Kids Company ‘paid private school fees for daughter of toppled boss’s chauffeur’: Charity chiefs launch probe into claim pupil was bankrolled

Camila Batmanghelidjh’s Kids Organization is being explored over claims that thousands of pounds of the charity’s cash was spent on paying the boarding school costs of her chauffeur’s daughter.
The Philanthropy Commission has propelled a test into charges by previous Kids Organization workers that the philanthropy made a difference bankroll a put for the young girl of Jeton Cavolli, her individual driver, at Dauntsey’s School in Wiltshire –where charges reach £28,000 a year.
The examination was activated last month after workers met the Commission to set out their concerns about regardless of whether the course of action spoken to appropriate utilize of the charity’s money. 
It was among a few matters raised amid the meeting.
The disclosure comes just days after Kids Organization crumpled in the midst of a welter of assertions about Batmanghelidjh’s organisation, counting budgetary blunder what’s more, sexually wrong conduct by youthful individuals connected to the charity.
The Mail on Sunday gets it that Mr Cavolli, 46, known as ‘Tony’, has been on the charity’s finance for almost two decades. He is accepted to have been paid about £40,000 a year.
Mr Cavolli, who is initially from Albania, is depicted by staff who worked at the London HQ of the outdated association as being so close to Batmanghelidjh that she treated him ‘like a part of her family’.
However, representatives are said to have been rankled that Kids Organization reserves – given to offer assistance a few of society’s most harmed kids – obviously made a difference to bolster Mr Cavolli’s little girl at Dauntsey’s.
The school’s executive of governors, Richard Handover, is too the vice-chairman of Kids Company’s board of trustees.
Late last night Batmanghelidjh reached The Mail on Sunday to say she could demonstrate to the Philanthropy Commission that no cash had been paid by Kids Organization to the school to cover scholastic charges since they had been secured by the school in the shape of a bursary.
It is caught on the bursary secured the cost of boarding fees, not ‘extras’ what’s more, other costs brought about by the young lady at the school.
When inquired why her charity’s accounts had appeared thousands of pounds being paid to the school on sake of the girl, who was recorded as a customer of the charity, Batmanghelidjh said: ‘I don’t have the accounts in front of me. I don’t know what those figures relate to.’
A source who until as of late worked at the philanthropy said last night: ‘I can affirm that Ms Cavolli was enrolled as a customer at Kids Company, what’s more, that Kids Organization stores were spent supporting her while she was at school.’ It is caught on that the sum paid was a five-figure sum.
The autonomous school was established in 1542 what’s more, is set in more than 100 sections of land on the edge of Salisbury Plain. Concurring to school records, Miss Cavolli cleared out last summer. A source told this daily paper that representatives had reached the Philanthropy Commission to educate them that Miss Cavolli’s name was among a gathering enrolled formally with Kids Organization as ‘clients’ – powerless individuals who utilized its services.
It is guaranteed by a source that the philanthropy paid for a number of customers to go to fee-paying schools as part of its Youngster Neediness Busting Programme. The charity’s website states: ‘We see the affect of such intense hardship at our focuses each day, which is why we require your offer assistance to reestablish poise what’s more, trust to these gutsy children.’
The source, who inquired to remain anonymous, said: ‘I met Tony Cavolli’s girl a few times. She appeared like a nice, well-adjusted girl. It appears mind boggling that she was enlisted as a Kids Organization customer since there was nothing off-base with her, as far as I could tell.’
In her 2006 book Smashed Lives, Batmanghelidjh composed an friendly devotion to her chauffeur, saying: ‘I am particularly appreciative to Tony Cavolli for his determination what’s more, astuteness what’s more, for being such fun to work with.’
As well as being her chauffeur, it has been expressed that he had been Batmanghelidjh’s ‘operations manager’ since 1997. Be that as it may a second previous representative questioned this account, saying: ‘I don’t think Tony was paid to do anything other than drive Camila’s car. She can’t drive what’s more, she never took open transport since she didn’t like to walk long distances.’
The examination is likely to stack further weight on to the executive of trustees, BBC official Alan Yentob, who – like Batmanghelidjh – has denied all assertions of budgetary indecency by the charity. He has said over and again the philanthropy passed 19 years’ worth of audits.
Neither Batmanghelidjh nor Yentob has however reacted to The Mail on Sunday’s assertion last month that the philanthropy fizzled to document accounts with Organizations House for the logbook year 2002.
In that year, emails seen by this daily paper appear that Yentob subtly campaigned Treasury authorities over the charity’s unpaid £700,000 work charge bill. In the end, £589,000 of the obligation was composed off.
During its 19-year existence, Kids Organization guaranteed to have raised about £165 million – at slightest £40 million of which came from the open purse.
A Philanthropy Commission representative affirmed that previous representatives had raised concerns with it about ‘alleged wrong spending’ – counting the Cavolli case – at a meeting on July 16. Kids Organization was cautioned to the claims the following day what’s more, a meeting took put between its agents what’s more, the Philanthropy Commission on July 21.
The representative said: ‘A number of assertions made by previous representatives of the philanthropy are right now being inspected as part of our continuous consistence case. The Commission was reached by previous workers of the philanthropy what’s more, met them on July 16 to talk about particular concerns about charged improper spending, breaks of money related controls what’s more, concerns about the feasibility of the organisation.
‘These incorporate a few particular charges that The Mail on Sunday have sketched out to us.
‘We advised the philanthropy of the grumblings on July 17 what’s more, met with philanthropy agents on July 21. At that meeting we demanded on a number of steps being taken, counting that, under the oversight of the Commission, the philanthropy actuate an prompt free examination into the particular assertions made.
‘This work was still progressing at the point when the philanthropy declared its conclusion on Wednesday.’
When The Mail on Sunday drawn nearer Mr Cavolli’s wife, Gjylejeta, what’s more, inquired to talk to her spouse about the Philanthropy Commission examination she debilitated to call the police in the event that we did not ‘back off’.
Neither Mr Yentob nor a Kids Organization representative reacted to demands for comment. 

MoS Man: How brilliant boss faulted me for uncovering her by MILES GOSLETT
I raised the to begin with questions about Kids Organization in February, at the point when I utilized an article in the Observer magazine to air concerns about the way the philanthropy was run.
Gradually, as I was reached by insiders, I pieced together a more full picture: ex-staff profoundly harried by the way it spent money; ex-clients admitting their lament at tolerating cash for nothing. All needed certain certainties to be known by the public.
Over the past five weeks, The Mail on Sunday has driven the way in uncovering the scale of the problems.
We uncovered how the executive Alan Yentob utilized a BBC email account to furtively campaign Treasury authorities over £689,000 in unpaid work charges which Kids Organization had deducted from its staff yet fizzled to pass on to the taxman. The charge was postponed – once more subtly – costing citizens £589,000. A private giver paid the rest.
Another MoS article uncovered that at minimum two sexual attacks including Kids Organization customers were detailed to senior figures in the philanthropy yet never passed to police; what’s more, customers told this daily paper they were given money freebees which were spent on drink what’s more, drugs. These reports shape the premise of the charged media witch-hunt to which organizer Camila Batmanghelidjh what’s more, Yentob characteristic the charity’s downfall. Be that as it may the embarrassment is, in the event that anything, growing.
The story rising is of a disorganized association lacking the money related controls anticipated of a venture given about £115 million in private gifts what’s more, £40 million from focal government since 1996 – counting £7.26 million from the Bureau Office since April alone.
How else to clarify the 600 staff presently without a work what’s more, the numerous powerless individuals who depended on the philanthropy being cleared out high what’s more, dry? However instead of recognizing that Kids Organization might itself be capable for its insolvency, Batmanghelidjh what’s more, Yentob have looked for to blame, specifically or, on the other hand indirectly, ‘the media’ for its conclusion on Wednesday. In reality, it appears that Kids Organization essentially did not welcome Press scrutiny.
On a few events in later weeks Batmanghelidjh has singled out my endeavors to uncover in print a few of the issues encompassing Kids Organization what’s more, guaranteed these reports were mindful for its demise. On Friday morning, on LBC radio, she said there was a ‘massive open hatred’ for Kids Organization which was ‘driven by the media’. She added: ‘It all begun with Miles Goslett.’
So, concurring to this £90,000 chauffeur-driven boss executive, all of this is my fault. Prior in the week she messaged her supporters saying my ‘capacity for dream was exceptionally well developed’; what’s more, I was acting ‘irresponsibly’.
These sound like the words of somebody rejecting to acknowledge duty for their claim organisation, what’s more, looking for to move the blame.
I started looking into Kids Organization in 2013. Staff asked me to uncover what they saw as ‘serial exaggerations’ about the numbers utilizing its services, what’s more, ‘serious’ money related irregularities.
My early endeavors to distribute these concerns failed, fundamentally since of the charity’s dependence on City law firm Shrinks to send debilitating letters on its benefit to daily papers what’s more, magazines.
The philanthropy appeared astounded that any writer ought to question it. Eventually, seven months ago, I distributed my article, which affirmed that Kids Company’s assert to reach 36,000 youngsters what’s more, youthful individuals was untrue; that a dowager who had given £200,000 guaranteed she was not appeared subtle elements of how her cash was spent; what’s more, that David Cameron over-ruled his possess wary Clergymen in 2012 to demand that millions of open reserves proceed to be given to the charity. 
This was the to start with faintly negative piece about Kids Organization to show up in the standard media in 19 years.
Now the police are exploring a developing list of sex-crime charges connected to the charity; recipients will in no time start evaluating its accounts; what’s more, MPs on the Open Accounts Council are likely to need to flame broil Batmanghelidjh what’s more, Yentob in the autumn.
If, as Batmanghelidjh has it, I am a fantasist for needing to raise questions about Kids Company, it is consoling to know that my individual fantasists incorporate police officers, measurable accountants, politicians, and, of course, The Mail on Sunday.

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