Emergency room doctors rushing to help a ‘sick woman’ brought to a New Mexico hospital found instead a decomposing corpse.

Crisis room specialists hurrying to offer assistance a ‘sick woman’ brought to a New Mexico healing center found instead a decaying corpse.
Jerry Maestas, 64, drove to the Espanola healing facility with the body of May Marquez, 33, propped up in the traveler seat.
He hurried inside what’s more, asked clinic staff to come what’s more, offer assistance his friend, who he said was sick.
Decomposing: Jerry Maestas, 64, drove up to an Espanola healing center with the body of Amy Marquez, 33, propped up in the traveler situate of a vehicle
But at the point when staff came out, they knew right away that Ms Marquez was hours past their help.
‘They found a few early stages of decomposition… what’s more, moreover the smell they recognized at the point when they strolled up the vehicle,’ a police representative said.
Too Late: Maestas arrived at the clinic a day as well late
Police assessed that the lady had been dead for 24 to 36 hours. Her cause of demise has not however been revealed.
Maestas is to be charged with coming up short to report a death. 
Strange Delivery: The clinic in Espanola where a breaking down body was implied to be dropped off
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