Why you should never get too close to a landslide: Cameraman runs for his life when trickle of earth suddenly becomes deadly

Emotional film has caught the minute a cameraman was constrained to run for his life at the point when a stream of earth moved toward becoming a lethal landslide.
Giant rocks what’s more, trees were sent slamming down the mountainside as the ground gradually fell away.
The footage, shot in the US, starts with just a maybe a couple extensive rocks what’s more, branches crumbling down the mountain some time recently the avalanche starts to assemble pace.
A man is heard saying ‘wow’ as the earth proceeds tumbling, while a few trees hit the ground as their bolster slips away.
After around a minute the avalanche all of a sudden undermines to move toward becoming deadly. It alarms the cameraman at the point when a few more trees crash down what’s more, the estimate of rocks breaking free increments dramatically.

Several interjections are heard as the man comments on the estimate of the rocks what’s more, says: ‘Holy Lord’.
He has to make a run for it, the film all of a sudden getting to be hazy as the camera is push in the heading of the ground, some time recently yelling out: ‘Watch the control line. The control line!’
As the cameraman recovers his poise what’s more, refocuses the video it’s at this point the scale of the flotsam and jetsam progresses toward becoming clear. 
A mammoth hill of rocks, trees what’s more, earth is seen heaped up at the base of the mountainside as a JCB digger sits on the street in front of it.
The camera catches a laborer strolling along the road, some time recently a associate is heard radioing in that he what’s more, others are OK.
It is vague precisely where in the US the film was filmed.

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