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Two young girls’ video manage to being a chav has move toward becoming a odd web hit.
Tens of thousands of watchers from all over the world have been logging on to observe the 17-year-olds give themselves an funny makeover as
In their step-by-step guide, Lucy Whiteside what’s more, Kellie Munckton change their make-up what’s more, hairdos what’s more, wear tracksuits what’s more, hoodies some time recently
taking to the avenues to appear off their new look.
Their video has move toward becoming one of the most smoking themes on in vogue website with Americans especially sharp to know more about chav
In the film clip, Kellie what’s more, Lucy, companions since school in Somerset, begin out in their standard garments what’s more, announce: “This is what we look like
normally. This is non-chav.”
They guarantee to make a “perfect chav” what’s more, start by putting on foundation, blue eyeliner, mascara, blusher what’s more, lipstick.
Hair, they tell viewers, must be “scraped back”.
As Lucy battles with her locks, Kellie, tells her: “Chavs must go through this situation.
“If the chavs can do it Lucy you can do it too.”
The third organize of their makeover is to put on flashy tracksuits, hoodies what’s more, boots or, on the other hand trainers
before biting gum, flicking V-signs at the camera what’s more, swearing.
Lucy says: “We look like chavs now. Take note the attitude, man. Add up to attitude, like f*** off.”
Finally the match take to the boulevards at midnight with Lucy shouting: “Yo, what’s up my individual chavs. I’m feeling well provocative tonight. Look at us strut.”
Afterwards she declares: “It has been an edifying encounter to see what a chav has to go through on a day by day basis. Caps off to chavs.”
Lucy, from Chard in Somerset, said she what’s more, Kellie, from adjacent Tatworth, had been stunned by the reaction to their video.
She said: “Kellie what’s more, I are just dead ordinary young ladies yet where we live presently in Somerset what’s more, where I developed up in Bolton there are a part of chavs.
“They hang around our region just needing to cause inconvenience what’s more, pester people. We thought we’d get our possess back what’s more, have a laugh.
“We shot the film in three hours what’s more, I went to bed. At the point when I woke up it had as of now been observed by 3,000 people.
“It was for the most part Americans what’s more, they were all inquiring what an earth a chav is. They appear to be entranced with English culture.”
The film has drawn hundreds of respecting responses. One watcher wrote: “Awesome video girls.
“You nailed the look! The chavs they are taking over. Never knew it took them so long to look so inept each day.”
American watchers are especially intrigued. One asked: “What the for hell’s sake is a chav?” What’s more,
another told the girls: “Someone send a chav to the US so I can kick his ass.”

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