Care home worker stole more than 11,000 from 100-year-old woman in shocking act of ‘treachery’

By Simon Walters for The Mail on Sunday
Published: 22:04 BST, 9 June 2012 | Updated: 22:04 BST, 9 June 2012
Fears: Master Coe talking to The Mail on Sunday
Olympics boss Sebastian Coe has propelled an out­spoken assault on reality TV, caution that it could wreck Britain’s trusts of creating future Olympic champions.

Lord Coe, who won his to begin with Olympic gold in 1980, said appears such as The X Factor empower youthful individuals to think they can move toward becoming ‘famous for nothing’.

The executive of the London Arranging Advisory group of the Olympic what’s more, Paralympic Diversions (Locog) said: ‘I don’t criticize all reality TV. It recognizes talent, be that as it may it empowers individuals to think you can be a big name in six hours.

‘I joined an sports club at the point when I was 11 a long time old what’s more, didn’t get to the Olympics until I was 23.

‘We have to be cautious we don’t make a celebrity-driven culture where youthful individuals think it is better to be celebrated for nothing than be unknown for doing something creative.’

In an elite what’s more, wide-ranging meet with The Mail on Sunday, Master Coe – who remains the as it were man to win gold in the 1500m at progressive Olympics – too talked authentically about his ‘tough’ school days what’s more, the extra­ordinary impact of his late father what’s more, coach.

Sleek what’s more, thin as ever at the age of 55, wearing a pink shirt with the top two catches open what’s more, leaning back in his 23rd-floor office in London’s Canary Wharf, Master Coe looks the archetypal, well-groomed City slicker.

Fame: Simon Cowell with individual VIP judge Cheryl Cole on The X Factor
Yet he fizzled his 11-plus what’s more, his was no overlaid upbringing. ‘If you were brought up in Sheffield in the Seventies, went to an inner-city optional current what’s more, your name was Sebastian, you learned how to survive. It was tough. You learn to handle yourself.’

His steely center comes as much from his imposing father Dwindle as it does from his local city. Amid the Second World War, Dwindle Coe survived his deliver being torpedoed.

Picked up by a German boat, he afterward gotten away en course to a prisoner-of-war camp by jumping off a prepare what’s more, strolling over the Pyrenees to Spain. Yet there he was imprisoned for six months for having the off-base papers.
Years later, he had a bursting push with a bolshie sports official what’s more, his child commented: ‘You don’t startle easily.’

Peter, who passed on in 2008, replied: ‘I don’t startle at all. The last 43 a long time have been a f****** bonus.’

When Coe lost the 800m Olympic last to his incredible match Steve Ovett in 1980, his father told him – what’s more, the world’s media – he had ‘run like a ****’.

Unlike current sprouting Olym­pians, Ruler Coe’s as it were supports were his hard-up parents.

Gold rush: Master Coe leads the 1500m semi-final, taken after by Spain’s Jose Abascal, at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, where he won gold
‘It reared a hardier competitor,’ he says. ‘No competitor is going to under­perform in London since of need of funding. The National Lottery has changed the landscape.’

The words are said with feeling. However, he concedes today’s youths have more distractions.

‘When I to begin with joined an sports club, it was the center of my world. There was little Television what’s more, no PC games.’

Lord Coe too touched on the plausibility that sprinter Dwain Chambers, whose boycott on contending since of a drugs offense was toppled prior this year, could wear a GB vest at the 2012 Games.

‘I am unreconstructed on this,’ he says. ‘I would like to see a life ban. On the off chance that you take drugs to misleadingly upgrade your performance, you are venturing out of the moral structure of sport.’

Athletes on drugs who contended for the Soviet Union in Ruler Coe’s prime had an excuse, he says. ‘They had no thought they were being given drugs at the breakfast table.’

Of Chambers, Ruler Coe says: ‘If he contends he ought to get each courtesy.’

But he warns: ‘Drugs cheats ought to think extremely precisely some time recently coming to London: we have the most progressed tests in any Games. You run a genuine hazard of getting caught.’

Overturned: Dwain Chambers runs the 4×100 Hand-off in Rome last month
Turning to Britain’s shots this summer, Ruler Coe is far from certain about accomplishing the target of wrapping up fourth in the awards table, as in
Beijing, at the point when we prodded Australia into fifth put by a single bronze medal.

‘You don’t have to give the Aussies much of an pardon to get back at you. It’s in their DNA.’ He says the Germans, French, Japanese what’s more, South Koreans posture the greatest threat.

Lord Coe’s steely center is once more clear in his protection of his £357,000-a-year compensation as Locog chairman.

Lord Coe, who ventures in a chauffeur-driven BMW 7 Series, says he is worth it: on a typical day, he begins work at 7am what’s more, wraps up at midnight.

He too shields the merciless way ‘Olympic police’ have halted anybody else abusing the Games’ business potential. An East End kebab shop called ‘Olympic’ was constrained to change to ‘Lympic’.

‘I am unashamedly defensive of it,’ he avows. ‘I have to ensure the individuals who have put a part of cash into this. I am going to get this venture over the line with a adjusted financial plan so the open won’t have to pick up the bill.’

Rumours: Ruler Coe’s judo sessions with William Hague fuelled false gossipy tidbits they were gay
Lord Coe was a Tory MP from 1992 to 1997 what’s more, William Hague’s boss of staff at the point when the previous Traditionalist Party pioneer was crushed in the 2001 General Election. He moved toward becoming a peer in 2000.

His spell with Hague is best recalled for their noon judo sessions, which fuelled false gossipy tidbits that they were gay.

‘Gay?’ splutters Master Coe, in fits of laughter. ‘There was nothing abnormal about it. At the point when William moved toward becoming leader, he said to me, ‘I know how hard this work is going to be. I require to be in shape. What do I do?’ I said, ‘What sports do you like?’ He said, ‘Martial arts.”

Lord Coe orchestrated for them to wrestle on the judo mat, managed by Olympic silver medallist Beam Stevens. ‘William got up to a blue belt.’

Lord Coe has four youngsters by ex-wife, equestrian Nicola McIrvine, what’s more, had an undertaking with mold creator Vanessa Lander in the Nineties.

He hitched magazine supervisor Carole Annett, ten a long time his junior, last July.

His companions say his aspiration is to be president of the Worldwide Olympic Committee. Master Coe plays it down but, like the vigilant government official he is, does not run the show it out.

If London 2012 goes well, his certifications will be as incredible as he was on the track.
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