As she prepares for South Pole trek, Blue Peter’s Helen Skelton spends Christmas Day eating dehydrated goulash in -20C temperatures in Antarctica

By Ted Thornhill
Updated: 01:10 BST, 26 December 2011
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While England lounges in mild temperatures, Blue Dwindle moderator Helen Skelton has spent Christmas Day in the sub-zero atmosphere of Antarctica, where it can reach -50C.
She is making arrangements to trek 500 miles to the South Post for Don Help what’s more, while we’ve been tucking into our turkey, she’s been putting in hours of requesting preparing what’s more, eating got dried out goulash proportions for dinner.
She woke up today in her tiny desolate tent at 71 degrees south after persevering overnight temperatures of -20C – what’s more, the as it were presents she found in her stocking were a fragment of Christmas cake what’s more, an candidly charged letter from her family wishing her luck.

Ice one: Helen Skelton spent a distressing Christmas Day in Antarctica, with hours of requesting preparing in sub zero temperatures what’s more, dried out apportions for dinner
Pedal power: The Blue Dwindle moderator will control herself to the post by ski, by kite – what’s more, by bike
She said: ‘I had no thought I would miss my family this much on Christmas Day. It’s lovely odd not to be part of it. Still I can’t gripe this is without question the most wonderful put I’ve ever been. Cheerful Christmas!’

Helen is trusting to start her 500 mile trek to the South Post on January 1 at 83 degrees south.
The overcome Blue Dwindle moderator will control herself to the post by ski, by kite what’s more, – in a world to begin with – by bike.
To finish this tiring challenge, ‘Super Skelton’ will have to travel for up to 14 hours a day over Antarctica, fighting blizzards, fierce 80mph winds what’s more, desensitizing temperatures.
This is by no implies the to begin with time that Helen has put her nerves to the test in extraordinary fashion.
In Walk this year she moved toward becoming the to begin with individual to walk a high-wire between two of Battersea Control Station’s chimneys.
She wavered on a steel wire somewhat smaller than a 10p coin 217ft up.
And last year she finished a 2,000-mile solo kayak along the Amazon.
You can support Helen by going by
Meanwhile, all the to a great degree cool activity from Helen’s Polar Challenge for Don Help will be appeared in a unique nine-week arrangement on Blue Peter, from the end of January to March.
Antarctica is around twice the measure of Australia, covering a stunning 5.4million square miles.
Roughly 98 per penny of it is secured in ice what’s more, its populace comes in at 1,000, not counting the seals what’s more, penguins.
Tough begin to the year: Helen trusts to start her epic trek on January 1
Remote: Around 98 per penny of Antarctica is secured in snow what’s more, ice – what’s more, its populace is just 1,000

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