Dr Tobias Kurth, of Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Massachusetts, who led the research, said: “These results suggest that aspirin may reduce the development of asthma in adults.”

Dr Tobias Kurth, of Brigham what’s more, Women’s Healing facility in Massachusetts, who driven the research, said: “These comes about recommend that headache medicine may diminish the improvement of asthma in adults.”
But he added: “They do not suggest that ibuprofen makes strides indications in patients with asthma.”
In a little minority of cases ibuprofen can intensify the disease.
Professor Martyn Partridge, boss restorative counsel to Asthma UK, said: “This intriguing American ponder proposes that utilize of headache medicine could have a defensive impact with respects to the probability of creating grown-up beginning asthma.
“The significance of this to the in general ‘epidemic’ of asthma is restricted by the acknowledgment that most asthma creates in youth at the point when the utilize of ibuprofen ought to be maintained a strategic distance from for other reasons, be that as it may the think about is by the by of intrigue from a unthinking point of view.
“Nor do the comes about infer that grown-ups who as of now have asthma will advantage from taking aspirin.
“Unless patients know that they can take ibuprofen safely, its utilize ought to be debilitated since of the chance of possibly genuine affectability reactions.”
Currently 5.2 million individuals in the UK are getting treatment for asthma.

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