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By Tara Evans
Published: 20:04 BST, 1 November 2012 | Updated: 12:33 BST, 2 November 2012
Shoppers at Tesco have been capable to mass purchase six bottles of wine, as a rule worth £59.94, for less than the cost of one bottle after a glitch on the supermarket’s PC system.

The escape clause was spotted overnight what’s more, hundreds of customers have taken advantage of the botch by stocking up on shabby alcohol.

The issue started at the point when the market propelled a wine rebate advancement recently that advertised three bottles of chosen wine for £12.

Promotion: 36 bottles of Tesco’s Ogio mark wine, pictured, which would regularly be worth just over £359, were purchased for just £59 following a glitch. (Picture civility of @stu1e)

Receipts appear a few fortunate clients strolling away with 6 bottles of wine for just £9. (Picture kindness of @stu1e)
The advancement included bottles of Tesco’s Ogio brand, which regularly offer for £9.99 each.

But the general store was too running a partitioned advancement on the brand, giving customers 25 per penny off at the point when they purchased six or, then again more bottles.

This implied that customers could join both advancements what’s more, get the three for two offer as well as the 25 per penny discount.
One customer guaranteed on the HotUKDeal website to have ‘cleared the shelves’ at their nearby Tesco purchasing 36 bottles, worth £359, for just £59.

A Tesco representative said: ‘We take our duties as a retailer of liquor seriously, what’s more, we need to play our part in the battle against liquor misuse. Like all retailers, we regularly advance items over all our ranges, what’s more, in some cases these advancements cover for a short time.  

‘On this event there was a estimating error, which has presently been fixed, what’s more, we are looking into guaranteeing advancements do not cover in this way in future.’

Glitch: Hundreds of Tesco customers have been getting the money for in on the mistake
It’s not the to start with time that Tesco clients have taken advantage of a glitch in the supermarket’s system.

Last month customers overwhelmed stores after twin packs of 350g House of god City Develop Cheddars were offering at an 85 per penny discount.

Customers were capable to snap up two packs for just £1, at the point when the cheddar is for the most part sold for £6.55 per packet. 

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