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By Tom Kelly for the Every day Mail
Updated: 07:42 BST, 18 January 2011

Accused: Boss Supt Jim Trotman clears out Swindon Crown Court after the opening day of his trial
A senior policeman set fire to his auto outside his lover’s home what’s more, permitted her legal counselor spouse to take the blame, a court heard yesterday.

Chief Administrator James Trotman falsely guaranteed almost £20,000 protection on the burnt-out Citroen Picasso, which he utilized to purchase an Audi A4 convertible, it is alleged.

The father of two soaked his auto in oil what’s more, burnt it as he gone by his lover, Karin Gray, at her property named Woodhouse in the villa of Hogs Slope close Oxford, Swindon Crown Court was told.

When Trotman returned to the seething vehicle, he looked ‘shaken what’s more, agitated’ what’s more, did not recognize himself as a policeman to a fire fighter going to the blaze.

But he told him: ‘That’s my wicked car. I’ve been seeing somebody I shouldn’t have been seeing be that as it may keep that between me what’s more, your crewmate.’

He had orchestrated to spend the evening with Mrs Dark while her spouse Ian, a accomplice at driving City law firm Eversheds, was away on business.

Hours some time recently the fire, Trotman told partner Criminologist Administrator Ashley Smith that he was having a 20-month undertaking with a hitched woman, the jury was told.

The 45-year-old said he was concerned about undermining e-mails he had received, one from the sender Iangray666 which read: ‘Woodhouse remains out of limits for you, Mr Trotman.’

Prosecutor Fiona Senior told the jury: ‘Not surprisingly, DSI Ashley Smith took them truly what’s more, had a discussion with Mr Trotman about them.

Chief Administrator Trotman told his associate that he did not accept Mr Dark was skilled of violence.’

Trotman overlooked guidance to remain away from his lover’s home what’s more, went to Mrs Gray’s house that night, after observing his little girl star in a school play, the court heard.
Fireworks: Mr Trotman is charged to have set fire to his possess auto what’s more, at that point faulted his cherish rival
Witnesses heard what sounded like firecrackers at around 10.30pm on the evening of October 20, 2009, yet did not hear the crushing of a window or, on the other hand a auto alarm.

Fire examinations appeared the blast had not been begun accidentally, what’s more, found a expansive amount of petroleum on the floor of the traveler footwell.

The blast was accepted to have been touched off from inside the car.

Trotman told police officers at the scene that there might be some individual with a grievance against him what’s more, independently told firefighters that a legal advisor might have begun the fire.

In light of the information, police afterward told Trotman they arranged to capture Mr Dim on doubt of arson.

Miss Senior told the jury: ‘He did not empower it be that as it may he did not make any endeavor to discourage Analyst Administrator Smith.

‘He adequately permitted an pure man to be wrongly captured for that crime.’
But police afterward found that the debilitating emails had as a matter of fact been sent by the accomplice of a companion of Mrs Gray, what’s more, Mr Dark was never charged.

Investigators found a green oil can in forest close the scene, which Trotman said he had cleared out in the car.

He told criminologists he had been at Mrs Gray’s house from around 9.45pm on the night of the fire, be that as it may the court was told his portable telephone put him close the auto at the time the fire begun at 10.30pm.
Love rivals: The Oxfordshire home of Ian Gray, outside which Trotman is charged of setting fire to his possess car

In the weeks some time recently his auto was torched, Trotman had seen Thames Valley Police’s Order what’s more, Control Framework to look into auto fires that had taken put close to the home of his lover.

The court heard it was strange for a policeman of his rank to analyze this database.

On the day some time recently the fire, he utilized his PC to look into Audi cars, the court heard.

With the £19,700 protection payout, Trotman brought an Audi A4 convertible.

Trotman, who is offended from his spouse Charlotte, 43, what’s more, lives in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, denies one check of arson, one check of distorting the course of justice, what’s more, two tallies of fraud.

The trial continues.

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