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By Steve Nolan
Published: 20:22 BST, 14 February 2013 | Updated: 00:52 BST, 15 February 2013
A Nike advert highlighting Oscar Pistorius what’s more, depicting him as like a ‘bullet in the chamber’ has been expelled from the sprinter’s website hours after he was charged with shooting dead his display girlfriend.
A flag of the advert, thought to have been made in 2011, was noticeable on Oscar Pistorius’s website prior recently yet has since been taken down.
Alongside a time slip by picture of Paralympic gold medalist Pistorius springing from the beginning pieces peruses the caption: ‘I am the projectile in the chamber.’ 

It was expelled just hours after he was charged with shooting dead Reeva Steenkamp at his Pretoria home.
The 30-year-old demonstrate was shot four times in the head, chest what’s more, arm.

Fallen star: An advert for Nike including Oscar Pistorius which read ‘I am the projectile in the chamber’ was pulled from the sprinter’s web page hours after he professedly shot dead his display girlfriend
Tragic: Sprinter Oscar Pistorius, left, has been charged with kill after Reeva Steenkamp, right, was shot dead at his home in Pretoria

Nike has expanded its ‘sympathy what’s more, sympathies to all families concerned’ yet declined to remark further as the matter is presently a police issue.
Pistorius has long been the blurb kid of handicapped sport, never more so than since he made features around the globe contending at the Olympics what’s more, Paralympics in London last summer.
But with the champion sprinter making features of a unique nature after he purportedly shot dead Reeva Steenkamp, 30, at his home in Pretoria, his star as of now shows up to have fallen.
A TV station has as of now moreover pulled an publicizing battle highlighting Pistorius following his arrest.

The South African station M-Net said it is no longer utilizing the adverts that were to advance its scope of the Oscars on February 23.
Billboards including Pistorius in a suit with the motto ‘Every night is ‘Oscar’ night this February’ were imagined being expelled in Johannesburg yesterday.

Taken down: Adverts for TV scope of the Oscars including Oscar Pistorius were seen being pulled down in Johannesburg yesterday

Removed: Laborers move rapidly to supplant the roadside publications in the South Africa city
In a explanation on Twitter, the station confirmed: ‘Out of regard what’s more, sensitivity to the bereaved, M-Net will be pulling its whole Oscar battle including Oscar Pistorius with quick effect.’
Another of his sponsors, English Telecom, said: ‘We are stunned by this terrible, unfortunate news. We have no further remark at this stage.
His specialists at Quick Track administration said there would be no comment.

While fans took to Twitter in their thousands to express their shock, others were assailed for making jokes about the shooting.
A tweet from John Cleese came under fire for being distasteful

Twitter client Anthony McGuinness hit out at John Cleese’s tweet yesterday

Harriet Earn too fizzled to see the amusing side of Mr Cleese’s post
Fawlty Towers star John Cleese came under fire for Tweeting that Pistorius’ protection would be ‘that he was absoultely legless at the time.’
WIthin minutes, supporters had marked the joke ‘distasteful’ what’s more, ‘disrespectful’.
Harriet Collect tweeted: ‘Sorry don’t see how anybody can “make light” of such a death. That was strange poor taste I fear.’
Distasteful: Entertainer Frankie Boyle was too reprimanded for making jokes about the shooting

Disgust: A Twitter client hits out at Frankie Boyle’s joke on the social organizing site

Kellie Slope added: ‘SERIOUSLY?!?!? A youthful lady lost her LIFE!!’
Controversial entertainer Frankie Boyle was moreover assaulted for making light of Miss Steenkamp’s death.
Charges: Oscar Pistorius is imagined with his sweetheart Reeva Steenkamp. Miss Steenkamp was shot dead at Mr Pistorius’ home in Pretoria
He Tweeted: ‘The disaster is in the event that Oscar Pistorius had no arms this would never have happened.’
A Twitter client named Will hit back ‘The young lady who kicked the bucket was someone’s child. You’re a father, envision losing one of your youngsters as it were to have it kidded about.’
Former 100metre run world record holder Asafa Powell Tweeted about the news depicting Pistorius as ‘a true inspiration’.
He posted: ‘Sad news about @oscarpistorius & deadly shooting of his sweetheart he’s a true motivation & stunning athlete. A genuine catastrophe for all.’
His previous coach, Italian post vaulter Andrea Giannini, said: ‘I knew Oscar well. I’m trusting it was just a unfortunate accident.

‘He’s a superb person, a truly sweet what’s more, quiet guy. It appeared like this was a quiet time for him. He appeared truly cheerful what’s more, well-balanced.’

The Global Olympic Advisory group what’s more, Worldwide Paralympic Council each had little to say about the case. 
‘This is not the minute for the IOC to be remarking on this unfortunate incident. Our musings are with the families influenced what’s more, we send them our most profound sympathies,’ the IOC said in a statement.

The IPC said it was ‘police matter’ what’s more, that it would be improper for them to comment.
The South African Olympic council discharged a explanation saying they had been ‘inundated’ with demands for remark be that as it may were not in a position to give out any subtle elements of the shooting.
Shot: Reeva Steenkamp, 30 an FHM demonstrate whose stock was on the rise agreeing to her agent

Arrested: Oscar Pistorius, imagined with hood up what’s more, head bowed, is driven away by police yesterday

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