Drug-fuelled thugs branded two men with hot knives while filming the attack on mobile phones

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Fall: Richard Hollingsworth Dyne Knox dove more than 150ft at a magnificence spot known as the Vallone dei Mulini (Valley of the Mills) in Italy
A English man has passed on from his wounds after falling more than 150ft as he went for a walk with companions along a beautiful cliffside Italian magnificence spot.
Richard Hollingsworth Dyne Knox, 27, endured deadly wounds after he lost his balance while retuning home to a youth inn he was remaining at with four companions just hours after they arrived on holiday.
His three buddies raised the alert what’s more, fire teams what’s more, mountain save groups were rapidly at the scene yet it took three hours to pull him up from the mountain side since it was dull what’s more, the region was dangerous.
The disaster happened in the southern Italian resort of Sorrento, a town famous with English holidaymakers what’s more, at a excellence spot known as the Vallone dei Mulini (Valley of the Mills).
Once the man was brought to the surface he was surged to Sorrento’s Misericordia Healing center where specialists performed crisis surgery what’s more, an operation to expel his spleen which had been harmed what’s more, at first specialists what’s more, police said he was in a genuine yet not life debilitating condition.
However late recently evening – twelve hours after he fell what’s more, less than day after he arrived clinic authorities reported he had passed on after his condition had significantly declined due to inward injuries.
A police representative in Naples who was reached some time recently he passed on said: ‘He was with three companions what’s more, he fell over the side into the Valley of the Mills.

‘He fell about 50m what’s more, it took firecrews what’s more, mountain save three hours to safeguard him.
‘He was remaining locally at a youth inn with three of his companions what’s more, at the point when he was taken to healing facility he was conceded to the working theater where he had his spleen removed.
‘As far as I know his condition is genuine be that as it may not life threatening. We are exploring how the mishap happened what’s more, will be talking to his friends. From what they had told us they as it were arrived on Sunday.’
Surgery: Mr Hollingsworth Dyne Knox was treated at Sorrento’s Misericordia Healing center for wounds to his spleen be that as it may afterward died
The gathering had checked into the Le Sirene lodging on Sunday evening what’s more, at that point gone straight into the town – Italian media revealed that Mr Knox, from London, lost his balance after he had been drinking.
A assistant at the Le Sirene said:’I checked them in at the point when they arrived. I can’t accept it. I’m so shocked. They were all upbeat what’s more, looking forward to their holiday.
‘They were gathered to remain here for three days what’s more, at that point move on. The others who were with him are not here at the moment, they are in the hospital.
‘No-one knows what happened exactly. From what I have heard he lost his balance what’s more, at that point fell 50metres at the Valley of the Mills. He was alive at the point when they brought him to the top yet he kicked the bucket afterward in hospital.’
Tonight a Remote Office representative said:’I can affirm the demise of a English national in Sorrento what’s more, we are advertising consular offer assistance to the next of kin.’
Consular authorities said that Mr Knox’s father had flown out to Sorrento to recognize his son’s body.
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