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Published: 21:02 BST, 18 December 2012 | Updated: 07:48 BST, 19 December 2012
The Home Office will attempt to utilize £217,000 of Abu Qatada’s money what’s more, resources to offer assistance pay for the cost of keeping him in the country, it has been revealed
The Government could utilize solidified bank accounts what’s more, seized resources having a place to abhor evangelist Abu Qatada worth £217,000 to offer assistance cover the cost of keeping him in the country.

Home Secretary Theresa May told the Home Undertakings Select Panel that authorities will look at attacking Qatada’s money what’s more, resources to pay for his enormous legitimate bills.
The cost of the fear suspect’s legitimate help has as of now come to more than £500,000.
Qatada, 52, was as of late moved into a £450,000 north London home which is being leased out by the English citizen for £1,400 a month.
The Al-Qaeda aficionado proceeds to fight extradition to Jordan to confront psychological oppression charges.
The Unique Migration Claims Commission last month maintained Qatada’s most recent claim since of concerns about human rights in the country.

The Government is engaging against the choice yet Qatada remains in the UK on safeguard conditions counting a 16-hour curfew, wearing an electronic tag, not utilizing the web what’s more, not reaching certain people.

Committee executive Keith Vaz said: ‘Bank accounts that have been solidified what’s more, seized resources are worth £217,000.
‘Is there anything we can do to settle against what has been seized?’

Ms May replied: ‘There has been an endeavor to settle against what has been seized. This is something we have inquired authorities to look at.’

Last week, the Prime Serve what’s more, the Lord of Jordan met what’s more, talked about finding a way to get Qatada out of the country.
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Mr Vaz moreover inquired in the event that Lord Abdullah was conferred to ‘take back Abu Qatada’.

The Home Secretary said: ‘The bolster from Jordan proceeds to be as great as it has been all through the process. They’ve been exceptionally supportive.

‘From the Jordanian point of see they’ve made changes in the constitution to the utilize of confirm gotten through torture.

‘They need to appear that’s had an impact.’

Referring to MI5 papers found in Libya uncovering that Qatada had issued a fatwa – an Islamic administering that can incorporate a passing sentence – against UK what’s more, US citizens, Mr Vaz inquired in the event that he could be indicted in this country.

Ms May said she was fulfilled that it was not as of now possible.
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