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By Tim Shipman
Published: 22:55 BST, 30 June 2013 | Updated: 15:35 BST, 1 July 2013
Kazakhstan’s fierce administration has bragged that David Cameron what’s more, Tony Blair have put their bloodsoaked nation on the outline yesterday.
The remote serve of the previous Soviet dictatorship, best known as the home of comic creation Borat, said the nation was ‘very respected what’s more, privileged’ that two prime pastors have looked for to bring the nation in from the cold.
Mr Cameron recently moved toward becoming the to start with serving prime serve to visit Kazakhstan what’s more, its maturing czar Nursultan Nazarbayev, who is charged of endorsing the torment of his political opponents.
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‘Honourable’ visit: David Cameron conveys a discourse amid a introduction at the Bolashak oil plant, close Atyrau in Kazakhstan on Sunday
But he expelled concerns about human rights, saying that it was more vital to drum up business deals.
Mr Cameron is set to win business worth around £700m on the trip with another £85 billion in the pipeline in the a long time to come.
He said he would raise the issue of human rights with President Nazarbayev, who has ruled the nation with an press clench hand since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.
But he made clear he considers it is more vital for England to money in on oil bargains with one of the world’s quickest developing economies.
‘I continuously raise all these issues with all the accomplices that we have around the world. 

Business trip: David Cameron imagined at an oil plant in Kazakhstan on Sunday, trusts to sign exchange bargains worth more than £700 million
UK’s friend: Kazakhstani President Nursultan Nazarbayev, charged of damaging human rights what’s more, million pound corruption, is Cameron’s imminent business partner
But let’s be clear, why am I in Khazakstan on a Sunday? We are in a worldwide race. This is one of the next rising nations of the world.
‘I’ve over 30 English organizations with me. We trust to finish up £700million worth of deals, that will mean occupations back at home. That’s what this is about.’ He what’s more, President Nazarbayev moreover talked about plans for England to clear military unit from Afghanistan utilizing Kazakh air bases what’s more, trains.
In a sign of Mr Cameron’s closeness to the Kazakh regime, the Prime Serve last night flew from the oil port city of Atyrau to the capital Astana in Mr Nazarbayev’s individual private jet, while his assistants taken after in a contract plane.
Foreign Serve Erlan Idrissov made clear that Tony Blair made a difference clear the way for the visit.
Mr Blair’s consultancy has secured a £16 million two year bargain to prompt the government of Kazakhstan on political change – a move which faultfinders say has driven to a ‘whitewash’ of the country’s human rights record.
Mr Idrissov said: ‘We are exceptionally respected what’s more, advantaged to have such consideration on the part of two prime clergymen [towards] kazakhstan – Tony Blair what’s more, David Cameron. We esteem what’s more, appreciate the bolster of created nations on our part for development.’

‘Jagshemash’: Sasha Aristocrat Cohen’s character Borat is what most Britons relate Kazakhstan with
He added: ‘We are thankful that Mr Tony Blair what’s more, his associates are giving significant advice.’ Mr Cameron last night confronted notices that his visit would support the standing of the domineering administration which gunned down 15 unarmed protestors amid a strike by oil laborers in December 2011.
Algerim Dzhakisheva, whose father Muktur was seized by mystery police what’s more, detained on bested up charges, said: ‘The government of Kazakhstan is conveying out a huge PR hostile around the world what’s more, looking to be seen as a credible, helpful player on the world stage.
‘But that shouldn’t dazzle individuals to its monstrous manhandle of the human rights of its claim citizens.’ Mr Cameron too gambled a conciliatory push last night by conceding that he has observed the Borat movie, in which entertainer Sacha Aristocrat Cohen portrayed the country as a gathering of simpletons what’s more, attackers who toss Jews down wells.
‘As for the film, I did see it, it was a long time ago. I think I will rest on the words of the remote serve who I assemble pointed out that his nation had survived Stalin what’s more, could most likely survive anything else.’
Mr Idrissov conceded that Kazakhstan has confronted reactions what’s more, made the gutsy guarantee that it is on the way to majority rules system in spite of the most later fixed race giving Mr Nazarbayev 95 per penny of the vote.
He said: ‘We do not guarantee that we have got everything right or, then again that there are no issues to overcome.
‘It was never going to be conceivable to turn a nation with no equitable organizations or, on the other hand culture into a Jeffersonian majority rule government in two decades. What is vital is the course of travel. Kazakhstan remains conferred to a equitable path.’

A representative for Tony Blair demanded the previous prime serve does not by and by benefit from his dealings with the Nazarbayev regime.
She said: ‘Kazakhstan is an vital nation in an vital locale at an vital time for the world.
‘David Cameron is totally right to be looking for to fashion nearer monetary what’s more, political ties for these reasons what’s more, since of Kazakhstan’s key situating in the world what’s more, the steady part it is playing with respect to troops returning from Afghanistan.’

Earlier in the day, Mr Cameron moved toward becoming the to begin with Western pioneer to meet Pakistani Prime Serve Nawaz Sharif since his later election. He encouraged the Pakistanis to press the Taliban to lock in in peace talks.
On Saturday he gone by troops in Afghanistan to stamp Outfitted Powers Day.

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