Cut-price crime: Armed raiders hold-up pizza shop before making off with the safe – only to find it contained just 99p

Equipped marauders burst in to a pizza conveyance shop requesting money – what’s more, gotten away with a safe which contained as it were 99p.
The veiled men sneaked in to the shop, which is a part of a delivery-only chain, what’s more, undermined staff.
The laborers were cleared out shaken, yet unharmed, by the raid.
The owner, who did not wish to be named, was in the shop at the time.
He said: ‘There was a couple of them equipped with blades what’s more, an customizable spanner.
‘They just needed cash what’s more, got away with the safe.’
He has expanded security since the break-in on December 23, what’s more, as it were revived The Fat Pizza on the Charfleets Mechanical Estate, Canvey Island, Essex, prior this week.
An Essex Police representative said that they were looking for two men who may have been seen dillydallying in the zone what’s more, who cleared out the scene in a dull vehicle.
Late last year, a productive adornments criminal who grabbed almost a quarter of a million pounds worth of resources from London shops was gotten after clearing out behind his portable telephone with a selfie as a screensaver at the scene of a crime.
Mechanic Germain Ibrahim Fofana, 27, who blew the cash betting in casinos, gotten five-and-a-half a long time detainment for a add up to of forty-five offences.
Police recognized the New York-native, whose father is American what’s more, his mother from the Ivory Coast, from the ‘selfie’ picture on the screensaver of the telephone he cleared out at the scene of an £18,000 gems robbery from Ernest Jones in Kingston-upon-Thames on May 18. 

He too argued blameworthy to burgling Baden Powell House inn in Queensgate, South Kensington on January 7; February 20 what’s more, April 10. He stole luggage, cameras, an iPod, what’s more, an Apple Macintosh worth at slightest £1,580.
Fofana had inquired for another twenty-six comparative robbery offenses to be taken into consideration, in addition five thefts from London lodgings what’s more, one robbery of a hotel. 

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