‘The only thing I want is my child back:’ Father distraught after his 5-year-old daughter is killed in hit-and-run while returning home from ice cream truck

Chicago police are looking for the driver of a auto that lethally struck a 5-year-old young lady in a hit-and-run on Saturday at the point when she crossed the road after purchasing a treat from an ice cream truck.
Maria Gonzalez, 5, was doing her homework with her mother in their Chicago Grass home at the point when she heard the sounds of an ice cream truck, CBS reports. 
She overseen to open the front entryway with a floor brush stick what’s more, made her way over the road to the vendor.

Her guardians were incapable to stop her.
Gonzalez was on her way back home from the truck at the point when a vehicle that appeared to be voyaging more than 40 miles per hour struck the youthful young lady sending her flying up to 30 feet, NBC reports. 
The driver fled the scene. The girl’s father, Juan Gonzalez, told CBS that the 5-year-old kicked the bucket on the way to the hospital.
The girl’s father told ABC that he saw the auto driving toward Gonzalez what’s more, he attempted to run to her yet a bolted door kept him from coming to her in time.
Witnesses told ABC that the driver went through a stop sign what’s more, observation video from a neighbor’s camera appears the driver voyaging quick down the road what’s more, whipping around the corner after hitting the girl.
‘She was caught under the vehicle. I didn’t indeed need to look at the girl, that’s how terrible it was,’ one witness told ABC.
A commemoration for the young lady proceeds to develop close where she was struck. Friends, family, what’s more, group individuals have cleared out dolls, stuffed animals, posters, what’s more, candles in the girl’s memory.  
Police are enrolling the offer assistance of the open to find the driver of the car.
The vehicle is a dark, two-door Honda Urban with a sunroof, NBC reports. Police say the auto may have a front-end bra, brandish muffler, what’s more, a broken tail light. 
Police have issued an caution to find the driver yet the girl’s father said ‘the as it were thing I need is my youngster back.’



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