Man, 21, sentenced to DEATH for his role in torturing, shooting, dismembering and burning teenage boy lured to a house by his ex-girlfriend

By Wills Robinson
Published: 18:35 BST, 29 November 2013 | Updated: 11:18 BST, 30 November 2013
Charles Saatchi today denied ‘throttling’ his ex-wife as he sat outside a focal London eatery in June.
The 70-year-old told the jury at Isleworth Crown Court today he did not ‘strangle’ her, yet attempting to ‘make her focus’ on what he was saying.
He included that they were not talking about her asserted medicate manhandle at the time.
Mr Saatchi disproved claims he ‘gripped’ his ex-wife’s neck while giving confirm at the trial of his previous representatives Francesca what’s more, Elisabetta Grillo, who are blamed of utilizing credit cards lent to them to spend more than £685,000.

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Confrontation: The 70-year-old told the jury he was attempting to ‘make her focus’ on what he was saying

Referring once more to the episode outside Scott’s Eatery in Mayfair, focal London, Mr Saatchi said: ‘I was not gripping, choking or, then again throttling her. I was holding her head by the neck to make her focus, can we be clear?

‘Was it about her tranquilize use? No.’
When inquired by Anthony Metzer QC, defending, in the event that he progressed toward becoming mindful of Ms Lawson’s asserted drug-taking around the time of the ‘Scott’s Eatery incident’, he said it was in fact around that time.
The match separated after the photograph of the showdown outside the Mayfair eatery surfaced Saatchi acknowledged a police alert for assault.

He told Isleworth Crown Court he has no verification of Miss Lawson’s charged drug-taking.

Responding to safeguard advodate Anthony Metzer QC, he said: ‘Like you, I like proof. I have no proof.’

He afterward said: ‘I have never, never seen any confirm of Nigella taking any tranquilize whatsoever. I need to be helpful, be that as it may I really have no genuine information at all.’

Mr Metzer inquired in the event that he was ‘shocked’, to which Mr Saatchi said he was.
‘I’m extremely against drugs,’ he added.
Earlier, the court was read an email the tycoon sent to Miss Lawson on October 10 which contained charges of medicate taking. The message was to start with read to the court amid a pre-trial hearing.

In it he alluded to his ex-wife as ‘Higella’ – which he depicted as a ‘silly pun’.
He wrote: ‘Nigella, I was sent these by a daily paper what’s more, I can as it were giggle at your too bad depravity. 
Charles Saatchi denied he was choking Nigella as he gave confirm at Isleworth Crown Court
Mr Saatchi was encompassed by picture takers after clearing out Isleworth Crown Court today, where he gave confirm in the trial of his previous assistants

‘Of course presently the Grillos will get off on the premise that you… were so off your heads on drugs that you permitted the sisters to spend whatever they enjoyed what’s more, truly I accept each word the Grillos have said, who after all as it were stole money.’

The email went on: ‘But I’m beyond any doubt it was all awesome fun what’s more, presently everything is consummate – bravo, you have move toward becoming a VIP lady on a worldwide Television diversion show. What’s more, you got the Pass you desired, free to healthily appreciate all the drugs you want, forever. Classy.’

Questioned about the message by prosecutor Jane Carpenter, Mr Saatchi said: ‘I’m absolutely dispossessed that this private email to Nigella has come back to frequent us both. That’s all I have to say.

‘The stories that the Grillos were parading was that Nigella had a extreme cocaine propensity that extended back a exceptionally long time for the whole of our marriage.
When inquired on the off chance that he had loved Miss Lawson amid their marriage, he said: ‘I love Nigella now. I completely love Nigella what’s more, I’m broken-hearted to have lost her.’

Questioned about the drug-taking allegations, Mr Saatchi told the court: ‘It was hearsay. I by and by have totally no information that Nigella has ever taken a medicate ever.

‘I don’t like drugs at all what’s more, I didn’t like perusing what the Grillos said was the culture in my house.’

Asked in the event that he accepted the claims, Mr Saatchi went on: ‘I may have accepted it yet I may have been totally off-base what’s more, they may have been deluded.

‘Like I said, you like evidence in this court what’s more, I can’t give proof.’

Mr Saatchi depicted the ‘Higella’ reference as a ‘silly pun’.

He was too inquired about why he composed in the email that his ex-wife presently had a ‘free pass’.
Sisters: Nigella Lawson’s previous colleagues Elisabetta (left) what’s more, Francesca Grillo take off Isleworth Crown Court
Allegations: The sisters, who are on trial for fraud, assert Nigella had a ‘very sensitive’ cocaine habit

Mr Saatchi told jurors: ‘In one of the extremely uncommon discussions I’ve had with Nigella since we split, I inquired her regardless of whether she was happy.

‘And she said she was happy. What’s more, I said ‘What was this all about?’

‘She said ‘I’m cheerful since I don’t feel I have to inquire for a pass to do what I feel like doing’.

‘And I said to her ‘You never had to inquire for a pass, you could do whatever you liked. In the event that you needed to have a girls’ night or, on the other hand go to a party at that point you were free to do so. What do you mean?’

‘I was just being nasty,’ he added.

‘This is not a extremely wonderful email yet I was very, exceptionally upset.

‘What I accumulated was presently that she was separated from me she was free to do whatever she wants.’
The trail has been dismissed until Wednesday at the point when Mr Saatchi is anticipated to be back in court to give evidence.


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