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By Tamara Cohen for the Day by day Mail
Updated: 08:14 BST, 30 December 2010
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Co-habiting couples are paying tens of thousands of pounds in settlements to their previous accomplices (posed by models)

Couples who break up following a live-in relationship are paying tens of thousands of pounds in settlements to their previous partners.

A new wonder of ‘break-up payments’ is progressively normal since more what’s more, more couples are living together for a few a long time without marrying.

When a marriage collapses, a companion is for the most part entitled to half the couple’s assets, be that as it may for cohabitees the legalities can be a minefield.

Law firm Pannone has detailed a 40 per penny rise in these installments in the past five years, guaranteeing individuals are taking advantage of the questionable legitimate status of unmarried couples to issue ‘nuisance’ demands.

Some individuals were willing to pay up to £100,000 to previous accomplices to evade long legitimate activity which can last up to 18 months, it said.

Recent activities have included guardianship of children, mutually claimed property, bank accounts what’s more, indeed pets.

There are 2.3million living together couples what’s more, the number is anticipated to twofold in the next 25 years. One in four youngsters is conceived to cohabitees.

Vicki McLynn, a senior relate at Pannone, recommended the issue was mostly due to such debate being managed with utilizing property Or maybe than family law, as no enactment had however been passed making clear the rights of unmarried accomplices at the point when they split up.

She said: ‘It can eventually be a case of “he said, she said” – one partner’s capacity to be more persuading than the other in court can be significant in deciding how cases are settled.

‘Given that component of hazard what’s more, the resources at stake, numerous family what’s more, case legal advisors in our firm what’s more, somewhere else are seeing customers needing to pay up to end the matter.’

Unmarried couple Jim Carrey what’s more, Jenny McCarthy split after five a long time together. They are not thought to have looked for settlements from each other

In 2007, the Law Commission distributed a arrangement of proposals for the government following a survey of the rights of unmarried couples. It finished up that the ‘unclear’ current law made for ‘unfair’ outcomes.

The commission asked a arrangement of changes counting enactment empowering unmarried men or, on the other hand ladies who had lived together for at slightest two a long time to make a guarantee against their ex-partner. The proposals have so far not been acted upon.

Miss McLynn recommended that while a few question included people who had truly made commitments to building up joint assets, others included requests which could best be portrayed as ‘nuisance’.

She said: ‘We have seen occurrences in which individuals have issued requests to convolute their exes’ new relationships.’

Earlier this year, family law firms revealed a 15 per penny rise in the number of living together customers looking for exhortation on relationship breakdown as a result of the recession.

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