High flying civil servant is jailed for sexually assaulting a woman after pretending to be her knight in shining armour

By Simon Walters for The Mail on Sunday what’s more, Jason Lewis
Published: 23:17 BST, 20 April 2013 | Updated: 23:17 BST, 20 April 2013
Tony Blair’s previous boss of staff flew 3,000 miles to an oil-rich previous Soviet state run by a merciless despot to tell them how they could learn from Britain’s long history of democracy.
Jonathan Powell begun out by clarifying how Kazakhstan would be a incomprehensibly better nation on the off chance that it could have its claim Rolls-Royce-class Whitehall common benefit system, free of corruption.
But he finished up reviving an old local quarrel by propelling a individual assault on a individual previous English mandarin who thought about Mr Blair’s New Work government to Hitler’s Third Reich.
Feud: Jonathan Powell, left, revived an old household fight by propelling a individual assault on previous English mandarin Sir Richard Packer, right,  who thought about Mr Blair’s New Work government to Hitler’s Third Reich

After grumbling how hard it was to get free of troublesome common workers in Britain, Mr Powell said the Government was constrained to give a £1?million result to the official who was ‘to fault for the distraught cow  disease’ emergency in the early days of  Mr Blair’s Premiership.
He did not name the official, yet he didn’t have to: Sir Richard Packer,  lasting secretary at the Service of Farming in the late Nineties, last night said he had no question Mr Powell was alluding to him.
Mr Powell, along with Mr Blair,  has been prompting Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev in a bargain purportedly worth up to £16?million.

Kazakhstan has confronted boundless concern over human rights abuses, the treatment of the president’s political adversaries what’s more, fierceness what’s more, kill by its police force. Its common benefit is perplexed with defilement what’s more, nepotism.
Speaking at Nazarbayev’s State Administration Academy, Mr Powell told his crowd of the dictator’s apparatchiks: ‘When we came to control in 1997, there was a high-ranking official in the  Agribusiness Service who was completely responsible for the flare-up of distraught cow sickness in the country.’
Aide: Jonathan Powell is imagined with Tony Blair in 2007
According to a Kazakh news agency, Mr Powell said: ‘Nothing happened at the point when we inquired him to resign. We were told it was inconceivable to fire him what’s more, the best alternative was to advance him off this position.

‘In the end, we had to pay him £1?million worth of end fee. It is exceptionally troublesome to get free of such undesirable officials.’
Sir Richard told The Mail on Sunday: ‘I have come over reports of Jonathan Powell bad-mouthing me before. It is something he has got in his head for a few reason, I don’t know why. I might have talked to him twice.
‘It all appears extremely peculiar what’s more, is too very accurately wrong. He appears to be blaming me of being mindful for BSE. I don’t see how anybody who knew anything, which doesn’t include  Powell, could say that. The BSE report says something totally different. Mr Powell ought to check his facts.’
After clearing out his Whitehall job, Sir Richard was wildly basic of the Blair government. He told the BBC: ‘In one respect?.?.?.?[the Blair government] reminded me of the Third Reich where?.?.?.?nobody would know where extreme obligation lay.’
Last night, Sir Richard denied having gotten a £1?million payoff, saying: ‘It depends how you include it up. I was there for more than 30 a long time (and) you can make up a extremely huge figure with benefits what’s more, what have you.

‘The suggestion of the £1?million is that I was paid over what’s more, above what  I was entitled to. It was completely inside the rules. Once again, Powell’s talk is totally at difference with  the facts.’
Mr Powell was inaccessible for  comment.
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