Cleveland Browns hit out at Johnny Manziel in blistering statement that vows to drop the quarterback as soon as they can in March

Cleveland Tans group authorities have issued a rankling assault on disfavored quarterback Johnny Manziel saying he will be dropped as before long as possible. 
The 23-year-old has been connected to a tumult of criminal offenses what’s more, plastered shenanigans in later weeks.
Cleveland Tans fans are tired of Manziel’s shenanigans, what’s more, it is starting to sound like the tolerance of group authorities is wearing thin – as they pledged on Tuesday to drop him at the point when the group begins once more on Walk 9.
On Saturday, he was addressed by cops over an episode with his ex-girlfriend at 2am in Fortification Worth, Texas. 
‘We’ve been clear about desires for our players on what’s more, off the field,’ new official bad habit president of football operations Sashi Dark colored said on Tuesday.
‘Johnny’s ceaseless inclusion in episodes that run counter to those desires undermines the hard work of his colleagues what’s more, the notoriety of our organization. His status with our group will be tended to at the point when allowed by group rules.’ 

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‘We will have no further remark at this time,’ Dark colored added.
It comes just days after police reacted to a call from a 23-year-old female – accepted to be Manziel’s ex Colleen Crowley – who told police she was concerned for Manziel’s welfare after he had ‘run off’ following their bust-up.
Fort Worth Police then dispatched an Air One Unit look party, called different cell numbers related with him what’s more, checked conceivable areas on the ground. 

It was afterward decided by officers that the ex-boyfriend was safe what’s more, in no danger.
Multiple police powers are working together to decide regardless of whether any criminal offenses occurred.
NFL representative Greg Aiello told ESPN that the alliance was mindful what’s more, was ‘looking into it’. 

Earlier on Tuesday, new mentor Tone Jackson weighed in on the 23-year-old quarterback’s most recent brush with the law.
‘My general response would be disappointment,’ Jackson told the ‘Hey Tony’ appear on ESPN Cleveland 850. ‘As I’ve said numerous times, I would like for the Cleveland Browns’ players to lead themselves in a way that speaks to the association well.
‘Obviously, that reflected in an unexpected way on what we need to have happen. Obviously, it’s a process that we’re going through, what’s more, we’ll proceed to go through it.’
When he was hired, Jackson said each part of the group would be re-evaluated what’s more, choices would be made based on assessments as players.
Jackson said he has started that assessment process yet he was not prepared to make a choice on Manziel.
Fort Worth police said in a explanation Saturday that officers were called to an loft building around 2 a.m. about a conceivable assault. Police said Manziel was not arrested.
‘The preparatory examination decided that a conceivable ambush had happened in that ward or, then again various jurisdictions,’ the police explanation said.
‘The complainant was uncooperative with officers on scene, what’s more, they were incapable to find a wrongdoing scene inside the Stronghold Worth jurisdiction.
‘However, our officers arranged a report nonetheless, what’s more, that data was sent to criminologists for further investigation.’
The police report expressed that the lady was concerned about the well-being of Manziel. They at that point propelled an exertion to find him that included the police’s helicopter unit yet olice afterward decided that Manziel was safe what’s more, not in danger. 

Cleveland fans appear to be tired of Manziel.
In reaction to the most recent incident, one Cleveland fan begun a ‘Johnny Free February’ development on Twitter. 
As of Monday, more than 1,000 fans had marked up to take part in the battle ‘not to tweet, retweet or, then again say Johnnie Manziel on Twitter in February or, on the other hand until he is no longer a Cleveland Brown’. 
The Fortification Worth Police Division is presently working with Dallas PD to decide regardless of whether a conceivable strike had occurred.
TMZ revealed five days back about a potential split between the match after they both erased pictures of each other on Instagram.

This is not the to start with time cops were called out to a battle between Manziel what’s more, presently ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley.
Back in October, police in Ohio reacted to a report of the couple fighting in a auto what’s more, the quarterback conceded to drinking prior that day be that as it may no charges were made.
This was in spite of Crowley telling police that the football player had hammered her head into the auto window. 
The news comes just under a month after Manziel, 23, was ruled out of the a diversion against the Pittsburgh Steelers, after supposedly celebrating ‘incognito’ at a Las Vegas club on January 2.
He evidently wore a light wig, counterfeit mustache what’s more, shades to the party what’s more, as per the NFL’s post-concussion protocol, was prohibited from the diversion the next day.
Employees what’s more, a client at Planet Hollywood revealed seeing Manziel eating what’s more, playing blackjack at the gambling club on the Saturday night back in early January.
Then, ESPN Las Vegas added to the story, saying the quarterback wore a camouflage what’s more, said his name was Billy while out in Sin City. There is too allegedly video of Manziel in his disguise.  

News of his camouflage incited Twitter clients to post a arrangement of memes on the web appearing mock-up pictures of Manziel wearing extraordinary wigs what’s more, sunglasses. 

Last year Manziel was ruled out of the season finale with a hamstring damage what’s more, missed a treatment session at the point when he purportedly slept in after tossing a party at his house the night before.
Manziel, who allegedly needs to go to the Dallas Cowboys, has more than once made features for his celebrating ways in the last year. 
In late December of last year a video surfaced of what showed up to appear him celebrating over the Christmas break.
The clip, which was picked up by, appears Manziel holding what shows up to be a Dark Cherry Four Loko as he sings along to a Future song. 
Pettine said he arranged to talk to Manziel following the video’s release, the now-former mentor told ESPN at the time.  

‘Any time there’s something with our players that throws them possibly in a awful light, regardless of whether it’s Johnny or, on the other hand any of our other guys, it’s positively a concern,’ he said. 
‘I’m beyond any doubt I’ll see it what’s more, have a exchange with him about it.’ 

In November, a comparative video surfaced of Manziel celebrating in a club in Austin, Texas, amid the Browns’ bye week.
Manziel was seen at the Summit Housetop Relax singing along to a Future tune with what showed up to be a silver bottle of Dom Perignon in his hand in a video posted by DJ LX on Friday.
‘Sippin on Dom Perignon for no reason with #johnnymanziel,’ read the Instagram inscription for the video, which has since been erased be that as it may was distributed on Busted Coverage. 
Manziel lost the beginning quarterback work what’s more, was downgraded from starter to third string at the point when that video showed up what’s more, at the point when he lied to the mentors about at the point when it was filmed. 
The NFL player, who finished 10 weeks in recovery amid the NFL off-season last February, said that his group didn’t require to stress about his conduct amid the bye week.
Earlier in November Manziel was spotted celebrating at his alma mater Texas A&M university.  

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