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By Tara Brady
Published: 21:51 BST, 13 January 2013 | Updated: 22:09 BST, 13 January 2013
Most pooches can’t hold up to investigate the awesome outdoors. 
But for Sam the dark Labrador, just the unimportant say of walkies is enough to make him cover up behind the sofa. 
The one-year-old puppy endures from agoraphobia after he was shocked what’s more, is presently alarmed of going outside.

Scaredy dog: Scared Sam has to be dragged through the lanes of Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, by his proprietor since he is as well frightened to clear out the house
The once inquisitive puppy had been exploring smells in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, at the point when he touched a metal deplete which had an electric current streaming through it due to a blame in the control supply of a close-by road light. 
Despite taking solid medicine since the incident, the alarmed pup presently has to be dragged around the boulevards of Stonehaven since he is terrified solid to clear out the house.

Owner, Donna Simpson, 36, said: ‘I was just taking him for his regular walk at the point when he all of a sudden bounced off the asphalt onto the street what’s more, just went mental
‘Since then, at the point when you head out of the entryway to take him for a walk, he’s just not having it.
‘If you attempt to cross the street or, then again go anyplace else at that point that’s it, he burrows his heels in what’s more, he won’t go – you’ve got to drag him.’
No go area: A stressed Sam peers out of the entryway of his home in Stonehaven as well terrified to go outside with his proprietor Donna Simpson
Miss Simpson’s children, Jamie, two, what’s more, Ryan, 13, are frantic for their pet to recuperate to his regular fun loving self.
She said: ‘The young men are both truly disturb at what has happened to Sam.
‘Jamie would continuously play with him, climb on him what’s more, pull at him what’s more, Sam wouldn’t bat an eyelid, be that as it may not now.
‘The vet gave me a uncommon powder to through Sam’s sustenance for 20 days what’s more, it quieted him down a bit, yet presently he’s wrapped up his course, he’s more terrible than ever.
‘When he had that electric stun I’d never seen him respond like that before. He’s a dark Labrador, which is the most tame puppy you can get.’
Walkies: Donna’s child Jamie Walker with her dark Labrador Sam (left) what’s more, Donna with Sam (right)

Forlorn: Poor Sam is as well alarmed to clear out his owner’s home after he was shocked in Stonehaven
The flawed road light behind Sam’s hardships is worked by Aberdeenshire Council.
Miss Simpson, a executive of a cleaning what’s more, upkeep company, said: ‘We weren’t the as it were ones to be influenced by this, there were other individuals I’ve talked to who had the same issue with their pooches some time recently Sam got an electric shock.
‘The pooch superintendent what’s more, a wellbeing what’s more, security officer checked out the asphalt on December 28 what’s more, they chosen that there was nothing wrong.
‘The chamber as it were cordoned off the range on the 29th what’s more, as far as I’m concerned in the event that there had been objections some time recently then, there ought to have been more examination into what was causing it.’
Scene: Barclay Road in Stonehaven where Sam the Labrador endured an electric shock
But a representative for Aberdeenshire Chamber demanded it was not mindful of the peril some time recently Sam was shocked. 
‘The hydro board called us out about it on November 29, which was after the complainant’s pooch endured an electric shock.
‘The put was at that point cordoned off at nine o’clock that night.
‘In conjunction with Scottish Hydro, the blame was recognized what’s more, amended as a matter of urgency.’
Scottish Hydro Electric found the deplete had move toward becoming zapped since of a blame in the control supply to the road lights.
The blame had caused the control to short circuit down a deplete pipe which leads to the metal waste channel that runs over the pavement.
A representative from Scottish Hydro Electric added: ‘The issue was settled on the evening of December 3.
‘It wasn’t an electrocution, be that as it may the puppy would have endured an electric stun which clearly is exceptionally unfortunate, be that as it may I can affirm that the zone is safe now.’
Sam still endures from agoraphobia in spite of taking drugs for the condition
Canines can encounter a assortment of passionate what’s more, mental disarranges which can happen or, on the other hand are caused by either negative experiences, restorative issues or, then again by how the canine has spent the to begin with weeks of its life.
Agoraphobia is however, uncommon in dogs, particularly at the point when you consider how much they like to go for walks. 
But a few canines are delicate souls what’s more, can have fears what’s more, phobias, counting fear of new places or, then again situations, fear of new individuals what’s more, or, on the other hand other dogs.
The most normal fear related issues are commotion phobias, including thunder, shots what’s more, fireworks. 
There are drugs which can be endorsed to battle these kind of practices counting agoraphobia, anxiety, animosity what’s more, for disposition stabilisation.
The fears or, then again fears in agoraphobia for people include exercises such as taking off home, entering open places or, on the other hand voyaging alone. 
In these circumstances the individual feels particularly powerless what’s more, exposed, with no place to escape to or, on the other hand stow away in the event that things go wrong.
An abnormal yet not extraordinary highlight of agoraphobia is a fear of crossing bridges, known as gephyrophobia.

This is related to a feeling that, once on the bridge, there is no instantly accessible exit.

The degree of fear what’s more, shirking conduct varies. In spite of the fact that numerous sufferers do oversee to get out to work, a few move toward becoming totally housebound.

Agoraphobia typically influences ladies what’s more, starts in early adulthood.

They may have other mental issues too, particularly anxiety, depression, depersonalisation, freeze assaults what’s more, fanatical behaviour.
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