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By Will Payne In Garita Palmera, El Salvador
Published: 21:38 BST, 5 February 2014 | Updated: 09:49 BST, 6 February 2014
Castaway Jose Salvador Alvarenga had his to start with ever discussion with his little girl yesterday, asking, ‘Did you miss me?’ what’s more, guaranteed ‘I will be with you for your next birthday’.
The angler – who was found washed up on a remote Pacific island after 14 months at ocean – cleared out the family home at the point when Fatima, 13, was around 18-months-old what’s more, she can’t keep in mind anything about him.

She moved to Guatemala with her mother, Arely Barrera before long after, returning to the tiny town of Garita Palmera on the Pacific drift of El Salvador five a long time prior to live with her grandma Maria.
Absent: Jose Alvarenga is imagined holding his daughter, left, more than a decade ago. Fatima, presently 13, right, talked to him for the to begin with time ever just yesterday. She said meeting him in coming days will be awkward

Survivor: Alvarenga reconnected with his family in more than a decade as it were after he washed up in the Pacific, guaranteeing he had been uncontrolled for 14 months after his motor was thumped out while angling off Mexico

Alvarenga called home on Tuesday from the Marshall Islands – 6,500 miles from the Pacific drift of the Mexican state of Chiapas where he initially vanished from – to talk to his mother what’s more, the telephone was passed to Fatima.
But it was not the passionate visit he may have trusted for. Fatima is still finding it hard to come to terms with the thought she presently has a father in her life, who she has never truly met.

Speaking to MailOnline, she said: ‘Other than at the point when I was a infant I have never met him or, then again talked to him. My grandma passed the telephone to me what’s more, I just said, “Hi” I did not call him dad.

‘He called me, “daughter”, inquired me how I was what’s more, the said, “did you miss me?” I was bashful what’s more, didn’t truly say much back.

‘Then he inquired “how old are you?” At the point when I told him I was going to be 14 in April he said “I will be with you soon, I will be with you for your next birthday”’.

When she was inquired how she felt about being rejoined with him she replied: ‘I will be upbeat to see him, yet it will be cumbersome since I have never spent time with him.’
And 37-year-old Alvarenga’s spouse Arely appeared marginally underwhelmed by his inevitable return on Wednesday, snidely telling MailOnline: ‘Yes, he was truly fun to be around’.

Mixed feelings: Alvarenga’s spouse Arely, 37, appeared somewhat underwhelmed by his fast approaching return on Wednesday, snidely telling MailOnline: ‘Yes, he was truly fun to be around’

Distant memories: Alvarenga cleared out the family home in El Salvador more than a decade back to find work. He said he was going to the US, yet finished up in Costa Aluz, Mexico, where he worked as a fisherman

Changed man: Alvarenga, after his shave, left, what’s more, as a youthful man, right, some time recently he left

Her less than excited response was upheld up by neighbor Maria Esperanza who said: ‘He was the kind of fellow who enjoyed hanging out with companions what’s more, having a maybe a couple beers,’ at the point when inquired what kind of spouse he was.  
MailOnline has too learned Alvarenga was heading to find work what’s more, a new life in the Joined together States, yet finished up getting side-tracked what’s more, remaining in Mexico.
He set off on his own, getting a transport north through Focal America what’s more, settled in The Chiapas locale of Mexico.
Mrs Esperanza said: ‘He cleared out alone on a bus. He was not smuggled. He needed to make it to the Joined together States, yet he met up with a companion what’s more, halted in Mexico to begin fishing’.
Arely explained: ‘When we to begin with got together it was pleasant since we ate angle all the time. He would go out angling what’s more, we ate together. 
‘The reason he cleared out for the Joined together States was since the angling wasn’t giving us much anymore. He required work.’

The family did not need to elaborate, be that as it may it appears as in spite of the fact that he didn’t send cash back to his spouse what’s more, daughter.
Hopes: Alvarenga said musings of his family what’s more, God kept his spirits up while uncontrolled on the immense sea in the 24ft fiberglass boat

Lost at sea: His friend’s son, Ezekiel Cordoba, matured 24, went with him. Yet the youthful man passed on after not being capable to keep down the horrendous consume less calories of turtle blood what’s more, crude fish

His family have been liaising with Migration authorities in El Salvador what’s more, anticipate him to be back home inside 48 hours.
Government agents gone by them at home recently what’s more, said they were having a few issues getting certain paper work, be that as it may they got back in contact today what’s more, said it looked like things were falling into place.

They are still attempting to work out regardless of whether they will fly him back by means of Mexico, or, on the other hand straight to his home country of El Salvador, were his family run a little nearby store.
It is accepted his sister Yanira – who lives in Maryland – will go with him back from the Marshall Islands.
Alvarenga is one of nine siblings, be that as it may Yanira is the as it were one who has the fundamental status to make the trip.

His mother Maria, said she was battling to get it the process. She said: ‘I haven’t been given any clear answers. I know they are in the process of masterminding the paper work. They have said 48 hours, yet I don’t know precisely at the point when what’s more, how.
‘I envisioned about him, I saw him alive in my dreams. Yet at that point he vanished. I kept envisioning like that for a few days. I feel cheerful that my child is alive what’s more, that before long we’ll have him back home.
‘The Master ensured him at the point when he was at ocean what’s more, presently the Master will bring him back to me. That is all I mind about.’
But while the family design for his return, questions proceed to be raised over the believability of his mind boggling story of survival.
Dreams: His mother Maria Julia Alvarenga, left, told MailOnline that she had dreams that he was still alive

Back home: Alvarenga’s sister Sandra, left, what’s more, his spouse Arely are holding up for his return

Sceptics have inquired how a man who spent 14 months in an open boat, drinking the blood of ocean feathered creatures what’s more, turtles what’s more, his claim urine, could look so full what’s more, healthy.

‘He has no cough, no fever, no runny nose, in addition he’s not that thin,’ said Dr Nestor de Vesi, from the Solomon Islands, who was the to begin with of two specialists to analyze the Mexican fisherman.

Within an hour of looking at Alvarenga, Dr de Vesi was capable to compose a report expressing that but for swelling in his legs, he was doing well.

A second doctor, Roner Mendoza, who led a more extraordinary examination, found signs that Alvarenga had a swollen liver yet his kidneys were normal.

He admitted, be that as it may that ‘it is hard to accept that somebody can survive for 14 months in a little watercraft – be that as it may we too need to give him credibility.’

He added: ‘We’re just happy that he’s OK. It’s not a question of regardless of whether he was out for four days, four months or, then again 13 months – we’re just happy he’s OK.’

Medical staff at the healing center concurred that in the event that Alvarenga’s story demonstrates to be true, he is a ‘walking restorative miracle.’ What’s more, authorities have conceded they have ‘given up’ attempting to check the story.

By comparison, three adolescent young men – Samu Perez, Filo Filo what’s more, Edward Nasau – who had floated through the Pacific in a metal dinghy over 1000 miles for 50 days were found at the point when safeguarded to be enduring from serious dehydration, starvation what’s more, sunburn.
They, too, had eaten crude angle what’s more, a single seagull that had landed on their dinghy. Yet they had too overseen to drink rain water they had overseen to gather in a sheet of covering – though Alvarenga has made no say of having anything with which to get rainwater.

His story bears surprising similitudes to the account given by three Mexican anglers who floated for 5,500 miles over the Pacific for nine months. The story told by Lucio Rendon, Salvador Ordonez what’s more, Jesus Vivand gotten broad publicity.
Romance: Arley said: ‘When we to begin with got together it was pleasant since we ate angle all the time. He would go out angling what’s more, we ate together’

They talked of getting turtles, cutting of their heads what’s more, drinking their blood, eating crude angle what’s more, the substance of ocean birds. At the point when found, the three survivors were exceptionally thin yet in moderately great health.

But the father-of-one has stuck to his story what’s more, uncovered he indeed thought about suicide as he came inside days of passing in the rankling warm with no nourishment what’s more, serious illnesses.

Alvanegra has too given further points of interest about what appears to be an unbelievable story of survival.

He told of getting little ocean feathered creatures what’s more, breaking their necks what’s more, executing them in arrange to drink their blood what’s more, how he would stow away under a extensive box on the deck to secure himself from the sun what’s more, say petitions for deliverance.

Speaking through an interpreter, he said he had set out for a day’s angling with his friend’s son, Ezekiel Cordoba, matured 24, in their 24ft vessel with a 75hp detachable motor.

‘It broke down what’s more, we begun drifting. We were fortunate that we had as of now gotten two sharks that day what’s more, we were capable to eat them for a time yet at that point they went awful (rancid) what’s more, we had to toss the corpses overboard.’

‘My friend,’ he said in reference to Ezekiel, ‘tried to drink the blood of turtles be that as it may he kept being debilitated since it oppose this idea with his stomach.’

When it came to the time at the point when his youthful companion passed on what’s more, he had to lower the body overboard, he shook his head, showing it was a minute he did need to recall.
The boat’s deck, he said, was triangular what’s more, on it was what he said was a extensive box, in spite of the fact that he was ambiguous at the point when it came to depicting it exactly.

He said: ‘I would get under the box to remain out of the sun, be that as it may it was moreover there that I prayed. I implored what’s more, implored to be saved. I am not a Catholic be that as it may I do accept in God. He sent sustenance to me all the time.

‘I gotten little angle by putting my hands in the water what’s more, wriggling my fingers. This pulled in the angle what’s more, I was at that point capable to snatch them.’
Doubts: Angler Belarmino Rodriguez Solis from Costa Azul, who utilized to be Alvarenga’s boss, said his survival was a ‘great surprise’, saying for the most part individuals bite the dust after two months

In what he said was a sign from God, after the numerous months at ocean he woke one morning what’s more, saw a fledgling sitting on the edge of the boat.
‘I crawled exceptionally unobtrusively to it what’s more, I was capable to get it. I broke off its head to drink its blood as I had been doing yet as I was doing that, as I was tilting my head back, I saw land. It was the to start with arrive I had seen.’

He was capable to half swim, half stagger, through the shallow water what’s more, crumple on the beach. ‘It had taken me a long time to reach the shoreline

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