Sick thieves ‘steal photos of seriously-ill baby to set up fake fundraising page to receive $10,000 of donations’

Debilitated criminals stole photographs of a seriously-ill infant to set up counterfeit fundraiser page to get $10,000, concurring to the child’s family. 
In May, the Robinson family made a GoFundMe page called ‘Hannah’s Fight’ with the objective of raising $250,000 for their baby, Hannah Robinson.
Hannah was conceived seven weeks untimely what’s more, endures from Inherent adrenal hyperplasia, gut disease, what’s more, other wellbeing issues including her skin what’s more, heart, concurring to their GoFundMe page. 
So far, their battle has raised more than $13,000, be that as it may took a hit at the point when the family found that somebody had been running a fake ‘Hannah’s Fight’ battle on Kickstarter — another raising support website — what’s more, raised $10,000, the family reported.
The family posted the news Saturday on their GoFundMe page as well as the campaign’s Facebook profile.   
The page has since been taken down. 
The family composed that the criminals utilized the correct same data the family posted about Hannah what’s more, indeed some of the time posted the family’s refreshes as their own.
‘Im not beyond any doubt what kind of individual takes over $10,000 from a debilitated little girl’s campaign,’ the family wrote, ‘but I figure they felt they required it more than her. 
‘We have implored for these individuals what’s more, I trust they get the offer assistance they require what’s more, Hannah’s Battle will move forward.’ 
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The family says that Hannah will be on solution for the rest of her life what’s more, those drugs cost more than $800 per month. 
She will require between seven what’s more, nine surgeries to ‘fix her issues,’ concurring to the family, what’s more, will have to experience plastic surgery at the point when she is older. 
Though this is a misfortune for the family that missed out on the $10,000 due to the fake page, this isn’t the to begin with time their battle has taken a hit. 
Last month, the battle was purportedly assaulted after getting bolster from Stephen Collins, previous ‘7th Heaven’ star what’s more, charged youngster molester, concurring toTMZ. 

Collins as it were retweeted a tweet on Twitter in an exertion to pick up bolster for the debilitated child, yet numerous of the campaign’s supporters assaulted the battle for partner with an denounced youngster molester, TMZ reports. 
TMZ reports that Denver said that he erased Collins’ tweet after being besieged by irate Hannah supporters who abhorred that Collins had any contribution in the campaign. 

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