Man given curfew after smashing windows and racially abusing staff at exclusive Mayfair members’ club

By Snejana Farberov
Published: 20:45 BST, 23 January 2013 | Updated: 20:50 BST, 23 January 2013
Jilted lover: James Bonnie, 38, was captured after police say he was gotten stalking his ex-girlfriend what’s more, bothering her over the phone
A Florida man was evidently not prepared to let go of his ex-girlfriend, so indeed after he was captured for purportedly stalking her, the suspect was decided to proceed calling the lady from jail.
James Bonnie, 38, has been charged with irritated stalking what’s more, standing up to capture for purportedly paying a visit his previous girlfriend’s house in Boca Raton Sunday after persistently bothering what’s more, undermining the lady over the phone.
‘She needs him to clear out her alone since she is anxious for her life,’ agents composed in the capture report refered to by the Sun Sentinel.
But clearly Bonnie was not prepared to call it quits, indeed from behind bars.
‘When I’m in the jail, I’m going to call her once more what’s more, have her drop the charges,’ the 38-year-old told detectives, concurring to the report. ‘I’m not going to clear out her.’   
The unidentified casualty told police that her previous lover had beaten her in the past. Bonnie has a long history of run-ins with the law, with as numerous as 18 captures dating back to 1997 on charges going from household battery to kidnapping.
On January 6, the Boca Raton inhabitant was charged with attempting to choke his ex in a fight. He entered a blameworthy supplication what’s more, was requested by a judge never to contact the lady again.
As agents met the casualty this past Sunday, Bonnie called her once more in infringement of the order.

Rap sheet: Bonnie, picture cleared out what’s more, right with his late father, has been captured at slightest 18 times since 1997 on charges like irritated battery what’s more, grabbing

According to the report, the 38-year-old man said that he needed to come over what’s more, educated her that he would arrive in 15 minutes.
Deputies, who were tuning in in on the call, went outside what’s more, held up for the determined lover to arrive. He called once more 10 minutes later, giving his scared ex-girlfriend a five-minute warning.
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True to his word, Bonnie appeared up five minutes later, be that as it may took off after seeing the agents outside the house. That is at the point when one of the officers pulled out his Taser what’s more, stunned the 38-year-old. As one shock was not enough to get Bonnie under control, he was hit with another, which halted him in his tracks.
While in the clinic being treated for shortness of breath, Bonnie showed up unflinching by the prospect of jail time what’s more, was certain that he will see his sweetheart again, telling appointees that ‘he has as well much cash for her to walk away from him.’
Telling sign: Bonnie posted a picture on his Facebook page appearing the lower back of an unidentified lady with a tattoo that reads: ‘Property of James Bonnie’
‘I am going to be straight up with you, I am not going to stop calling her,’ he told officials, concurring to the report.
The 38-year-old suspect is being held at the Palm Shoreline Province Imprison without bond.
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