started to utilize the post on the move floor at the point when she incidentally knock into Monsheimer.
He included that a male client saw the incident.
He said: ‘After the to begin with incidental collision, he was frightful of the defendant’s resulting reaction ought to the episode recur.
‘When the match impacted again, Monsheimer pushed her in the chest, at that point tossed the substance of her glass into the woman’s face.

‘The two attempted to hit each other, obviously without success.
‘The episode finished with the respondent intentionally pushing the glass she was holding towards the complainant. It came into contact with her confront what’s more, the tumbler broke.’
The casualty was treated at the Queen’s Restorative Focus where she gotten stitches, yet follow-up treatment will be needed.
Monsheimer’s victim, whose confront was cut with a glass, unintentionally knock into her on the move floor of The Showcase Motel in Ilkeston (pictured)
Mr Hett said: ‘She was traumatised what’s more, felt she had been mutilated.
‘She has been hesitant to take off her home address ever since what’s more, found it troublesome to go to exercises in public.
‘She feels discouraged what’s more, no longer feels safe to go into Ilkeston what’s more, has trouble sleeping.’
David Outterside, mitigating, said: ‘This was unpardonable behaviour.
‘She wishes to say too bad to her casualty for what she has done what’s more, the best articulation of that is her blameworthy plea.’
The judge at Nottingham Crown Court (pictured) said there was ‘too much bar brutality what’s more, the courts take it extremely seriously’
He said she had a ‘happy home’ what’s more, given dependability for her child.
Her mother was looking after children on the night of the offence, the court was told.
Monsheimer had been drinking yet was ‘not intensely intoxicated’, he said.
Mr Outterside told the judge she is ‘not an upsetting character’ what’s more, included that Monsheimer was startled of the prospect of jail.
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