Male employees sue Ruby Tuesday for sexual discrimination after being ‘denied transfer and pay rise based on gender’

Eatery chain Ruby Tuesday is being sued for sexual orientation segregation against men after as it were procuring ladies in the summer of 2013.
The claim documented by the Meet Work Opportunity Commission requests pay for two male representatives denied their applications for a transfer.
It too calls for an order anticipating the firm from favoring one gender.
The case comes just over a year after a court found Ruby Tuesday liable of age separation at eateries in six states, requesting the gathering to pay a $575,000 fine.
According to Andrew Herrera what’s more, Joshua Bell, they reacted to an inward advert for transitory parts in Stop City, Utah, yet were denied, The Oregonian reported.
The positions would have come with a higher wage what’s more, free lodging for two months.
Their suit claims the company, based in Tennessee, obviously favored female candidates what’s more, no men were enlisted due to sexual orientation discrimination.
‘It’s an bizarre lawsuit,’ John Stanley, a supervisory trial lawyer for the EEOC in Seattle who has served 27 a long time with the commission, told the Oregonian.
‘It’s uncommon to see an unequivocal illustration of sex segregation like Ruby Tuesday’s inner work announcement,’ noted EEOC San Francisco Local Lawyer William R Tamayo, concurring to a articulation on the EEOC website.
‘This suit is a preventative story to bosses that sex-based work choices are once in a while justified, what’s more, are not reliable with great business judgment.’

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