Crackshot Harry, the buffalo killer: Picture emerges after prince’s call to protect wildlife

By Wills Robinson
Published: 19:53 BST, 16 February 2014 | Updated: 10:50 BST, 17 February 2014
These CCTV pictures appear the last minutes of a man who was pulverized to passing between a prepare what’s more, a stage after a horrendous battle broke out with a gathering of passengers

The frightening pictures catches the plastered fight which driven to Ryan Harrison’s horrendous demise in Walk last year what’s more, were appeared amid a trial at Guildford Crown Court.
The jury were told how the 20-year-old was hit with a ‘haymaker’ punch which thumped him down between the withdrawing prepare what’s more, the stage at Guildford prepare station.

Judge Christopher Critchlow depicted it as ‘a horrendous way to die’ what’s more, said Mr Harrison’s demise had a shattering impact on his family what’s more, friends.
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Final moments: Casualty Ryan Harrison is wearing a t-shirt in the closer view after the fight broke out on the train
Violent: Joshua Elphick what’s more, Joel Parish, Ryan’s friend, are seen battling while the casualty observes on

Three companions are presently beginning jail sentences for their part in the horrendous fight which started after Mr Harrison said one of the travelers looked like Ruler of the Rings character Gollum.
Joshua Elphick, who had conceded homicide what’s more, causing an affray at a hearing prior this year, was imprisoned for five years.
Following a week-long trial, two of his friends, Jack Strong what’s more, Harry Miller, both 20, were indicted of affray what’s more, each imprisoned for a year.
The defendants, all matured 20 a long time what’s more, from Guildford, had been drinking at a party in Godalming on Walk 30 last year some time recently boarding a prepare home with friends.
As they got off the prepare they passed Mr Harrison, who was with companion Joel Parish.

Both had been drinking in Guildford what’s more, they were getting on the last prepare home to Woking.
Altercation: Mr Harrison tries to mediate while alarmed travelers observe the horrendous battle unfold
Aggressive: The battling match move towards the set of programmed dootrs while Mr Harrison stands by in the carriage

Terrified: A spectator observes in awfulness as the battle spills out onto the platform. Minutes later, Mr Harrison was pulverized between the leaving prepare what’s more, the platform

As the gatherings came over each other at the prepare entryways the battle broke out, at to begin with with remarks being made.
The war of words proceeded between the two gatherings with the prepare entryways being kept open. Elphick what’s more, Mill operator got back onto the prepare while Mr Harrison what’s more, Mr Area had their shirts tore in the brawl.
Elphick at that point hurried onto the prepare what’s more, begun tossing punches at Mr Parish, who was dragged from the carriage, tossed to the floor what’s more, beaten.
Mr Harrison was at that point too pulled from the prepare what’s more, attacked, while the defendeants ‘acted like a pack’, agreeing to witnesses.

The battle was at first broken up by an off-duty military police officer, Staff Sergeant Justin Wright, who ensured Mr Area from Elphick some time recently another of the gathering pulled the respondent away.
Prosecutor Oliver Dunkin told Guildford Crown Court: ‘What at that point happens must have happened exceptionally quickly.
Tragic: A Master of the Rings joke was thought to have started the fight which come about in the 22-year-old’s death
Jailed: Harry Mill operator (left) what’s more, Jack Hardy, both 20, were sentence to a year in jail after they were indicted of affray at Guildford Crown Court

‘Mr Elphick shrugged the companion off. He ran down the stage what’s more, he punched Ryan Harrison.
‘It was depicted as something of a haymaker. It may well be that the punch itself rendered him unconscious.
‘He fell to the edge of the stage what’s more, was dragged underneath the prepare that was at that point departing.’

That ‘drained all fight’ from Elphick as he figured it out what he had done what’s more, said: ‘Oh my God, I just slaughtered someone.’
Elphick what’s more, Miller, who conceded tossing one punch what’s more, a kick, were captured at the scene what’s more, Hardy, who made a difference pull Mr Harrison off the train, given himself in the next day.
The judge acknowledged that the respondents did not begin the battle yet said that the response from Elphick what’s more, Mill operator had been ‘over the top’ what’s more, that the gathering lost control since they had been drinking.
Judge Critchlow said: ‘You could what’s more, ought to have strolled away.
‘Joshua Elphick, you were the essential cause of the battling since you twice went back onto the prepare to be injurious what’s more, at that point to fight.
Scene: The fight started after Mr Harrison made a joke about another traveler at Guildford station last March

‘Once you were off the prepare you proceeded to be aggressive.
‘Neither Jack Strong nor Harry Mill operator were specifically mindful for Ryan Harrison’s passing be that as it may in the event that you hadn’t taken an interest in the way you did, he wouldn’t have been pulled off the prepare what’s more, uncovered to that further violence.’
Defending Elphick, Vincent Coughlin QC said he had appeared veritable regret for his activities by conceding his blame straight away what’s more, acknowledged that he must go to prison.
Mr Coughlin said: ‘He must confront his grown-up life weighed down by the information that his rough conduct has caused the loathsome misfortune of another youthful man’s life.’
Miller what’s more, Hardy’s safeguard groups focused that their contribution in the battle was restricted what’s more, that not one or the other had begun the argument, be that as it may Judge Critchlow said their sentence would have to be a deterrent.
The judge said: ‘Each of you is from a better than average home what’s more, that makes it all the more lamentable for you that you’re here what’s more, it makes it more troublesome to get it how you could have carried on in such a way.”
All three were told they will serve their sentences in youthful offenders’ institutions.
Earlier, a fourth man – Adam Kulikowski, matured 20 a long time what’s more, from Cranleigh, Surrey – was found not blameworthy of affray in association with the incident.
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