Why did banker with perfect life take a fatal leap? Fourth tragedy at same City restaurant

By Toby Harnden
Published: 20:42 BST, 17 October 2012 | Updated: 21:59 BST, 17 October 2012
President Barack Obama has jested that he is ‘still attempting to figure out how to get the hang’ of talks about yet wandered that he is making strides as he goes along.
He was talking in Mount Vernon, Iowa the day after he was hailed by numerous as getting the better of adversary Glove Romney with a execution in Long Island, new York that was much more forceful than his sluggish appearing a fortnight prior in Denver.
‘I’m still attempting to figure out how to get the hang of this thing,’ he said to chuckling from a swarm inside a exercise center at Cornell College. ‘We’ll keep on making strides as time goes on.
Coming out fighting: The President, imagined with Romney at the begin of the debate, was much more aggressive
He repeated a few of his lines from Tuesday night’s debate. ‘The fascinating this is that Representative Romney has been running around talking about his five-point plan,’ he said, stopping to deride Romney for favoring the wealthy.
‘It’s truly a one-point plan. It says people at the extremely top can play by their possess set of rules.’
Talking about his desire to empower understudies to ponder science what’s more, maths what’s more, his guarantee to enlist more teachers, Obama jabbed Romney for saying that he turned to a ‘binder full of women’ at the point when attempting to procure more female assistants while representative of Massachusetts.

‘We don’t have to gather a group of fasteners to find qualified, gifted driven youthful ladies prepared to work what’s more, educate in these fields right now,’ Obama said.
He moreover hit back against those who accused Obama of supporting a ‘government takeover of wellbeing care’.
Obama insisted: ‘I don’t think your supervisor ought to control the wellbeing mind you get. I don’t think protection ought to control the wellbeing mind you get. I positively don’t think  politicians ought to control the wellbeing mind that you get.

‘We passed Obamacare – yeah, I like the term, since I do mind – what’s more, I need to put these decisions in your hands where they belong.’
Fighting talk: Romney what’s more, Obama conflict amid the debate, with the President on more forceful shape than the to begin with time they met

Embrace: The To begin with Couple embraced after the debate, with Mrs Obama, like her counterpart, dressed in pink

Obama too hammered Romney as an fanatic who needed to take away women’s rights – part of a procedure to fire up his liberal base what’s more, hook back bolster from women, which has ebbed recently.

‘Governor Romney didn’t need to talk much last night about how he needs to end subsidizing for Arranged Parenthood, how he underpins enactment that turns certain choices about a woman’s wellbeing mind over to their employers, ‘ he said.
‘He didn’t need to talk about it since he knows he can’t offer it.’
Obama moreover assaulted Romney for a need of specifics. ‘So let’s recap what we learned last night,” Obama said. “His charge design doesn’t include up. His occupations design doesn’t make jobs. His shortage diminishment design includes to the deficit. S
‘So Iowa, you know, everyone here’s heard of the New Deal. You’ve heard of the Reasonable Deal. You’ve heard of the Square Deal. Glove Romney’s attempting to offer you a crude deal.’
The Obama battle discharged a video arrangement of face off regarding film entitled ‘Mitt Romney’s Deigning Sees Toward Women’.
A Law based National Council representative sent journalists an e-card with a lady what’s more, the caption: ‘Help! I’m caught in a fastener what’s more, require to get home what’s more, make dinner!’

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