Care home worker stole more than 11,000 from 100-year-old woman in shocking act of ‘treachery’

By Tom Goodenough
Published: 21:21 BST, 21 June 2012 | Updated: 21:23 BST, 21 June 2012
As a surfer what’s more, lifesaving instructor, Martin Kane was all as well mindful of the threats hiding underneath the waves.
But he still wasn’t arranged for a three meter shark assaulting his surf ski what’s more, taking a enormous lump out of it.

Mr Kane, who was just 150 meters off the drift in Mullaloo, close to Perth, Western Australia, said he did not anticipate to survive his experience with the beast.
Martin Kane appears the harm to his surf-ski after an assault by what he accepts was a incredible white shark
Speaking to ABC news, he said: ‘(As) before long as I saw his tail…thrashing around with the ski coming right out of the water, I said it’s time to get out of here.

‘So, in defiance, I tossed my paddle at him, what’s more, begun to swim away.

‘At that moment, I thought I was gone.’
Fortunately for the 62-year-old grandfather, who was appreciating a unit of dolphins some time recently being struck by the shark, he was rapidly picked up by a individual surfer.

But in spite of the attack, the Supervisor of the Shark Reaction Unit in Western Australia, Mike Burgess, said there were no plans to expand watches in the area:

‘There were as it were a maybe a couple individuals in the water so we require to weigh that up, in terms of the cost benefit.
The tremendous shark assaulted the granddad just a short separate from the drift in Perth, Western Australia
‘This case is a consummate illustration where the individual thumped off the surf ski was capable to be protected what’s more, that’s a truly great outcome.’

Speaking to The West Australian, Mr Kane applauded the endeavors of those who came to his aid:

‘Next thing I know, one of the folks came along what’s more, said, get on board matey, we’re going to the beach.

‘I’m just extremely fortunate to be here, (and) exceptionally fortunate to be capable to see my grandkids again.’

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