Why Britain doesn’t need gay marriage: First MP to have a civil partnership makes a brave and controversial stand

By Tim Shipman, Appointee Political Proofreader
Published: 23:33 BST, 1 April 2012 | Updated: 23:33 BST, 1 April 2012
Defiant: Remote Secretary William Hague has asserted the Government did ‘absolutely the right thing’ by telling individuals to store jerry jars of fuel at home
Ministers did nothing off-base by encouraging individuals to accumulate petrol, William Hague guaranteed last night, as truckers cautioned they would join any strike by tanker drivers to ‘bring England to a halt’.

The Remote Secretary said priests such as Francis Maude, who told individuals to fill their autos what’s more, keep jerry jars of fuel at home, had done ‘absolutely the right thing’.

With surveys appearing bolster for the Coalition plummeting, Mr Hague recommended that freeze purchasing had made England more versatile to any strikes.
He said: ‘The nation is in a better state of readiness than a week prior for the outcome of a tanker strike, so I think they have taken care of that correctly.

‘My partners have done totally the right thing to encourage individuals to take sensible safety measures what’s more, they will be vindicated over the coming days.’

The emergency appeared far from over last night as thousands of truckers said they would bar refineries what’s more, gridlock motorways in the event that the Join together union called a walkout of tanker drivers, torpedoing Government plans to utilize Armed force drivers in tankers.

Haulier Andrew Spence, who played a key part in the barricades in 2000 that driven to 3,000 petroleum stations running out of fuel, debilitated to bring down the Coalition unless fuel costs were cut.

Mr Spence, from Province Durham, said: ‘We have been in arrangements with the tanker drivers since 2000. We have said to them we may have to stand alongside them in any protest.

‘We are better sorted out than in 2000. This time we will bring the Government down.’

He said the activity was a ‘last resort’ since hauliers what’s more, ranchers were going bust.

‘People are going to the wall. The weight we are under is ridiculous,’ he added.

Chancellor George Osborne’s disappointment to drop a fuel obligation rise in the Financial plan terrified Tories what’s more, included to a sense that Mr Cameron’s inward circle is out of touch.

A ComRes survey recently found that 81 per penny of voters accept the Government has made superfluous freeze over fuel strikes what’s more, 72 per penny think it is out of touch with common people. A few 64 per penny were against the ‘granny tax’ on beneficiaries in the Budget.
Threat: Truckers have cautioned they will join any strike by tanker drivers to offer assistance ‘bring England to a halt’
One Tory serve said: ‘All the consideration has been on the pasties what’s more, the retired people yet the disappointment to cut fuel obligation is beginning to look like the most egregious botch of the lot. The myth of George Osborne’s dependability has been destroyed.’

No?10 denied reports that the PM told the Bureau last week that ‘a bit of oil freeze may be no awful thing’ as it would turn individuals against Unite.

But columnist Charles Moore, a companion of Mr Cameron, uncovered that MPs were told to convince party individuals the Government was attempting to duplicate Mrs Thatcher’s choice to store coal some time recently the miners’ strike in 1984. ‘This is our Thatcher moment,’ MPs were told.

Unite, which speaks to 2,062 tanker drivers, is to hold talks with seven fuel firms at the pacification benefit Acas today.
The PM begins a across the country visit this week to persuade voters he gets it their needs.
He is due to declare plans to support the right to purchase board houses tomorrow to appear the Coalition is acting in the interests of ‘ordinary working people’.

Deputy Prime Serve Scratch Clegg will today dispatch his Youth Contract to pay firms that give occupations to under-24s who have been jobless for nine months. There will be 250,000 additional work encounter positions what’s more, motivating forces to enlist apprentices.

But in a discourse today Work pioneer Ed Miliband will say: ‘The last two weeks have uncovered the true confront of David Cameron’s Tory-led government.
‘We end up with a government that chooses to play legislative issues with oil supplies. A government that said it would change things for the better yet is as it were making life worse. A government that is out of touch.’

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