Obstruction ahead: Dashcam footage shows cheeky little boy interrupting a driving lesson by TWERKING in the middle of the road

Driving educators have to get ready their understudies for all eventualities, from keeping control in cold conditions to performing an crisis stop. 
But this lesson went past the reading material after it was hindered by a little kid twerking in the center of the road. 
The youthful lad’s execution of the Miley Cyrus-inspired move was caught on dashcam amid a driving lesson on New Corridor Path in Norris Green, Liverpool.
The driver laughs after seeing the youngster in the street what’s more, moderates down. 
But luckily the tiny artist has the sense to move away from the approaching auto what’s more, scarpers on to the pavement.
Driving teacher Ashley Neal transfers guidance for student drivers onto his YouTube channel several times each week.
This cut was part of his ‘Driving Fails’ series.  

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