Is this ‘ghost ship’ spotted by satellite the yacht that vanished in storm with crew of six Americans and one Briton?

By Snejana Farberov
Published: 22:22 BST, 4 October 2013 | Updated: 22:53 BST, 4 October 2013
Nicole Queen, a passionate Muslim convert, went to a TGI Friday’s diner in Texas this week to have lunch with a companion – as it were to find what she claims to be bits of bacon intentionally stuffed inside her drink straw.

Queen, 32, a proficient picture taker what’s more, dissident in the American Muslim community, took to her Facebook page to express her shock at the stunt professedly pulled off by a server who was evidently troubled with her prior ask to clear out bacon strips off the feast she had ordered.

‘Whether your Muslim, Christian, or, then again Jewish,’ Ruler composed in a extensive post about the incident, ‘don’t ever just acknowledge something like this what’s more, say nothing. They put bacon in the off-base young ladies [sic] straw.’

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Queen’s wrath: Nicole Queen, a ‘party girl’ turned sincere Muslim convert, was shocked to find what she depicted as bacon bits stuffed into a straw in her TGI Friday’s frosted tea

Lunchtime ordeal: The episode took put in a TGI Friday’s diner at Firewheel Town Focus in Garland, Texas

Food for thought: Ruler requested a Cobb salad, yet finished up sending it back since it contained pieces of bacon

According to Queen, she what’s more, a companion dodged into the TGI Friday’s restaurant at Firewheel Town Focus in Wreath Tuesday to get a snappy salad.

The lady composed that their server gave them a cold reception, driving Ruler what’s more, her partner to accept ‘he did not need us at his table.’

Speaking to the station WFAA, Ruler said the server showed up less than excited at the point when she sent back a Cobb plate of mixed greens since it had pieces of bacon in it.

‘Me what’s more, my companions were like, “Let’s be additional pleasant to him, since possibly he’s not agreeable with us since we’re Muslim,”’ Ruler recalled.

When it came time to pay for the meal, a extraordinary server brought Ruler the check what’s more, advertised to refill her glass of frosted tea to-go.

Denial: Ruler said the supervisor of the diner guaranteed that the servers have no get to to the kitchen, what’s more, the bacon spots must have gotten into the glass by accident

Damage control: TGI Friday’s posted a message on its Facebook page saying the organization doesn’t endure any discrimination, what’s more, that it has propelled a test into the bacon incident

The waitress’ signal struck Ruler as somewhat odd since she had never gotten a refill to-go after eating in, yet she thankfully acknowledged the froth glass with a straw as of now embedded into the lid, considering that the staff member was attempting to make up for her colleague’s surly demeanor.

‘I got in the auto what’s more, took off the top wrap what’s more, took a sip,’ Ruler composed on her Facebook page. ‘Instead of tea I got a mouth of BACON!!!’
Teachable moment: Queen, 32, who has move toward becoming a an dissident for the American Muslim group since her transformation six a long time ago, trusts TGI Friday’s would offer its representatives affectability training

Queen, who changed over to Islam six a long time after spending her adolescents what’s more, 20s as a self-described ‘party girl,’ immediately perceived the porky enhance what’s more, walked back into the diner to stand up to the hold up staff. 

‘I inquired for the director what’s more, told him what happened what’s more, his answer was just deny deny deny,’ she composed later.

According to Queen, the director asserted that the servers have no get to to the kitchen, what’s more, the bacon spots must have gotten into the glass by mishap – an statement she has expelled since somebody had put half of the wrapper back on the straw some time recently giving it to her.

Queen at that point given the glass to the supervisor what’s more, promised never to disparage the eatery chain once more after he had advertised to supplant her corrupted drink.

On Wednesday, after the story was picked up by the blog The Muslim Voice, TGI Friday’s posted a message on its Facebook page that read: ‘We need everybody to have a incredible time at Fridays – we don’t endure separation in any form.

‘We propelled an examination around what happened recently what’s more, will take proper activities what’s more, refresh as more data is available.’

Queen, who is hitched to a Jordanian national what’s more, has a infant son, said that the staff members at the restaurant made her feel like a minority for the to begin with time in her life.

Wednesday night, the candid dissident told WFAA that a TGI Friday’s official called her to apologize for her treatment at the Wreath eatery.

She has no goal of recording a claim yet trusts that the quick nourishment chain would offer its representatives affectability training.

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